New speech improvements

Standard game, but players write speeches describing the action, making proposals, etc. Standard points awarded, with the best speakers getting bonus points. Created by deanchuk. GMs: lordelindel, AlphaTangoEcho. Winner - Warsmith (Turkey)

New speech improvements

Postby deanchuk » 15 Dec 2009, 04:49

Guys, the main idea of this game is the Speeches.
And i get the feeling we can do much more and we can make this part much more exciting.

First of all, every one should start sending they're speeches on time and follow what Lorde says.
Then guy, to improve the role playing part, i suggest that every one will indeed act like their national leaders replying to the other speeches, so a fun role playing debate can open!
And then, we should do what we did in the past and forget about, POLLS about the best speech of the phase!

So from now on...
1) We should send our speeches on time.
2) Start a role playing debate replying to the Speeches.
3) Lorde will make a poll with the speeches and we will vote for the best speech.

Just because i find it dumb that the special part of the game is a little bit dilapidated...
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Re: New speech improvements

Postby feldspar » 16 Dec 2009, 03:31

It's true. The conversation has become very one-sided. I want to hear the input of the Italians and Russians! (Not to insult Germany or anything, but they don't really have anything new to talk about).
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