Sahara Spring 02

Game on a classic map where the seas dry up turn by turn. Winner is the player who finally inhabits Iceland. Introduced and GMd by asudevil. Winner: France (surrendered!!!)

Sahara Spring 02

Postby asudevil » 21 Nov 2013, 02:25

Here are our Spring 02 orders

Don't forget that after fall moves/retreats the first map changes take place.

Fall orders are due 11/23 11:59pm GMT 6:59pm EST

1902S.gif (32.59 KiB) Viewed 791 times

F North Sea- Skagerrak----Resolved
F Norwegian Sea- North Sea----Resolved
A Yorkshire- Hold----Resolved

A Paris - Burgundy----Bounced (1v1)
A Brest - Picardy----Resolved
F Portugal - MAO----Resolved
A Marseilles - Piedmont----Resolved
A Spain - Marseilles----Resolved
A Munich - Tyrolia----Resolved

A Ber-Mun----Resolved
A Kie S A Ber-Mun---Resolved
A Hol-Bel----Bounced
A Bel-Bur----Bounced (1v1)
F Den H----Resolved

A St Petersburg -> Finland----Resolved
A Galicia -> Ukraine----Resolved
A Rumania S A Sevastopol H-----Resolved
A Warsaw -> Livonia----Resolved
A Sevastopol S A Rumania H----Resolved
F Sweden H----You don't have a unit there....(you PROBABLY MEANT NOR)

ION - WME----Illegal order...convert to hold (you PROBABLY meant EME?)
Tun - ION----Bounced
Nap support Tun-ION----Resolved
Apu hold----Resolved

A. Trieste support Serbia to hold----Resolved
A. Vienna support Budapest to hold----Resolved

F Gre - Aeg----Resolved
A Bul - Gre----Resolved
A Con - Bul----Resolved
F Bla S A Con - Bul----Resolved
A Ank - Smy----Resolved
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Re: Sahara Spring 02

Postby VGhost » 21 Nov 2013, 03:09

Well I wanted Norway to hold, so that works I guess.
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