AAR: 79229. PD Versailles Tournament Game A9

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AAR: 79229. PD Versailles Tournament Game A9

Postby sinnybee » 11 May 2014, 10:50

Game 79229. PD Versailles Tournament Game A9 is the fourth of 22 PDVT Phase 1 games to finish.

ImageImageWhite_Wolf earned 134 points in game A9: SOLO WIN 110 Italy 18 Egypt 6
ImageImageJoll_Dizz earned 8 points in game A9: France 8 Rumania 0
ImageImageasudevil earned 7 points in game A9: Poland 7 Spain 0
ImageImagetwcchurchill / Ecallaw earned 3 points in game A9: Germany 3 Czechoslov. 0
ImageImagekingswifty earned 1 points in game A9: Britain 1 Sweden 0
ImageImageentoz earned 0 points in game A9: Turkey 0 Yugoslavia 0
ImageImagexavier77 earned 0 points in game A9: USSR 0 Greece 0
Their scores are also here.

The only surrender was by twcchurchill. Thanks to Ecallaw for filling the vacancy and to everyone else for sticking it out through the length of the game.

Game created 24 March (25 Mar in GMT +1), started 25 March (26 Mar in GMT +1), and finished 10 May.
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Re: AAR: 79229. PD Versailles Tournament Game A9

Postby White_Wolf » 11 May 2014, 14:56

Thanks for the game. I think I got a bit lucky on this one and things seemed to unfold in my favour.

First of all Italy/Egypt has got to be one of the best combos in the game. Combined with a strong alliance with France and a lucky guess against Turkey to take Syria in Aut 01, I was able to take full control of the Med without much resistance. A three way NAP between Italy, France and Germany made it easy for me to expand into the Balkans without worrying about my defence too much.

Luckily for me, Germany dithered alot and eventually surrendered. This made it hard for France to expand, with no help against England and not being able to expand into Germany progress was alot slower than I had expected, allowing me to stay a long way ahead.

For most of the game France and I managed to persuade everyone that he had Egypt and me Rumania, this was very useful for keeping the other players guessing and played into my hands later on when Poland started messaging Egypt thinking it was France.

Overall a good game and apologies to France, I had intended to play for a two way draw but the opportunity for the solo was too good to turn down, especially when I got battered in my B game leaving me needing a solo to guarantee a place in the next round.

Thanks guys!
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