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Alliance Phase 1805

PostPosted: 21 Mar 2014, 02:01
by VaeVictis
Ottoman Empire (norlight)-Russia (ThisEndUp)...[Broken, 1802]

Denmark (FortressDoor)-Prussia (JonathanSwaim)...[Active]
Prussia (JonathanSwaim)-Austria (Stanislaw)...[Broken, 1803]

France (haroonriaz)-Spain (G_Force)...[Broken, 1803]
Spain (G_Force)-Britain (Dan2)...[Active]

Austria (Stanislaw)-Ottoman Empire (norlight)...[Active]

Ottoman Empire (norlight)-Prussia (JonathanSwaim)...[Active]

Britain (Dan2)-Denmark (FortressDoor)...[Active]

Imperial Vassal Agreements
Prussia {Empire} (JonathanSwaim)-Austria {Client State} (Stanislaw)...[Active, 16 SC's]

Orders for Spring 1805 are due on Sunday, March 23rd 19:00 GMT-6; Monday, March 24th 1:00 GMT

Re: Alliance Phase 1805

PostPosted: 21 Mar 2014, 23:46
by JonathanSwaim
Question: Do vassal relations break if the vassal gets too big? It sounds like they wouldn't, based on how my coalitions did not break when I became an empire.

If they do break, what if I were in one of Austria's SCs when it happened? Sounds paradoxical that way, so I assume Austria could hypothetically get back to growing.

Re: Alliance Phase 1805

PostPosted: 22 Mar 2014, 01:50
by VaeVictis
Your intuition serves you well and your initial thought is correct. Coalition and imperial agreements may only be broken during the fall orders phase when submitted to the GM with the moves. Even if Austria exceeds the four or less centers required to form an imperial agreement as a client state, the agreement still stands until broken by either the empire (Prussia in this case) or the client state (Austria in this case).