replacements needed for "non-normal mafias", an offsite game

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Re: replacements needed for "non-normal mafias", an offsite

Postby tn5421 » 14 Jan 2015, 11:18

istott wrote:
tn5421 wrote:
istott wrote:So, I'm in this game:
It's currently day one, has 775 posts (deadlines are 2-3 weeks on MS.) and we haven't had a full player list for the whole game. The mod is having a huge amount of trouble finding replacements.
If any of you guys would be willing to replace in, it would be much appreciated.
If you do decide to replace in, please make a user, then pm "CooLDoG" and tell him you are willing to replace in. Thank you all so much.
This post has been authorised my the mod, so I am not breaking any rules by making this post.

Sure you aren't.
It sucks that CooLDoG has to replace so many people recently.

Diplomacy looks like it will be fun, although I should probably join a Mentor Game first.

Given your experience, you wont need to join a mentor game. Theyre PlayDip's version of a Newbie game.

I was talking about actual Diplomacy when I said that. I should run through a newbie game here though to familiarize myself if I'm going to play here, anyway.
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