Versailles is calling you

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Versailles is calling you

Postby sinnybee » 17 Apr 2014, 21:09

Since I ended up putting through an 11th Versailles Tournament Game A, we are short on reserves.
As all Phase 1 games are anonymous players, I currently prefer there to be no posts regarding willingness to reserve, so please send me a PM if you are willing to be contacted whenever a tournament game position needs to be filled, and if you agree to and are aware of the set-up of the tournament.
Please specify:
  • A) whether or not you have or might soon have a rating shield available, and if not, whether or not you'd be willing to join a surrendered position (all tournament games are ranked). There have and may continue to be some really decent positions available to join.
  • B) your preference (if any) for either a full position in the tournament (2+ games) or a single game, and if you have any time constraints.
  • C) if you can handle 1/1/1 deadlines for both a major and minor power.
Thank you!
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