Winter 2000 Results

American variant set in 2000. Created(?)/Brought to site by The Sea People. GM: The Sea People. Game ended with no resolution.

Winter 2000 Results

Postby The Sea People » 22 Apr 2009, 01:59

So all orders came in early, and I was bored, so I'm putting the new map up!

Spring 2001 Orders are due on Thursday at 10 PM EST.

The new map:
Diplomacy America Winter 2000 Results.gif
Diplomacy America Winter 2000 Results.gif (55.79 KiB) Viewed 657 times

Tri-State (AK47)
F Pen (rc)

Southeast (Jaded Knight)
A Ten
A Geo
F Flo (wc)

Midwest (Firestorm94)
A Ind
F Mich
F Ohi (rc)

Northwest (thegame)
A Idh
A Ore
A Wsh

California (Aardvarkarmy)
A Ncl
A Cal
F LA (rc)

Texas (theredarmy)
A Tex
A Dal
F Hou

Heartlands (Gusmerrell)
A Oka
A Neb
F Mis

From the presidents office:
Well, everyone got their orders in, hooray! Not many surprises, California takes the Colorado River, a battle may be brewing for the Southeast and Texans over the Gulf of Mexico. The Northwest surprises everyone (or at least me) by deciding not to dominate the Pacific. Heartlands opens standard, but does not open it's hand, how devious. Thats it...OH WAIT! Tri-state and Midwest trying to enter the Ohio River! What will happen! This is Bill Clinton (cause it's still 2000, signing off.)
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Re: Winter 2000 Results

Postby ak47 » 22 Apr 2009, 04:01

haha bill clinton

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