AAR: 79228. PD Versailles Tournament Game A8

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AAR: 79228. PD Versailles Tournament Game A8

Postby sinnybee » 14 May 2014, 18:59

Game 79228. PD Versailles Tournament Game A8 is the seventh of 22 PDVT Phase 1 games to finish.

ImageImageThumpington earned 50 points in game A8: 3way DRAW 30 Poland 19 Rumania 1
ImageImagecharliepayne007 earned 44 points in game A8: 3way DRAW 30 Turkey 11 Greece 3
ImageImagetourdefeu1 earned 38 points in game A8: 3way DRAW 30 Britain 7 Spain 1
ImageImageStigits earned 1 points in game A8: Germany 1 Egypt 0
ImageImageFDRjr earned 0 points in game A8: Italy 0 Yugoslavia 0
ImageImagekdwyer796 earned 0 points in game A8: USSR 0 Czechoslov. 0
ImageImagershivy (was 14Amstamper) earned 0 points in game A8: France 0 Sweden 0
Their scores are also here.

The only surrender was by 14Amstamper. Thanks to rshivy for filling the vacancy and to everyone else for sticking it out through the length of the game.

Game created 24 March (25 Mar in GMT +1), started 27 March (28 Mar in GMT +1), and finished 12 May (13 May in GMT +1).
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Re: AAR: 79228. PD Versailles Tournament Game A8

Postby Thumpington » 14 May 2014, 23:50

This was my first Puredip Versailles game (I had played plenty of gunboat) and when I saw that I drew Poland I was like....What???, but then happy enough when I saw Rumania as my minor. This is in my opinion is the best draw Poland can get in Versailles, so no excuses for a poor showing.

To do well in this game I surmised that USSR was the logical primary target and had to be dealt with swiftly. Poland/USSR seem totally incompatible to me in the long run, and having Rumania gave me opportunities to make a direct impact for my Major. So, I put my diplomacy to work by encouraging USSR to go north and south and to my amazement he did just that. Moves into Pripyat and Galicia worked!!!, picking up Lithuania and Kiev in the fall was then a formality. Moscow and Sevastopol fell in 1932 and Leningrad was occupied in 1933. By this point I had made the Polish Commonwealth Great once again by both restoring and surpassing its former glories. I delved into my old history textbooks for this inspired by the ghost of Jozef Pilsudski's dream to create a 'Miedzymorze' state.

Up to the spring of 1934 I had been cultivating friendly relations with both Turkey and Germany. To me both seemed to be very strong players and good diplomats/comunicators, Germany had even suggested a G/P/T Alliance, but for me with my current rate of growth it was impractical. The benefits of an alliance with Turkey outweighed those of the Germans on a few levels. Strategically the P/T Land/Navy combo looked appealing and also because Italy had expressed a desire to move West instead of East. This was in part due to the French surrender and build miss, this kind of screwed France tactically and the game to some respects. So from that evidence it became clear that Germany was my new primary target.

My favourite move of the game was the sneaking spring 1934 positional stab on Germany. This enabled me to take Berlin, Prague and Finland in the fall. After that I continued to roll west with relative ease from 1935-36 and 1937 I pretty much went for the solo, but felt I made a mistake in not opening up a home centre to get an extra build back in 1936. Had I done that I'm pretty confident I would have been tactically unstoppable.

I still could have very well pushed on for the solo and maybe I should have done. However, In the end was more than satisfied with the 3 way draw. I felt I could outmanoeuvre Britain in the turns to come, but Turkey had the upper hand in the south and to his credit was ready to mount and effective counter attack. It seemed that I would gain in one place, but lose in another for years on end until I got lucky break.

The above is just a snapshot of all the goings on that happened in this game. Other things that deserve a mention: Germany by accident copying in Greece (Turkeys Minor) into our communications... Greece went on to forward all our correspondence (a trail of about 2 years worth of information) to everyone. Turkey then did a great job of disguising his minor as Spain with the help of Britain.

I enjoyed playing with Poland but I don't think I would move far away from a general early to mid game strategy of knocking Stalin out quick, then hitting Hitler before he has a chance to build up the Wehrmacht. Best advice I can give to anyone is Keeping up good relations with Turkey... this is paramount. I feel P/T can make a deadly combination in this variant, although G/P is also an option that needs serious consideration, but again totally dependant on the situation.

Lastly, Thank you to everyone for taking part and making this game fun.

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Re: AAR: 79228. PD Versailles Tournament Game A8

Postby charliep007 » 16 May 2014, 07:26

Sorry for the delay in chiming in on this one, but firstly, thanks thumps for the interesting read in your AAR.

The Turkish/Greek perspective...

This is possibly one of the poorest personal performances i've had in Dip and I was very lucky to not be on the end of a thumpington solo thump! All I can say is that I went into neutral on this one and am breathing a big sigh of relief to what amounts to mercy from Poland.

The opening rounds were very interesting and having played as Turkey a couple of times now, Ifind that the knowing who Egypt belongs to is essential. That little fleet is a thorn in the side and getting it to stay out of the Eastern Med is a massive first move objective!

The first message in my inbox was from Poland, right out of the gate wanting to cultivate a relationship. I thought to myself, well why not see if Poland and Turkey can work together and keep USSR in check for the first yr. Though USSR seemed like a reasonable player and I was open to working with him.

