New speeches policy

Standard game, but players write speeches describing the action, making proposals, etc. Standard points awarded, with the best speakers getting bonus points. Created by deanchuk. GMs: lordelindel, AlphaTangoEcho. Winner - Warsmith (Turkey)

New speeches policy

Postby deanchuk » 17 Jan 2010, 16:34

Have guys, Il be the GM of speeches from now on, here are some stuff you need to know:

1) Schedule:
phase ---- speech
Spring Retreat ---- about Spring Orders
Fall Retreat ---- about fall orders
Builds\spring orders ---- generally about the year *

* you dont have to send the speech, only if you have something to say.

At the end of each year we will make a poll who was the best speecher of the year, every one needs to vote, so please do.


Every time you dont know if you need to send speeches or not look here and send them, i will try to send you sometimes reminders when you need to send your speeches, and please lets try to send them before the deadline.
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