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Warhammer: Fall 2524

PostPosted: 09 Apr 2014, 23:07
by Stanislaw
While in the west the Bretonnians and the Imperials continue to fight each other to a stand still, elsewhere the forces of chaos and Telia make big gains against the Greenskins, with the Greenskins losing large stretches of territory to their enemies. The forces of Chaos also consolidate their hold of Kislev by taking Erengrad from the Empire.


2 retreats needed from the Greenskins, though with only one space to retreat to, and 1 retreat needed from the Empire. The deadline for the retreat phase is Thursday, April 10th, 23:00GMT

Build totals pending retreats:
Greenskins: -2
Chaos: 2

Public Press:
The King of Bretonnia proclaims: Down with the Empire!

The Empire
A Mar - Que [bounced]
A Alt S A For - Mas [supported unit has failed]
A Nul - For [bounced]
A For - Mas [bounced, 2v2]
A Ere H [dislodged, 1v2, retreat needed]

A Irrana Mountains -> Tobaro [bounced]
A Remas -> Tobaro [bounced]
A Araby -> Khemri [resolved]
F Southern Sea support A Araby -> Khemri [resolved]
F Luccini -> Black Gulf [bounced]
A Styratia support A Khypiris -> Wissenland [resolved]

Fleet Khemri MOVE to Black Gulf [bounced]
Army Numas SUPPORT army Morgheim to hold [support cut]
Army Morgheim SUPPORT army Numas to hold [dislodged, 2v1, retreat needed]

A Quenelles-Marienburg [bounced]
A Massif Orcal S Quenelles-Marienburg [support cut]
A Couronne S Massif Orcal H [resolved]
F Borledaux H [resolved]

Desolate Mountains -> Numas [bounced]
Barak-Varr -> Morgheim [resolved]
Karak Eight Peaks support Barak-Varr -> Morgheim [resolved]
Gorgoth support Karak Eight Peaks hold [resolved]
Kislev-Erengrad [resolved]
Ostermark support Kislev - Erengrad [resolved]
Khypiris - wissenland [resolved]