Much to my suprise Poland opened with a full offensive on Stalin and was happy to expose his minor from the start in order to make maximum impact. Really in my mind it was a shock and awe tactic played brillinantly. This drew me in to working with Poland as I saw an easy opportunity to remove a possible enemy and allow me some breathing space to deal with the fly of egypt (wasn't there a a plague of flies in egypt once?!)

USSR fell quite quickly, and I promplty feel asleep in the game, being way too trusting of the Polish leader. In my mind I slipped into a 'all we need is a draw mentality', thinking that is the main objective to the first games in this tournament. Get enough points to get to the next round, make a good ally and cruise through - it seems like that has worked for a few of the games in the tournament so far, but with Thumpington at the table I should have switched on and played smarter.

So I found myself being given the run around by poland and Egypt for a while and struck up a deal with Italy, and thought to myself, I will take the pole on push him back to Krakow. But then he pulled away from my front line and Italy stopped communicating with me. At the same time Germany was bouncing the G/P/T alliance - Poland rubbing his hands with glee at the easy stab prospect. I was still very much in slumber and all too happy to accept. On reflection I should have made it very clear to Germany that one of us was going to take a hit from Poland and that it would be wise if we actually turned on him, but instead i took what i thought was the easy option and just did nothing and went to war with Italy.

Poland effectively crushed Germany in one move and took control of the game. I was still asleep in 'it'll be an east draw mode' thinking that Poland and myself would bring Britain along for the three way as it made sense strategically. Then Spring 1936 came along and I started to wake up. thankfully spring is when most animals come out of hibernation, and though i wasn't fully awake, I looked at the board dreary eyed and thought... hang on... Poland is walking this and is 6 centres larger than me!

So I asked him for a DMZ in Slovakia, which he said sure thing... then I got this:


Now I was awake. Poland was after the Solo. And in reality I can't blame him in the slightest. It was the right thing to do by Poland, and it was a lesson I needed to heed about blindly trusting an ally. A personal tip of mine is NEVER LET YOUR ALLY GET MUCH BIGGER THAN YOU - you are only inviting pain. Thankfully I did have the presence of mind to start to build a defence, but it was a weak one as I was heavily committed to fleets in the Med (another great play by Poland to keep me away from him)

But Poland apologised immediatly and promised to back off... but really his tactic was like that of the tide... come in and go out, come in and go out... he would pretend to back away but actually just regroup for another attack. A very good strategy. However, I'd had enough of the deception and had decided that if i was to get anything out of this game it would be to get the remaining players to join together and hunt the leader. Sadly Italy wasn't interested, Britain was suffering from the same slumber that I was in, which made me think that perhaps Poland had put something in the drinks when we all came to the game table. Thankfully Germany, though almost dead and buried, had the good will to come and assist.

So I thought, ok maybe, just maybe we can force a 4/5 way draw and stop the solo. better than nothing. So I regrouped my troops and got a little lucky in taking Rumania off of Poland while he took Austria from me.

Though I now found I had another problem in saving the game. It was the nation of Britain. For some reason Britain thought Poland was still interested in the 3 way draw... really it must have been a spiked drink. I was pulling my hair out thinking... hang on, we need Germanys help! don't be cutting him out of any deal. Also, Britain was point blank refusing any guidance on moves to block Poland. I told him exactly what he needed to do to keep Oslo from falling, but nope he would not pay attention and guess what... he lost Oslo.

I figured that was game over, Poland now had the north sea and i was down to 50/50 moves on making gains against poland. But fight to the end is my moto and i took some desperate measures to get Britain making moves that gave us a chance. Pulling teeth was easier... In fact I even had to resort to the most desperate of comments in order to try and make britain make a move to safe the game that i said to him 'Listen buddy, I'm ranked in the top 10 of the site, I need you to trust me on the suggested moves, because one wrong foot here and we are toast' Honestly, I'm cringing that i said such a thing, but it seemed to work (90%) and it resulted in Oslo being set up for a return to british hands.

I still felt that the Polish Solo was just a matter of time, but please that we were putting up some resistance. Though when Poland made the offer of a three way draw, I had to look really carefully at the screen on my phone to double check... surely not?! really? why do that? no rush for Poland to end this, and not like he is about to lose the game...

So I figured, this is possibly the best chance to get out of the game. I wrote to Germany who was excluded from the draw, and put the decision entirely into his hands, saying that if he wanted to fight on, then i'm up for it and will go with whatever he wanted - I copied Britain on this msg too. I then wrote to Britain and told him NOT to accept the draw unless Germany did - I was almost certain that Poland offered the draw like that, execting Britain to snap it up and then annoy Germany enough for Poland to exploit with his silver tongue and say to Germany 'see Britain and Turkey want your help, but they don't want you to get anything out of this... how about you help me end this one now' But Germany accepted the draw and killed off the Poland solo. Much to Britains credit, he didn't accept the draw before Germany, (though that could've been becasue he wasn't online ;-) So I'm sure thumpington will never admit it, but i reckon the draw offer was a tactic to get the win, but as he said, a three way is a decent outcome in the tournament first round.

So in conclusion, I want to say a big congrats to Poland on playing a fantastic game, you charmed me to sleep and i was lucky to escape. I also want to say I feel quite sorry for Germany, a really good player, and maybe you too were intoxicated with the charms of poland. And Britain, well done for hanging in there and getting the draw, but boy you were hard work at times!!

my tip to anyone who reads this... DON'T LET AN ALLY GET TOO STRONG - EVER. A true ally will agree to stay even - make sure that happens.


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