Fall 401AD Results

GM: Firestorm94. Winner - King Jeff (Alamanni).

Fall 401AD Results

Postby Firestorm94 » 01 Jun 2009, 06:57

Winter '01 orders due Monday @ 9:00pm CST time zone converter

Alamanni (yellow)- King Jeff
Ver Support Ala Move Reg
Ala Move Reg
Vandals (Blue) WarSmith
Goths (Pink) Rick_Mave
A Mac moves Thr
A Hu4 moves Scy
Saxones (light green) ak47
gal move mil

Alamanni-2 builds
Saxones-1 build
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Re: Fall 401AD Results

Postby WarSmith » 01 Jun 2009, 14:20

Hurryup and get over here guys! I am being frogmarched with a nasty sharp metallic object stuck in my back... :( its not fun.
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