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Fall 2001 Results

PostPosted: 27 Apr 2009, 06:57
by The Sea People
Next phase is builds! The deadline is now 10:00 PM (EST) on Wednesday the 29th. But if orders are in before that, I will update using super speed.

The Orders!
California (AardvarkArmy)
A Ncl -- move -- Nev
A Nev -- move -- Ari
F Colorado River -- convoy -- A Nev -- Ari

Heartlands (Gusmerrell)
F Nms move min
A col move neb (Bounced)
A oka move dal (Bounced)

Tri-State (AK47)
F Pen (rc) MOVE Ohio (rc)

Midwest (Firestorm 94)
Fleet Mch -> Wis (ec)
Army Ill SUPPORTS Mch -> Wis (ec)

Southeast (Jaded Knight)
F - Mia hold
A - Sca -> Nca
A - Ken -> Vir

Northwest (thegame)
A in Ore holds
A in Idh moves to Wyo (Bounced)
A in Wyo moves to Neb (Bounced)

Texas (TheRedArmy)
NMR, all units hold. I would push the deadline back, cause it's 2001, but he was online a half hour before the deadline, so it's his fault.

And the map:
Diplomacy America Winter 2001 Results.gif
Diplomacy America Winter 2001 Results.gif (56.6 KiB) Viewed 1964 times

California: 2 builds
Northwest: 0 Builds
Heartlands: 2 Builds
Texas: 1 Build
Midwest: 2 Builds
Tri-State: 2 Builds
Southeast: 3 Builds

Re: Fall 2001 Results

PostPosted: 27 Apr 2009, 07:01
by The Sea People
President Bush is busy dealing with the attacks on the trade centers (and a lack of sleep) so he will write a review in the winter.

Re: Fall 2001 Results

PostPosted: 27 Apr 2009, 17:24
by TheRedArmy
Forgive me for the NMR, but I feel the need to explain myself.

It is rather rare that I can get to a computer on a Sunday (I don't have the internet at my house - even now I'm in a Computer Science class), and I know this. Most of my game either have long deadlines (such as 48/24/24) or "Don't process on weekends". The one game I am in that meet neither of these conditions (Battle of Evermore) has 24/24/24 deadlines. Yesterday, I was unable to get to a computer with the internet. Late last night (around 8 PM Central time - GMT-6), I called my friend John (who recently began playing) and told him to fill in my order on that game (a single build). This is what The Sea People saw when he says "I was on".

Saturday, when I was at John's house, I got online at his house and checked all my games - including my forum games. I thought I had checked all of them (I did send in provisional orders for another), but clearly I missed this one.

I'm not trying to excuse my failure in this regard, only explain it. At any rate, sorry for messing up the game, everyone.

Re: Fall 2001 Results

PostPosted: 28 Apr 2009, 00:54
by The Sea People
Thats ok, Red Army, it happens.
I've been corrected, Northwest doesn't have any builds.

This deadline will be delayed to because of this mistake and the vote on the panama canal.

Re: Fall 2001 Results

PostPosted: 28 Apr 2009, 09:06
by AardvarkArmy
How do we cast votes on Panama Canal, and when do we know results of the vote?

Re: Fall 2001 Results

PostPosted: 28 Apr 2009, 09:10
by AardvarkArmy
Hey, my fellow state commanders:

I would like to strongly lobby for the Panama Canal, if only to keep the game interesting. Otherwise, east coast fleets and west coast fleets have no possible interaction. I may live to regret this request if Texas, Southeast, Tri-States and Midwest all organize an armada to convoy troops to California, but at least it would mean that I would have more interesting interactions with all of the above...

Re: Fall 2001 Results

PostPosted: 29 Apr 2009, 03:44
by Jaded Knight
Look all the pretty light blue in the Southeast, its as if the ice caps already melted ;)

Re: Fall 2001 Results

PostPosted: 29 Apr 2009, 06:02
by The Sea People
I'm pushing the deadline back until Thursday night, I'm really sorry, but I'm going through a really busy week.

Re: Fall 2001 Results

PostPosted: 29 Apr 2009, 16:54
by TheRedArmy
No problem...I wouldn't mind an extension myself. Finals coming up...

Re: Fall 2001 Results

PostPosted: 30 Apr 2009, 01:32
by gusmerrell
i like taking over the US of A...kinda makes me feel like i have real power