Winter Builds 1904!

Standard game, but players write speeches describing the action, making proposals, etc. Standard points awarded, with the best speakers getting bonus points. Created by deanchuk. GMs: lordelindel, AlphaTangoEcho. Winner - Warsmith (Turkey)

Winter Builds 1904!

Postby Aeschines » 05 Dec 2009, 05:47

Hey folks so now that we've got Warsmith back we can get this game on the road!

So our retreats through and we're ready for builds.

Builds due by Monday 11:59 (to give those not paying attention a little more time). Speeches will be posted if you send them!
Build 1905.jpg
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Re: Winter Builds 1904!

Postby jstott » 05 Dec 2009, 05:54

Hey guys, there's a RP game being set up over here. I figured you guys would be interested. We're looking for replacements for France (who is moving to England), the US, as well as the Scandinavian countries, the Low Countries and the Balkan nations, although we can scrape by without the less important nations, we urgently need a US and a France.
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