Fall 1907

Variation in which the Zombies can move through water spaces. GM: EpicDim. Winner: condude1 (The Swiss Republic of Iberia)

Fall 1907

Postby EpicDim » 11 Mar 2014, 03:30

1907 Adjustments are due 08:00:00 p.m. Tuesday March 11, 2014 in America/Chicago (02:00:00 a.m. Wednesday March 12, 2014 in GMT)

2 Eliminations, 2 Zombies destroyed in the north and 2 created in the south.

The Swiss Republic of Iberia: 3 Builds
Sjg's Empire: 1 Disband
Pink Panthers: 1 Build
Duchy of Normandy: 1 Disband (A Ruh)

27 1907 Fall.gif
27 1907 Fall.gif (90.2 KiB) Viewed 644 times

The Swiss Republic of Iberia: condude1 (NMRs: 1, 0 Major)
Bel-Hol (Resolved 2 v 1)
Mun s Ber-Kie (Resolved)
Ber-Kie (Resolved 2 v 1.1)
Bur s Mun HOLD (Resolved)
ENC-Bel (Resolved)
Bre-ENC (Resolved)
Lon s Nor HOLD (Resolved)
Lvp HOLD (Resolved)
NOR s Bel-Hol (Resolved)

Sjg's Empire: sjg11 (NMRs: 4, 1 Major)
F Edinburgh- support F Clyde-Hold (Resolved)
F Clyde- support F Edinburgh-Hold (Resolved)

The Republic of Survivors: jqz1212jc (NMRs: 0)
A Ankara S Con H (Resolved)
A Con S Ank H (Cut, Destroyed 2.1 v 2)

Pink Panthers: bluecuillin (NMRs: 1, 0 Major)
Denmark - Sweden (Resolved 2 v 1.1)
Norway support Denmark-Sweden (Resolved)
St.P north coast support Norway (Resolved)
Ukraine-Rumania (Resolved)
Sevastopol support Ukraine-Rumania (Resolved)
Moscow-Ukraine (Resolved)

Roman Empire: Xildur (NMRs: 1, 1 Major)
Aegean Sea moves to Ionian Sea (Resolved)
Syria support hold Smyrna (Resolved)
Smyrna support move Bulgaria to Cons (Resolved)
Trieste moves to Tyrolia (Resolved)
Venice support moves from Trieste to Tyrolia (Resolved)
Rome moves to Tuscany (Resolved)

Split Confederation: I Love Italy (NMRs: 0)
Army in Budapest hold (Destroyed 1.1 v 1)
Eliminated 1907

Duchy of Normandy: Pagane (NMRs: 1, 1 Major)
Ruhr move Holland. (Bounces 1 v 2)
Eliminated 1907

Z Vie - Bud (Resolved 1.1 v 1)
Z Kie - Mun (Bounces 1.1 v 2, Destroyed 2 v 1.1)
Z Alb - Tri (Resolved)
Z Bul - Con (Resolved 2.1 v 2)
Z Swe - Den (Bounces, Destroyed 1.1 v 2)
Z Ser - Tri (Holding)
Z Vie (Created)
Z Bul (Created)
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