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Warhammer: Spring 2522

PostPosted: 20 Mar 2014, 17:54
by Stanislaw
So the game begins and war breaks out across the old world, with the nations of Estalia falling to a combined attack by Telia and Bretonnia. To the north Kislev falls to the chaos hordes, and the Empire rushed into Erengrad to hold the line against the dark hordes. To the south he Greenskin Waaagh! takes Karak Eight Peaks and defeats a chaos army. Meanwhile a greenskin and Telian fleet fight to a standstill in the seas to the south, and the elves of Loren watch as a Bretonnian and Imperial army clash in their homeland.

Long awaited map is finally up! Sorry for the delay guys. Unless someone needs an extension the deadline is Friday, March 21st, 23:00GMT


Re: Warhammer: Spring 2522

PostPosted: 20 Mar 2014, 21:41
by bluecuillin
Hi stanislaw

Thanks for the map but it isn't scaling on my tablet or phone so I can only see a bit of the map with no option to move around it or open it. Not sure on the technical reason but it works in other forum maps.
Also, and just a minor point could you put warhammer in the list title please as it really helps me keep on top of messages.
Given the map issue I would like to request the days extension

Re: Warhammer: Spring 2522

PostPosted: 20 Mar 2014, 23:25
by Justini12
Shouldn't Quenellos be an army and Gilbali be a fleet?

Re: Warhammer: Spring 2522

PostPosted: 21 Mar 2014, 16:40
by Stanislaw
@bluecillin: not sure why that is, may just be an issue with using phones/tablets. I've had the same issue before. Yup they can all have warhammer in the title in the future.

@jqz1212jc: you are right I will fix that.

Re: Warhammer: Spring 2522

PostPosted: 21 Mar 2014, 19:58
by marsman57
I think the phone/tablet issue can happen at times when maps are uploaded externally and linked in as opposed to uploaded to the forum.

Anyway, cause aside, the fix I have had when this happens is "long press" the image. When I do so, my browser pops up a menu. One choices on the menu is "View Image" which opens up just the image into the browser. This tends to do it for me.