Imperium AARs

GM: Firestorm94. Winner - King Jeff (Alamanni).

Imperium AARs

Postby Firestorm94 » 12 Jun 2009, 21:21

Congrats to King Jeff of the Alamanni for an exceptional job in this variant. Post AARs if you want. This was a relatively short game, but you can still post something.
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Re: Imperium AARs

Postby King Jeff » 13 Jun 2009, 01:11

Initial Negotiations:

For the first year my game revolved around 4 territories: Vin, Hai, Reg, and Col. The problem was that those were also the 4 most important territories blue and teal and were almost as important to green. In contrast I had nothing in common with pink and only Hai(which bordered every player but pink) in common with gray.

For once I was on the ball for sending out my greetings. I thought of how I would work with everyone and proposed working together with everyone to see who as interested. I didn’t have much to say to gray or pink but I still said hello.
My first communication was from WarSmith. He was friendly and seemed like a solid player. We made an agreement that I would get Vin and he would get Reg. We expanded the agreement later to include him supporting me into Hai and himself into Vin.

Next was green. He offered to support me into Col if I would move out of it and into Lut in the fall. I couldn’t believe my luck, if this worked out I might be able to snag 2 SCs in yr 1 instead of the 1 I expected(I never expected to get Hai). I had a problem though. My unit in Ala was supposed to support Blue into Reg but if I did that I couldn’t take advantage of green’s offer to support me into Col.

Teal was the last of the 3 in my neighbourhood to respond to me. He also had the least appealing proposal of the 3. I decided that he would be the one I stab. I promised to support him into Vin so that his army wouldn’t bounce Reg and get me in trouble with blue. I also promised him support into Col since I figured I had green’s support there and asked him to support me into Hai in return.

Spring 400:
It turned out that green’s offer of support into Col was indeed too good to be true but I still managed to grab Vin and Hai! Blue managed to get Reg without my support, which was good because I wanted to keep working with blue.

Fall 400:
I wasn’t worried about holding Vin in the fall but I knew Hai was going to be difficult considering that on the spring turn I stabbed teal, broke a promise to blue and had green break a deal with me.

I figured that green had his sights on Hai so I didn’t bother trying to convince him to help me hold it. I asked blue to support me to hold Hai as part of our previous agreement and offered to teal Col and Reg in exchange to support in Hai (he had to have known I was lying about that but I guess he was desperate). I also asked gray to support me even though I had nothing to offer him in return.

I planned on honouring my agreement with blue... I really did! But then I looked at the board and tried to figure out what would happen this fall. Col was going to remain empty so there were only 4 SCs in play in the west. If I moved to Ver blue would be able to take Italy and have a good chance of beating me in the west. If I held Vin I knew that teal would break his support from Reg and I would keep Vin meaning I would have 2 of the 3 taken SCs in the west.

Everything went according to plan. For some reason gray supported me in Hai even though green supported him into the territory with 2 units (I would have kept it anyway but it was a nice gesture). When the dust cleared pink and I had 2 SCs each and blue and green had 1 each.

Post yr 400:
At this point I had a clear lead. Pink had as many SCs as me but more than half of the SCs were to the west of me and he was far to the east of me. I decided that my top priorities were containing blue and moving west. I made this my MO for the rest of the game and continued to expand as quickly as possible while keeping blue to 1 SC. I was pretty sure after yr 1 that I could win a solo if I didn’t screw up, I’m glad I didn’t blow it.

Thanks for the game everyone! It was short but a lot of fun, there was a lot of action for such a short game.
Great game Firestorm! Thanks for GMing :)

King Jeff (The Alamanni)
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