AAR: 79230. PD Versailles Tournament Game A10

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AAR: 79230. PD Versailles Tournament Game A10

Postby sinnybee » 11 May 2014, 10:47

Game 79230. PD Versailles Tournament Game A10 is the third of 22 PDVT Phase 1 games to finish.

ImageImageThorntonian Empire earned 133 points in game A10: SOLO WIN 110 Britain 21 Egypt 2
ImageImageBruceSurfcoast earned 8 points in game A10: Poland 5 Yugoslavia 3
ImageImageeliwhitney earned 8 points in game A10: USSR 7 Greece 1
ImageImagetomspencer87 / NinjaSS earned 4 points in game A10: Italy 4 Sweden 0
ImageImagejqz1212jc earned 0 points in game A10: Turkey 0 Rumania 0
ImageImageMaucat earned 0 points in game A10: Germany 0 Czechoslov. 0
ImageImageRicgraz earned 0 points in game A10: France 0 Spain 0
Their scores are also here.

The only surrender was by tomspencer87. Thanks to NinjaSS for filling the vacancy and to everyone else for sticking it out through the length of the game.

Game created 24 March (25 Mar in GMT +1), started 26 March, and finished 9 May.
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Re: AAR: 79230. PD Versailles Tournament Game A10

Postby Thorntonian Empire » 11 May 2014, 18:51

Overall I think it was a pretty odd but good game. At the last moment I saw the chance for the solo and I took it, but it was not my original intention to go for the solo at the beginning of the game.

I had a pretty good relationship with the first Italy and we decided to go for a three way draw with Poland. Then when Poland betrayed us for the USSR (the first time I have seen a USSR-Polish alliance) it was Italy & Britain vs Poland & The USSR. Then my good ally Italy just vanished without any warning at all. Of course, I was frantic as I was the still the subject of the USSR-Polish alliance, but I got them to agree to include me in a three way alliance which I was pretty grateful for. Then after a while we narrowed down the competition and I was about the accept the draw when a new Italy was inputted in the game. At about this point, this new Italy was ready for a good fight and I thought that we could give one. Poland decided to remain neutral and with Italy I was going to rampage the USSR on a two front war in both Asia Minor and Scandinavia. Of course, that went well for a while until Poland snapped and decided to fight EVERYONE, including the USSR. In this Chaos I was able to snag a solo.

I probably could not have gotten the solo if it wasn't for the original auto-surrender of Italy and the crazed vendetta of Poland against everyone.

However on the plus side, it does go to show that your minor does not have to be next to you to do well as my minor of Egypt got 4 supply centers at one point on its own without any help from my major.

The most odd thing I have seen about this game was the Polish-USSR alliance which last for a majority of the games.

Either way, it was still a pretty interesting game.
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