Who's in the Final Board of the PD Versailles Tournament?

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Who's in the Final Board of the PD Versailles Tournament?

Postby sinnybee » 02 Oct 2014, 01:59

Post Phase 2 (8 semifinal games in addition to the 22 Phase 1 games) PDVT Scores are on the charts below.
I only included the top 18.
Those who placed in the top 7 will play in the PDVT Final Board which will start on 10 December.

Chart description:
CR--Current ranking
P1R--Phase 1 ranking
The percentages are the game multipliers, as shown in the chart right above this post.
Column D * column E = column F.
Scores of column B equal the sum of scores in column F. (All significant digits of these numbers are calculated, though only a few of them are shown.)
(The four rows of player scores are ordered: best scoring Phase 1 game, other Phase 1 game, best scoring Phase 2 game, other Phase 2 game. The scoring of both Phase 1 games is combined in the top row of each player.)

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