Speeches, Fall 1904

Standard game, but players write speeches describing the action, making proposals, etc. Standard points awarded, with the best speakers getting bonus points. Created by deanchuk. GMs: lordelindel, AlphaTangoEcho. Winner - Warsmith (Turkey)

Speeches, Fall 1904

Postby Aeschines » 14 Nov 2009, 09:33

The Speech-
Prime Minister Feldimus Sparington's latest address from Trafalgar Square:

Englishmen, today we stand on the brink of what could easily become a very bloody and vicious war with the Russia. This is the day we have been waiting for ever since the deceitful Russian treachery which wretched Norway out of our hands and put it under the unsympathizing rule of Russia. Worry not! We have not forgotten our Norweigan allies, with whom we made promises that their children would be able to live in a free and just Norway. A Norway ruled by the people and not by some pampered czar hundreds of miles away. Whatever sacrifice it takes is worth it, because nothing worth having comes easy, and those things which are most desirable are often the most difficult to obtain.

I will be frank with you: this war is terrible and must be ended as soon as possible, but we cannot give up now or we will loose everything we have worked so hard for. I have met with families who have lost everything to this war. Not just here in England, but also in Germany and Austria. There entire towns have been deserted and communities destroyed. Fathers are separated from their children and innocent civilians are killed every day. It can be said that wars are not conflicts between countries, they are conflicts between leaders, and the citizens of those countries are just innocent bystanders who get caught up in the conflict. For that I am extremely sorry. I am an old man, and want nothing more than peace and my afternoon tea. You have my word that as soon as we can assure safety and peace in Europe, I will take every measure necessary to end this slaughter which we call war.

Hello the strong and brave people of France!
All those years, we won because of our best weapons! your hearts!
The war isnt over my people, its far from begin over...
The French army reached a statement line in the Mediterranean with the evil Italians.
But we keep conquering in Germany and Central Europe! People welcome us with tears and their eyes, with the eyes of freedom!

I will not lie to you my people, Italy is very strong, and the fight will be hard and bloody.
We need to find an ally, a strong ally with access to the Mediterranean, a strong ally that in the future we will trade with him all kinds of goods from America, Asia and Africa. Please, send us a letter, we will be happy to work together with you, Turkey.

Although we saw that the Russian bear is improving in the Balkans, because of a mistake in the Turkish orders, we are happy to see that our great ally, Britannia is going to get Sweden and Norway in the near future, and have a full control of Scandinavia, of course he will not stop there.

Well, its time to put the pen down, it is time to command our army to victory.

I'll post them when I get them Or you can post them down vvvv there. :D
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Re: Speeches, Fall 1904

Postby feldspar » 25 Nov 2009, 19:18

Deanchuk wrote:All those years, we won because of our best weapons! your hearts!

Awesome line. I love it!
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