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Sahara AAR

PostPosted: 28 Feb 2014, 04:44
by asudevil
GM notes may come later.

Best of one unfortunately.

Re: Sahara AAR

PostPosted: 28 Feb 2014, 05:10
by condude1
Alright, there's so much to say. Firstly, Turkey, I'd intended to stab you Spring '02, but misordered completely :o . That misorder probably saved me the game, as France stabbed me on the very same turn, and my peace with you allowed me to redeploy my units to the West. I immediately came up with a complete BS story about having expected French treachery, and how my fake misorder worked perfectly etc. Fortunately, our peace held throughout the rest of the game, and I didn't try to break it again. Sorry for my attempted betrayal.

Secondly, Russia, really? You completely stonewalled my attempts at diplomacy in the last year, saying you'd prefer it go to the board than me, which is fine, except my voting plan gave you a slight (and yes, it was rigged ;) ) chance at victory (for those who don't know, I'd proposed that we let all remaining powers have a vote in who won, and it just so happened that both the others were firmly in my camp :D ). I'd say that it was your job as a player in this game to do everything you could to win, and you did nothing near that in the last few turns of the game. If anything, you should have accepted my plan and if the vote went against you, then say you were throwing the game. I would have followed the results of the vote, even had it went to you. And lastly, my plan would have worked theoretically, with us both knowing that if the vote went against us, we were done. You should have done something more, even if it was ask for a coin toss from anyone.

England, I followed through on my promise to not let Russia win, happy? ;)

France, you got dead unlucky from my failed stab on Turkey, you should have won this game, although I think Russia and I were much more likely to come to a consensus if you were there, as it amused him to let everyone lose. Bad luck all around!

Germany... what can I say other than sorry? I completely betrayed you immediately after asking for your help. And then when you said you'd vote for me at the end, you made me feel like a complete heel.

Austria, I didn't know you.

This game suffered severely from the fact that there were only two entry points to Iceland. More in the future would make it more balanced, as well as giving Turkey, Italy and Austria a boost.


Former Italy a.k.a Condude1

Re: Sahara AAR

PostPosted: 28 Feb 2014, 18:42
by GhostEcho
This was really quite an odd game. Playing it with a Winter 1900 phase made it far too easy to bottle England up, which seemed to me the first priority; England with an established position could easily just camp in the seas are Iceland and wait. I secured Scandinavia, and spent the rest of the game trying to work around to dislodging France's unit in Iceland... which, thanks to England's determination, never happened.

The other fronts are more interesting. Austria lasted for a while but never made any gains, which meant that I was the only player with the position to pick up all the new SCs that come up in Central Europe. Oddly, neither Turkey nor Germany ever made a serious effort to dislodge me; I eventually was forced to stab Germany in 07 to try to bring enough force to bear on England, but I was too late at that point to force the issue, as it turned out. I had thought Germany would have had more success in removing England himself, but no.

Turkey complicated matters a lot by not attacking Italy. I thought it was fairly evident from the board that I was working with Germany and any attempt by Turkey to move directly North would be frozen out (as I eventually managed); my idea was that he would be forced to recognize that an attack West was his only option, but he chose not to pursue that attack and died on the vine.

Which brings us to another reason my attack on Iceland never quite worked: Italy never had a threat from behind to fight off. It's hard to say exactly how it would have ended, had Turkey gone for the wide-open Italian centers. I can see anything from a near-identical end-game, but with Turkey in place of Italy, to a scenario where Turkey grabs enough fast enough to have the force to crack my Eastern line and England maybe grabs Iceland in the chaos, to... hard to say.

As for the end of the game: Italy messaged me suggesting we decide the game by a vote. Which, I guess, was a bit unlucky for him, because it was the exact wrong thing to say to me, and the exact wrong way to go about it. In purely practical terms, it would have been a terrible idea for me: I had in this game helped Turkey run over Austria, stalled Turkey, stabbed Germany, and somehow irritated England to the extent that his main goal seemed to be making sure I wouldn't win. I wasn't going to win a vote. In the second place, if I were going to lose (as I ended up doing), I far prefer to put it in the hands of fate (or France) than to have to support my own doom. (Even assuming England didn't decide to get obnoxious and cut the support.) You'll notice that my method was simply to issue an ultimatum: I'm going to try to win, you guys make up your minds. If I had lost the vote, I wouldn't have supported Italy in - and I'm just barely honest enough to decline the vote at all, in that case. Finally, Italy misplayed his proposal diplomatically: to get me to go along with it, he should have made the proposal publicly, a, "Hey, let's let you guys decide who should win this game," rather than putting it out there as some kind of buddy-buddy scheme directed to me. If he'd done that, and gotten any kind of unified response, he might have succeeded in guilting me into going along with it.

I had fun with the variant, though it's a bit frustrating. I'd play it without the Winter 1900 turn if we did it again, and I'm not sure about the distribution of centers; I got almost all of the ones in the East this game, but then as I mentioned, no one really attacked me, which seems like an anomaly. Also the list of changes needs to be sorted out more clearly before the game, but that I guess is obvious.

Re: Sahara AAR

PostPosted: 01 Mar 2014, 01:45
Sorry to all the players involved and to asudevil, my conduct this game was not acceptable and if I join any DVFGs again I assure you it will be to a far higher standard. If there was one thing I'd say for any future games it would be that getting to Iceland is far more valuable than any supply center.

Re: Sahara AAR

PostPosted: 01 Mar 2014, 04:45
by condude1
@ Ghostecho, Damn, I was either hoping that you'd be dumb enough to not see that the vote was rigged, notice it was rigged and go along with it only to deny the result, where I might have been able to guilt you into giving me it, or, if all else failed, for you to try to go for a coin flip or something. I think you misplayed the last round, as I would've be fine with a 50/50, and your stonewalling any attempts to make anything happen, even when I gave you an out on the vote thing (which, btw, I'd gotten confirmation from Germany and England that they'd vote for me, so it was truly rigged ;) ), was probably the worst thing you could've done. In dip, almost anything's better than throwing the game, unless it's clear you've lost, when kingmaking is an option.