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PostPosted: 24 Jun 2015, 03:42
by EpicDim
pjkon actually gave up this game by leaving. He had Italy locked into a clause where England could force a marriage and add any clauses he wanted. He had just secured that and then disappeared so when finding a replacement I felt I couldn't inform him of the loophole that had been left. No offense to LBS, I don't think ANY new player would have realized the loop hole. I'm pretty sure marsman57 didn't see it when the writ was signed, and I'm not sure he ever did. With England owning the Turkish crown eventualy and control of Italian pieces (through a writ requiring proxy) he would have easily won the game.


PostPosted: 29 Jun 2015, 17:04
by marsman57
Just saw this.

I didn't see that loophole which is disappointing because I *used* that loophole earlier in the game! (or rather, if I didn't use the loophole, I definitely put it into a marriage and discussed using it with EpicDim). I went back and re-read the writ. I somehow thought it meant "a marriage... with ONLY the final alliance terms". Whoops.

I could have still been saved by #9 "England must propose a 3-way draw between Turkey, England, and Italy at the start of each movement phase." (that term was specifically added to be my shield against shenanigans), but I did not remember your house rule that the proposer is not considered automatically to have accepted a draw. I went back through the rules and didn't find that house rule actually written anywhere. You should make sure this is clear in the Royale II rules if it is not already written there.


PostPosted: 29 Jun 2015, 19:45
by EpicDim
For the record it made no difference in this game. We never had a draw vote that got more than one Yes. But yes I will add that to my rules. It was part of every (or most every) draw vote e-mail as well.


PostPosted: 29 Jun 2015, 22:09
by I Love Italy
Just a sidenote: this still seems to be in active, even though it's most certainly not.


PostPosted: 02 Aug 2015, 21:04
by LBS
Hey all,

Late reply, due to holidays and pre-holidays planning. I thought I already congratulated and thanked Marsman and KingSolomon and EpicDim for hosting but I never clicked send on the message.... (so far for my diplomatic capabilities? :roll: )

I joined this game more out of 'need' than 'want'. EpicDim contacted me (I believe because of me temporarily taking over Iran in WI) and I wanted to help you guys out. Not that I did not enjoy it, I really did, but it was a lot to take in and I did not have a whole lot of time. Hence I undoubtedly (confirmed when reading through your AAR's) made some mistakes and let some opportunities slip, but getting into the game with this many units, nobles, marriages and writs in plance was a little overwhelming.

All I can say is great maneuvering by Marsman. When I had the time to start mapping my dynasty (before that I was just going with what looked alright) I already was too late to stave off the inevitable takeover of my crown. I tried to repair something by province control I think, but that was not easy since I realized it way too late. I should have invested more and earlier into diplomatic agreements with Turkey, but alas I did not and started my diplomacy with him too late.
Add to that the great usage of my own written writ that did not prevent not moving a unit out of my provinces or retaking control of a province already yours and the win was rightfully yours Marsman. The + units made some interesting advances possible first by Turkey and then by the English/Italian military alliance, but in the end I focused too much on these positive nobles and too little on the big picture.

Again, thanks for playing both of you and thanks EpicDim for hosting. I know I made my orders (too) close to the deadline sometimes and I hope you can forgive me for that. I had not expected something this grand when I said yes. ;)
That being said, I do think it matters a lot whether you join from start and get to read up on everything then, start with a small family and see the wheeling and dealing being done or whether you hop into the happy chaos that this game is once you got a 15+ member dynasty going with all kind of complications accompanying it. I'll be sure to follow the progress of Dynasty II. :)