Fall 402 Results

GM: Firestorm94. Winner - King Jeff (Alamanni).

Fall 402 Results

Postby Firestorm94 » 08 Jun 2009, 02:44

Winter 402 orders due Monday, June 8 @ 9:00pm CST, as usualTime zone converter

Vandals Blue WarSmith
Tus move rom
Goths Pink Rick_Mave (Lord S EGing)
A Byz Hold
A Gal to Thr
Alamanni (yellow) King Jeff
Army Ver Move -> Rav
Fleet Ger Move -> Col
Army Alp Move -> Mas
Army Rav Move -> Gen
Saxones Green ak47
age to int
ant hold

Let me know if I made any mistakes.
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Re: Fall 402 Results

Postby King Jeff » 08 Jun 2009, 03:00

Things are looking good for our heroes ;)
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