Speeches! Winter 1904

Standard game, but players write speeches describing the action, making proposals, etc. Standard points awarded, with the best speakers getting bonus points. Created by deanchuk. GMs: lordelindel, AlphaTangoEcho. Winner - Warsmith (Turkey)

Speeches! Winter 1904

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Istanbul News, review of the year.
1904 was a year of calamity for the young Turkish state. Having emerged from civil war under the inspired leadership of WarSmith Ataturk, a new era of democracy and secularism was born. However almost as soon as our courageous new leader had implemented his grand vision was he inexplicably and most unexpectedly to dissapear for month. Where he went is a subject of much debate, some say he was kidnapped by supporters of those he had overthrown, some say he went into the mountains to complemplate the nature of the universe, some that he disguised himself and spent the year wandering the streets of his nation to get more in touch with the people. What is however known is the sad fate of the nation in his absence.

Extract from the diary of Norbanu, personal assistant to the president.
I was first on the scene when he suddenly reappeared - I asked where he had been, and it became apparent that he had no idea about his abensence. What he told me will haunt me forever, we agreed never to tell anyone. Here is what he whispered to me:
"I awoke as if still in a dream, in that kind of half state where you are concious of your surroundings, but somehow they do not seem substantial, somehow incomplete, misty. On my lap was a strange device, black but made of a metal-like substance that was hot to the touch, luckily it was placed on a cushion or I would have been burnt. I had thought it some kind of type-writer given the layout of the aphabetical items on the lower part of it, but it did not have the mechanics of such a device. Half of the device was some kind of painting, it was coloured blue, with a series of script written across it that I could not understand. It seemed to use a standard alphabet, but must have been a new language of some sort. I resolved that this was the future, and the stange mix of letters and numbers was their tongue.
A woman suddenly appeared next to me wearing the strangest of clothes, revealing an unacceptable amount of flesh, I wondered if this was a dream - then she uttered the words that have changed my life forever: "That bloody Bill Gates and his screen of death" - it was not a dream, then: it was a nightmare! The blue thing with the white writing was a screen of death, of death!
Then the woman took a small pink thing from her pocket and began speaking into it, she turned to me and said "those twats in I. T. say that you have some kind of Worm-related Virus and that it is terminal".
Its at that point that he woke up aparently, back in his bed in Istanbul.
He was shocked to hear that he had been gone so long, as it was only moments that he remembers being in this dream. However it obviously impacted him a lot. He told me that what he had seen was the Apocolyspe - that in the future, strange black book-like technologies would be used to transmit worms into our bodies containing a virus that would end the human race. He understands that god gave him the vision and returned him to our times in order to end the threat of this disaster before it comes to pass. His mission now appears to be a campaign to hunt down and eliminate a man named 'Bill Gates' to prevent him from ever causing such pain. As such, he talks of ending the war in europe as fast as possible and by any means necessary to start to set about his god-given quest. Rather than losing his appetite for the current conflict, he sees it as a distraction that must be brought to a climatic finish, he talked of 'seeking various alliances'. Needless to say that any country found to be harbouring anybody named Gates will be immediately set upon.

The Speech
Winter 04 in England marks the time of year when campaigning starts for the fall 05 elections, where a new (or possibly the old) prime minister is elected (or re-elected). The speech that normally takes place at Trafalgar square has been canceled for the only time in 4 years. In it's place a debate will take place between the incumbent prime minister, Feldimus Sparington, and his biggest political rival, Benjamin Gladstone. Both men ascend the stage to heavy applause. Feldimus Sparington looks to be about 70 years old now, with a short grey hair and a cane. On the other side, Benjamin Gladstone looks about 30, with a large handlebar mustache and sideburns. An announcer begins to ask questions to both of the candidates.

Announcer- First question is, of course, about the war. What are your plans for the future of this conflict? We will start with Mr. Gladstone.

Gladstone- I say that we stop while we're ahead. We have no reason to be involving ourselves in a Russian conflict, and no right to be forcing a political system onto the Russians which is not welcome there. If they do not want freedom from their Czar, we should not force it on them. That type of forced democracy does not bring about lasting peace or stability. It only produces a backlash from the people.

Sparington- With the war with Russia I am not trying to force democracy on the Russians. We will be lifting the yolk of tyranny off of the backs of innocent peasants and farmers who are forced to work in their fields, or fight for some pampered aristocrat sitting in a palace in Moscow. After we finish our military operations in Russia, we will pull out and leave the government to the people.

G- And that is supposed to bring lasting peace to Russia? Toppling a government that has been part of a country's history and culture for hundreds of years never brings stability, it only creates a power vacuum exploited by the power hungry.

S- Is that so different from what is happening in Russia today? No matter what government the Russians choose it seems that things would be almost certainly better than they are now. The road to democracy and freedom is hard but it must start somewhere. By depriving the Russians of freedom today, we will be depriving them the potential to have a free tomorrow.

G- Yes, but Russia does not need us to step in and free her. Without our help, the Russians will eventually liberate themselves. We are entering a new era of revolution and no monarch can stop the world from changing. Inevitably, the Russian Empire will fall. England does not need to intervene, we can wait.

S- Well of course we can afford to wait, but can the Russians?

The crowd listens in silence. Both candidates make good points, but it is not over. Debating will resume in the spring.

The people of the world! The people of France!
I come to you here with a short but important speech to talk about Europe and her future.
Right now, the French army is in a bloody but important war against the vile Italian. We are happy to declare, the Italian army in Tryolia has been disband, since a lot of his soldiers flee, some to join our army.

My people, every day we conquer, every day we come to our new fresh civilians with a passport and a warm hug, promising them the days of war are over, promising them the economy will grow, and their children's will live in a better time.
City but city we will do those acts until we get to Rome.

I will not lie to you my people, getting into Rome wont be easy, but France is looking for a new partner, and we hope to publish our secret relations with the nation later.
We are happy to see the Italian are starting to fall apart, but we see a big war forming in the north between mighty Russia and Great Britannia.

Czar of Russia, please remember our words carefully: your people are starving to death, your weapons are old and your soldiers are thinking about a revolution. You have no chance to win a war against Great Brittan.
Why should you open a new war while your people are starving and hate you? we call you to disband your armies and start working against the starvation in your country before its to late.
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Re: Speeches! Winter 1904

Postby feldspar » 11 Dec 2009, 01:12

Ha ha! Very nice work Turkey. Your apocalyptic vision of the future seems as if it is almost real!!

I wish to join you in your quest for this "Bill Gates". Whoever he is, he is our greatest threat. He must be eliminated.
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