PDVT Finals Odds Update v2

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PDVT Finals Odds Update v2

Postby Nanook » 20 Dec 2014, 08:44

Been pretty quiet so far people, come on! It's got 3 in the top 50, 5 in the top 150, and all in the top 500. That's pretty impressive, and if you're into Versailles there's no one better to watch and try to learn a thing or two from, much like some did with the top-7 game a while back. Make bets if you want, or just talk! The goal of these is to have fun, talk about the game a little (without breaking any rules of course :roll: ), and be silly! Or serious. Or a combination of the two. Or a third state of being. I'd recommend confused, does wonders for the sinuses.

Anyways, stuff happened, people did things, now we're here.

Before the odds, I want to address something from the PP, which i think I can do since I was called out by name:
Spain wrote:Theoretically we could make Nanook pay out on both bets. Viva la Liberation Rule!

I'm about to insult you, don't take it personal. I most likely know you, and like you. If you take exception to it, feel free to pm me and we can work it out.
Spain you damn scumbag over-caffeinated son of an opossum. Shhhhhhh

Now, odds or whatever, because that's ostensibly what this is for :lol:

Solo by country:
Britain, 4/1
France, 6/1
Italy, 5/1
Germany, 6/1
Poland, 6/1
Turkey, 8/1
USSR, 6/1
Any Minor, 20/1

Most SC's at end of game for a minor, 3 at 1/4, 5/1; 3.5 at 1/2, 3/1; 4 at 1/1, 3/2; 4.5 at 3/2, 5/4; 5 at 4/1, 9/5; 5.5 at 5/1, 1/2.
(First number is number of SC's. Second number are odds for over bets. Third number are the odds for under bets. Push bets are all 2/1 odds.)

I somehow missed this earlier:
JonS wrote:Also I want odds on a Classicist champion. The club's honor is at stake! :) I believe PB and TE are the only non-Classicists in the running. 5 of 7 feels like good odds, but perhaps not when stacked against those two fine competitors.

So I'll deal with it now. The classicists in the game are, in order of seeding, Major B, AlmanMEin, poorfool, Mozzarella, and JonS. The odds of a classicist winning (by which I mean soloing), based on my posted odds by player, are math. The odds that I will seemingly randomly assign are even odds, 1/1. Yes, 5 of the 7 players are classicists, but that doesn't make them good. It's in their memo and all ;)

Weekly links:
Link to game: http://www.playdiplomacy.com/game_play_ ... e_id=94035
Christmas themed item:

Baby animal:

That's it for this week, enjoy! Or the Leprechauns will come and get you... ;)
(In case you're not familiar, Leprechauns are basically Irish elves. Which is to say, red-haired, always at least slightly drunk and churlish. But ultimately mostly a danger to themselves. And others. But usually themselves. Sometimes others too though.)
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Re: PDVT Finals Odds Update v2

Postby fijikilo0 » 21 Dec 2014, 03:50

Today was the first time i looked at the map :D
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