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Standard game but with players able to vote out of the game opposition; the winner is the last player in the game. Created by Brendan McClure. GM: connect4. Winner - sroca (Italy)

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Postby TheRedArmy » 27 Aug 2009, 20:41

Sorry for NMRing at a critical time guys. But I can submit my AAR (at least what I remember of the game) for you guys.

1901: A tense year. I began negotiations with everyone - as a middle of the map power, Germany has to be aware of everyone all at once. Even eyes in the back of your head isn't enough - you need an entire robe of eyes (forgive my Dungeons and Dragon's references). Dunkel was my primary candidate for "Non-stabbing Ally" in the first year. England bounced me in Holland (not entirely unforseeable, but I had hoped my tactic of trying to convince him not to would work - I basically used the "bully" approach.) I tried to intimidate him saying something to the effect of "If you don't bounce me, we can be friends. If you bounce me, I'll kill you." As it was, my votes helped get him off in the end, so I actually managed to carry through. Though Dunkel and I were allies, I began to be wary of him - He was big. That was a problem with me, just with 4 centers. I built in Munich, probably because the armies in Venice and Tyrolia gave me the willies. On to 1902!

1902: I think at this point I started talking with Italy and Germany about the 3-way possibilities. I wasn't entirely sold on it, however. I was, as always, being cordial and open, but France was still powerful and he hadn't done anything that might make me want to abandon him as an ally. Besides, Dunkel is a solid player, and being outgunned by him right when I stab him didn't sound like the best idea in the world. In the spring I moved into Holland using my Kiel army with support from Ruhr - in case England tried to stop me again, and it keeps a unit on the border of France, just in case. My army in Munich moved into Bohemia (to help Italy/Russia, I think), leaving Munich open. In the fall I NMRed, but I think I planned to move Ruhr into Munich, and was probably supposed to support Tyrolia into Vienna or something. He didn't do it anyway, so it didn't matter so much. I had 5 votes in 1902, and I debated on what to do a little with France. Eventually, I settled into going with my triple alliance, and voted all 5 against France. In a surprising twist, France AND Russia left, and suddenly I was in a race against England for the spoils on both side.

1903-1904: Now my alliance with Italy was paramount. I don't think I really considered betraying him now. I was clearly hostile with England after 1901, and Turkey was just untenable with an enemy on my northern border - I couldn't afford to become surrounded by attacking Italy. I didn't gain much this year, and England got a foothold in Russia, while I wasn't even close. I felt I could take most of France with my armies, though I only gained 1 more center in 1904. I needed England gone, and requested Italy help me. I think I argued it fairly strong, and I asked the same from the remains of Russia and France, pulling out the "old allies" card. No matter how it happened, England got off, letting me breath a big sigh of relief.

1905: Now with England gone, and no intention to hurt Italy, I could move against his holding forces with Impunity - which I did immediately. By the end of 1905, I got three builds, and was helping Italy here and there with my Ukraine army. I began wondering who to vote off next - Italy or Turkey. Although Turkey could mop up Italy if Italy was voted off, I had been allied with Italy, and don't really break such things lightly. In the end, I think I would have voted Turkey. But now, we will never know.

Dunkel: You got eliminated early, but you played well. You were also a good ally, even if you never really trusted me (I think).
Speakerbox has been banned from the site but he (or she, or they, or it) never really communicated to me as Austria. We agreed on a NAP but didn't really do much alliance talking. When Italy eliminated them, I hardly missed Austria.
trkertrsh: You played England well, and weren't intimidated by me (of course, words can never hurt you, right? I should've bought stick and stones...). I think if you weren't voted out in 1904, you probably would've won. As it were, you were voted out and that ended your game. Well played, sir (or madam).
Loradan: I don't know you too well, but you seemed to stick it out well, even if we never met until the very end when Italy was getting you. Good game.
Drifter: Again, I don't know you too well, but you fought and would've been an ally I would have been happy to work with if you weren't voted out with France. I think you votes helped me and Italy later though, so you remained an ally to the end.
Sroca: Our winner! You did very well Sroca, and I don't think you ever betrayed me. You were a fine ally, and an excellent foe. I really hope I can play another game (either this or standard Diplo) with you again, as you were a lot of fun, and you handled Italy well, much better then I can.

Other notes: I felt like, at the end of 1905, right when I disappeared, I could have won. A few strong moves, votes going my way in 1906 (again, most likely for Turkey), and a quick defense against Italy would have done me well. If I could hold him at a certain line while a few units mopped up England, I might have been able to hit 17, or even 18 centers. As it was, I failed my troops and all you guys, and My Angels' hope of victory was lost with the death of their commander.

The Game: An amazing variant. If deadlines could be just a touch longer (72/48/48), I would be more than willing to play another round - this time with no NMRs. It was a lot of fun and I hope someone will consider hosting one soon.
The GM (connect4): A great job. You maintained your objective distance needed (even though you said you wanted to burst as I unloaded my strategy onto you), and ran the game very well. You make an excellent GM, and I would be willing to play another forum game just because you would be the GM for it. You did a great job, and deserve a commendation. Well done.

And that's all!
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