AAR: 85800. PD Versailles Tournament Game C1

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AAR: 85800. PD Versailles Tournament Game C1

Postby sinnybee » 02 Oct 2014, 06:12

Game 85800. PD Versailles Tournament Game C1 is the 27th PDVT game to finish, being the fifth of 8 semifinals / Phase 2 games to finish.

Image Image Mozzarella earned 41 points in game C1: 4way DRAW 20 Turkey 18 Greece 3
Image Image entoz earned 29 points in game C1: 4way DRAW 20 Britain 9 Sweden 0
Image Image poorfool earned 28 points in game C1: 4way DRAW 20 Poland 8 Rumania 0
Image Image CrnaZemlja earned 25 points in game C1: 4way DRAW 20 Germany 5 Yugoslavia 0

Image Image glacier777 earned 0 points in game C1: France 0 Spain 0
Image Image Ricechrisp earned 0 points in game C1: USSR 0 Czechoslov. 0
Image Image Thumpington earned 0 points in game C1: Italy 0 Egypt 0

Scores are also listed here.

Congratulations to all 7 players for not surrendering!
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Re: AAR: 85800. PD Versailles Tournament Game C1

Postby Mozzarella » 02 Oct 2014, 15:47

I was happy with drawing Turkey and Greece (the third time in this tournament that I drew Greece as minor).

In the beginning, I received a lot of help from Italy and Poland, and things looked very good for me. However, my opponents made peace with each other just in time to prevent me from gaining my 22nd center.
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Re: AAR: 85800. PD Versailles Tournament Game C1

Postby Thumpington » 02 Oct 2014, 16:15

An unfortunate game considering I drew Italy/Egypt, congrats to everyone who managed to halt Turkey as this game really should have been a solo.

My initial game plan fell to bits in the first year. Madrid to west med in spring 1931 pretty much sealed my fate as did not going for a vacant Greece in the fall.

I think I did a decent job with the resources I had after 1931, although it was ultimately a war of attrition, a guessing game that I would have eventually lose. What I can remember now of my diplomatic policy was to keep France away by threatening to give Turkey all my centres. Unfortunately for the France I do not make idle threats. As soon as the French took Switzerland I assigned full control of my units to Turkey in order to act as a spearhead/forlorn hope against France.

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Re: AAR: 85800. PD Versailles Tournament Game C1

Postby poorfool » 02 Oct 2014, 18:06


First time I played Poland, and against the best 28 Versailles players, I didn't expect much more than a quick departure in this game.
Learning that my minor was Rumania spawned a few hopes, but at the same time I knew it was me or USSR in the first 1-2 years.
So I did something I really don't like to do, I deliberately and shamelessly lied to USSR about my plans and about Rumania not being my minor.
That worked, sorry Ricechrisps, you are a very nice player, it's just USSR/Poland relationship being too cruel in Versailles, or so I justifyed myself since.
Phase 1 had been successfull, now I could look around.

A strong BF alliance had already formed, no less than France/Spain and Britain/Sweden.
They were both willing to add Poland to the team and for a couple turns I went along while finishing USSR.
All the time I poked them both to understand their long term plans. Their alliance was sure to survive me no matter how I tried and what I offered them.
With Britain being Sweden and a British army already in Lap to take Len, I saw Poland loosing every influence in the North.
Then I saw British armies pouring through *my* shores, and I decided I couldn't have that.

Turkey and Germany's friendly attitudes helped this decision of course.
Phase 2 lead to bulk FB and PT alliances, with Germany clearly favoring PT and Italy a place holder.
Poland and Germany had stopped Britain in the North just in time, taking Sweden and leaving only Nwy to Britain, but I still saw our room for expansion was very limited, even after getting Len, Poland has not really a corner until it can have fleets out to the Atlantic.
Despite Italy's tactical skill, Turkey would sooner or later break through in the South instead.
So the aborted Phase 3 was to form a Central Alliance as at that time it could defeat both BF and Turkey.

I don't know why Italy didn't even want to try that, I suppose he was afraid I would solo, while I would have been very happy of a 3way.
Anyway Phase 3 aborted, Turkey broke through Italy and started to have more units than strictly necessary for the West.
First build turn this happened I clearly requested Turkey not to build an army in Ankara.
He was apparently totally deaf from that ear, as he built 3 armies in one shot including Ankara of course.

What should I do? Wait for Turkey to align all his nice armies at my border for "defense" as he continued replying to my complaints?
I acted, problably too recklessly, I trusted Britain too easily to switch to a BGP and moved against Turkey before he could get all his armies in place.
The result was shocking, with me moving against Turkey while Britain broke through Sto Fin Len in the same turn.
Oh well, everything for nothing, I'm done here I thought.
Italy was already king making Turkey, I had just to continue Italy's good job and close the game with a handful points and a Turkey win.

This, sadly, was the actual Phase 3.
All the time I promised Turkey to let him win and asked him to take as much as possible West to let me add enough points to my D game result.
We both go through, you win I win.
What does Turkey do again? Builds army Ankara. Same deaf ear I must have been using, or they are both deaf.

Hence the unprompted and unexpected Phase 4. Luckily my relationship with Germany had been most faithful from both sides all the game long, this and his skill to broker between me and Britain even after our stormy past, could bring up an anti-leader alliance not a moment too soon, just in time to stop Turkey at 21 actually.

So thanks all for the very interesting game, I vote Germany as the best Diplomacy player here though.
I think Italy and France built their own demise with a too rigid diplomacy, but that's only my opinion of course.
Britain, I'm happy we finished like this, brushing away our worst moments.
Turkey, you are a very nice player, I just don't know how much you are dangerous too...
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