AAR: 79709. PD Versailles Tournament Game B5

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AAR: 79709. PD Versailles Tournament Game B5

Postby sinnybee » 22 May 2014, 11:33

Game 79709. PD Versailles Tournament Game B5 is the thirteenth of 22 PDVT Phase 1 games to finish.

ImageImageThorntonian Empire earned 132 points in game B5: SOLO WIN 110 Italy 19 Rumania 3
ImageImageRicechrisp earned 12 points in game B5: Poland 12 Egypt 0
ImageImageStigits earned 7 points in game B5: Britain 7 Czechoslov. 0
ImageImageJonathanSwaim earned 2 points in game B5: Germany 2 Spain 0
ImageImagedeltanu148 earned 0 points in game B5: USSR 0 Greece 0
ImageImagePalin earned 0 points in game B5: Turkey 0 Yugoslavia 0
ImageImageCheeseman4780 (replaced by PriestProphetKing) earned 0 points in game B5: France 0 Sweden 0
Their scores are also here.

The only surrender was by Cheeseman4780. Thanks to PriestProphetKing and his substitute for filling in, and to everyone else for sticking it out through the length of the game.

Game created 1 Apr ( 2 Apr in GMT +1), started 8 April, and finished 21 May.
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Re: AAR: 79709. PD Versailles Tournament Game B5

Postby Thorntonian Empire » 22 May 2014, 21:15

First off, I would like to say that the Anti-Italian Resistance at the end almost worked. Italy and Rumania is quite a nice pair (Better than Britain and Egypt) I am still disappointed I have never seen a Yugoslavian fleet though in one of my Versailles games. Hopefully I can have one in some future game of this tournament. Rumania is quite a nice minor as it is useful to either Poland, USSR, Turkey, Or Italy and can easily help you either take down an area with it.

Here is a Brief Summary of the game:

USSR and Turkey were Easily crushed by Poland and Italy
Britain and France could not expand due to the German and Italian alliance
Poland, Italy and Germany went for a three way draw
Then Poland and Italy went for a two way draw
Then Italy went for a solo

Here is a not-so Brief summary of the game from My Perspective:

At the beginning of the game I identified two key players. Both Britain and Germany. France, USSR, Poland, and Turkey did not seem to communicate as much on the scale of Britain and Germany. I was able to figure out the pairings quite easily and just waiting to confirm that Yugo was Turkey and Sweden was France. The minors completely divided the board into two sides, the East and the West. I was able to entirely avoid the conflict in the West and charge straight through in the East without any real resistance.

Britain quickly sided with France against Germany which I thought was very bad. That alliance would easily crush Germany and if I was correct would allow Britain to have a major stab in the backside of France and get a unbreakable barrier in the Atlantic. Because of that I decided to ally with Germany against France and Britain which quickly lead to the downfall of France and the hindering of Britain. Meanwhile Poland took USSR and I took the Balkans and we had Turkey divided.

A three way draw between Poland, Germany, and myself seemed like the most logical move at that point. Since I already had a solo from the first game I did not have a motive to get extra points in this one, at first. The alliance went well for at least a year until France auto-surrendered a new France came in. That new France offered Poland and I a two way draw in exchange for allow him to survive with some centers. Since a two way draw is better than a three way, we happily accepted.

At this point Germany tried to turn Poland against me but I convinced Poland that allying with Germany and Britain would result in a three way draw with them and logically Poland chose the option of the two way draw with me instead. Of course there was a slight problem. A New New France came in when A Sub Replaced New France. This France had no intention of accepting a two way draw between Italy and Poland so it may have been logical for Poland to invade me, well, I offered the suggestion to Poland to start a fake war. I would take his minor in exchange for some territories in the Balkans and Prague and subsequently Munich. We both had the intention of the two way draw but if it Looked like Poland was fighting me then Poland could easily invade Britain and Germany without any resistance. Of course, then it came down to the point where I was really close to a solo, and that fake war that Poland and I had started had turned into quite a real war. Poland didn't want to lose my trust so I asked him to send me the messages of the Anti-Italian resistance in exchange for myself keeping my loyalty to the two way draw and not going for a solo. At the last minute I sent the message to Germany showing that Poland had betrayed them and the entire resistance fell allowing for Italy to gain a quick solo.

Once again, I am sorry to Germany for betraying him to go for a two way draw that excluded him, and I am sorry to Poland for betraying you at the last moment to gain a solo. I am glad to see that you two still have a very good chance at making it to Phase 2 of the tournament.
Not so sorry for betraying Britain and France or Turkey and the USSR though.
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Re: AAR: 79709. PD Versailles Tournament Game B5

Postby RolynTrotter » 23 May 2014, 03:53

I'm going to start typing and see where it goes.

So from the outset I was happy to see I had Spain as my minor. I figured that I could use it as leverage to get one of Britain or France to side with me. Woe was me when it became apparent that France was Sweden and Britain was Czechoslovakia. Only way that could have been worse is if they had their respective minors switched.

So I lobbied hard against the BF alliance, and I really thought I had gained traction with Britain when we had a three-way deal in the works with Italy. This is before the first turn, of course, but I was working on the assumption that France would stay pretty much silent throughout, not making real inroads with Britain. I would like to know what Britain saw in France, the original sent me all of three messages including the one from Sweden.

ERROR 1: Built a fleet in Madrid. While not explicitly stated, this probably cemented the BF alliance. It also proved unhelpful in attacking France later.

Anyway, throughout all this I pushed for Italy to help me out. That was pretty much the alliance structure for a few years (along with the increasing power of Poland and Italy). The first goal was to get a solid front line, which meant eliminating Czechoslovakia, which was accomplished in 1932. Meanwhile I predictably lost ground along the coast. The second goal was land superiority. This was achieved rapidly in 1933.

ERROR 2? Did not destroy the fleet in Hamburg. It possibly would have caused better dynamics by being replaced with another army. Britain could be won over easier, Poland and Italy would be marginally less likely to stab later. Granted, the fleet would be helpful in getting "peace in Scandinavia" at the price of peace back home.

By this time, it was clear that Poland and Italy would dominate the game. I was in no shape to turn around and stop them, having only four centers on my major power. That would just be suicide.

ERROR 3: Guessing wrong on Paris SO MANY TIMES.

I peaked at seven centers in 1935. France had surrendered and been replaced. Neither of us trusted the other enough to really form a power bloc of our own (together we could maybe have rivaled Italy). Then the stab came. And Poland would not attack Italy back. And they decided to go ahead and keep lying about working together when there wasn't much of anything I could do about it anyway.

When the Fall 1936 orders came in, my response was "I can' t say I'm surprised."

1937 had so much discussion for so little result. The Spring didn't resolve to anything, but we had a really neat little plan, all of us, in the Fall. Italy's final messages to me were really disappointing, but they did convince me, with both timing and content, that he deserved the win. For some reason, Poland still thought a two-way was in the works for him, and had been sending the resistance's communications to Italy. Italy told me with I think under an hour to spare. I threw the game to him as hard as I could so Poland's hope of a draw wouldn't happen for him. For a little bit I felt regret since his moves were those discussed, but apparently it was all still supposed to be a ridiculous feint. So right now I don't feel bad.
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