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New Millenium, at last : Spring 2000

PostPosted: 31 Dec 2013, 08:05
by Pedros
OK, I have a full set of orders and the site has been back up for over 24 hours so I'm moving on with this one. Hope nobody was wanting to make last minute changes and hasn't managed to get back yet!

Our first aerial interception, if I remember arightly. More significantly, two units dislodged - Russia's Kiev army is destroyed, but England must retreat from Paris. Retreat please by 0600 GMT (0100 EST, 1400 Beijing) on New Year's Day, 1 Jan If I haven't heard from ColesD by that time I'll attempt to find out whether he's been back on site before NMRing him.

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England ColesD : NMRs 0)
F(Norway)-North Sea : Resolved
F(North Sea)-Helgoland Bight : Resolved
A(Holland) s A(Belgium)-Ruhr : Resolved
A(Belgium)-Ruhr : Resolved
A(Alsace)-Lyon : Bounced 1-1
A(Paris) s A(Alsace)-Lyon : Dislodged 1-3 : Retreat
W(Brittany) s A(Alsace)-Lyon via Paris : Intercepted
F(Bordeaux) Hold : Resolved
F(Mid Atlantic Ocean)-South Atlantic Ocean : Resolved
F(South Atlantic Ocean)-Straits of Gibraltar : Resolved 2-0
F(Gibraltar) s F(South Atlantic Ocean)-Straits of Gibraltar : Resolved

Germany (SaltySailor : NMRs 0)
Radio Berlin here, with a few messages for the brave resistance:

Big Ben strikes six at seven.
Uncle Joe's moustache tickles.
The sparrows head south in fall.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming... : Messages for the underground resistance are not broadcast!

Spain sjg11 : NMRs 0)
A Portugal- Navarra : Resolved
A Sevilla Andalucia : Resolved
A Madrid- Hold : Resolved

Italy (kevinsmith4 : NMRs 0)
A Hamburg-Denmark : Bounced
A Frankfurt-Hamburg : Bounced
A Czech-Silesia : Resolved
A Berlin S A Czech-Silesia : Resolved
A Saxony-Munich : Resolved
W Croatia S A Saxony-Munich via Austria : Resolved
A Hungary HOLD : Resolved
W Austria ATTACK Lyon via Switz : Bounced 1-1
A Lyon-Paris : Resolved 3-1
W Marseilles S A Lyon-Paris via Lyon : Intercepted
A Auv S A Lyon-Paris : Resolved
A Barcelona S A Auv HOLD : Resolved
A Milan-Switz : Resolved
W Venice S A Milan-Switz via Milan : Resolved
F SOG-Morocco : Resolved
F Algeria S F SOG-Morocco : Resolved
W Tunisia S F SOG-Morocco via Algeria : Resolved
F Tyrrhenian-WMed : Resolved
F Naples-Tyrrhenian : Resolved
W Rome HOLD : Resolved

Poland (stalin813 : NMRs 1)
DEN hold : Resolved
SWE - BAL : Resolved
GDA support WAR Hold : Resolved
LAT - LIT : Resolved
WAR support LAT-LIT : Resolved

Russia (Alupi : NMRs 0)
A Gorky move Volga : Bounced 1-1
A Mumansk move Gorky : Bounced
A St. Petersburg support A Mumansk move Gorky : Failed
A Kiev move Central Russian Plateau : Bounced 1-1 : Dislodged 1-3 : Destroyed

Turkey (Diadem : NMRs 0)
A Alexandria H : Resolved
F Eastern Mediterranean S F Aegean Sea : Resolved
F Aegean Sea S F Eastern Mediterranean : Resolved
W Izmir Move Istanbul : Resolved
A Istanbul - Odessa : Resolved
F Western Black Sea C A Istanbul - Odessa : Resolved
W Odessa Move Kiev : Resolved 3-1
A Podolia S W Odessa Move Kiev : Resolved
W Sev S W Odessa Move Kiev : Resolved
W Rostov S W Sev via Eastern Black Sea : Resolved
W Don Move Kha : Resolved 2-0
W Caucasus S W Don Move Kha via Volga : Resolved
A Ankara - Don : Resolved
F Eastern Black Sea C A Ankara - Don : Resolved
W Kazakhstan Attack Central Russian Plateau via Volga : Bounced 1-1
A Rumania S A Bulgaria : Resolved
A Bulgaria S A Rumania : Resolved
A Krakow S A Bielorussia : Resolved
A Bielorussia S A Krakow : Resolved
A Moscow - Volga : Bounced 1-1

Re: New Millenium, at last : Spring 2000

PostPosted: 31 Dec 2013, 11:39
by sjg11
Pedros, I think my army in Sevilla is meant to be in Madrid.

Re: New Millenium, at last : Spring 2000

PostPosted: 31 Dec 2013, 12:34
by Diadem
Also Izmir should be in Istanbul

Re: New Millenium, at last : Spring 2000

PostPosted: 31 Dec 2013, 18:52
by Pedros
Thanks. Both corrected

Re: New Millenium, at last : Spring 2000

PostPosted: 01 Jan 2014, 13:13
by ColesD
Am I too late? I was unavailable all yesterday and only checked back in now. Retreat to Picardy if permitted.

Spring 2000 retreat

PostPosted: 01 Jan 2014, 14:36
by Pedros
Not too late - we all need a bit of slack at New Year!!
Britain: A Paris - Picardy

Orders for Fall 2000 are due by 1230 GMT (0730 EST, 2030 Beijing) on Saturday 4 January. If I'm around there may be no delay from now on!!

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