AAR: 86269. PD Versailles Tournament Game D2

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AAR: 86269. PD Versailles Tournament Game D2

Postby sinnybee » 08 Oct 2014, 00:30

Game 86269. PD Versailles Tournament Game D2 is the 29th PDVT game to finish, being the seventh of 8 semifinals / Phase 2 games to finish.

Image Image Pb10gon earned 46 points in game D2: 3way DRAW 30 USSR 14 Rumania 2
Image Image poorfool earned 44 points in game D2: 3way DRAW 30 Turkey 11 Yugoslavia 3
Image Image alvin1912 earned 43 points in game D2: 3way DRAW 30 Poland 10 Czechoslov. 3

Image Image ColesD earned 0 points in game D2: Britain 0 Sweden 0
Image Image JonathanSwaim earned 0 points in game D2: France 0 Greece 0
Image Image MisterBigBug earned 0 points in game D2: Italy 0 Spain 0
Image Image Thumpington earned 0 points in game D2: Germany 0 Egypt 0

Scores are also listed here.

Congratulations to all 7 players for not surrendering!
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Re: AAR: 86269. PD Versailles Tournament Game D2

Postby poorfool » 08 Oct 2014, 10:45


Thanks to all players for the excellent level of committment and communication in this game.
It turned out proving that not only USSR and Poland can be allies, but that a full Eastern Triple works well in Versailles.

So a quite straightforward game, I was very sorry to ultimately have to defeat Italy and France, as they both proved potential trustworthy allies.
Italy unfortunately didn't accept my offer for an early alliance, being Italy/Spain and Turkey/Yugo we could have been very threatening together, but he preferred to let me loose and form an alliance with USSR instead, ultimately his undoing.
France was my favourite ally from the other side of the board, and the subject of much discussion with USSR in the first years.
Until Poland very skillfully sneaked himself into the Eastern Triple which won the game.
France still played a great game, getting only a step away from replacing Poland in the 3way, only outwitted by Poland's skill again in the end.
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Re: AAR: 86269. PD Versailles Tournament Game D2

Postby MisterBigBug » 07 Nov 2014, 11:28

Apologies for coming to the AAR late but better late than...

So common thinking is Italy and Spain combo should have curtains for France. this clearly did not happen due to both strategic and tactical mistakes on my part.
mY main problem was that i never managed to get any alliances going. Turkey wanted everything on its terms, Poland was always cautious and didn't want to collaborate on anything (even when I called his minor) and I had good relations with France but that was counter to the starting thinking. I am sure those players will have found my allegiance building lacking also.

I tried too hard to hide my minor (and that a full blooded attack on France was coming) and moved my italian units east in the first round with a plan to pivot back towards France in the Fall. but that left me stuck in the central european mire. I regretted not going after France in the Spring. France then surprised me with the move south of his MAO fleet and after that I was always chasing the game.

I didn't have much choice but to join the Eastern triple against the West. I knew that I would be stabbed sooner or later and hoped that I could get Poland to join me in stabbing Turkey. He skillfully kept that option open but never acting on it. I could see that his best interests lay in sticking with USSR and Turkey.

In the end a rather frustrating game for me as the last third of it was spent being pushed around and hoping to be rapidly excused with a semblance of pride intact.

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Re: AAR: 86269. PD Versailles Tournament Game D2

Postby JonathanSwaim » 15 Nov 2014, 02:05

This game was a bit of a nightmare, from my perspective.

It started out with trying to figure out who Spain was. At various points in the first two years, I was convinced of it being each of Britain, Germany, and Italy. So I never managed to make real proposals of working together with any of them. In fact, I put some effort into asking Poland to attack Germany. Granted, Poland was already likely to go for it since he was Czech.

So my plan was to smash Spain fast enough that whoever owned it would choose to not come to its defense. That didn’t happen.

As Greece, I received a wonderful offer from Turkey to expand by taking his minor’s SC. I don’t remember the exact way that conversation went, but the possibility of growth was more than enough to convince me.

Stuff happened in the East in 1932. The triple that would dominate the rest of the game was born while I thought it was going to be a 2v1 (3v1 if you count me). I chose very poorly, thinking that Turkey was pro-Greece and anti-Polish. This is about when everything fell apart. Greece was eliminated when Turkey just walked into its centers. Not that it could have won in a fight, but it could have lived another year if I’d not been trusting.

The fight against Spain was not quite a standstill, but it was nowhere near fast enough with such coordination between Russia and Turkey. Around 1934 is when Britain, Italy, and I should have rallied against TRP. Italy decided to work with them instead. I can’t fault the decision, I’d go on to make the same one around 1936.

I joined the massive party. Britain was pretty much alone in the world, and I feel sorry for him. The second things started to look up, Poland moved to attack again.

Knowing I couldn’t win, or even really delay, Poland’s advance, I decided to use the kingmaker leverage to get RT to attack Poland. It kinda sorta almost worked. But as soon as balance of power between PTR was restored, Turkey stabbed me again. Alas.

Triples work really well in Versailles. That is my thesis for the tournament as I experienced it. And they are hard to break apart.
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