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Re: How Did You Find Us? Poll

PostPosted: 21 Feb 2014, 02:08
by Telleo
Came for the diplomacy, then found my way to the CYOC forum, stumbled from there to the Resistance sub forum, and then Keirador invited me to join II4.

Re: How Did You Find Us? Poll

PostPosted: 21 Feb 2014, 02:17
by Telleo
Firestorm94 wrote:Crunkus's roleplay as Snape is good reading too.

Oh my god I need to go read this so badly it's not even funny I'm practically dancing with excitement and grammatical things like run on sentences are not enough to contain my enthusiasm.

Re: How Did You Find Us? Poll

PostPosted: 21 Feb 2014, 06:53
by Petunia
Harb wrote:To be fair I WAS opposed to that lynch. We should consider running another newbie game soon. We don't have a lot of TRUE newbies since folks have been diving into games, but it might be night to do a mentor style game with newer players that feel like they've got improvements they can make.

Yes. We could probably fill out a decent sized roster with just the first-time players from the last ~3 games that have been run.

Re: How Did You Find Us? Poll

PostPosted: 03 Mar 2014, 11:25
by Vilniusisaplace
Was playing Diplomacy on the site for a month or two, saw something that had just been posted on the forum and clicked on it.

My time management skills and ability to prioritise have never recovered.

Re: How Did You Find Us? Poll

PostPosted: 11 Mar 2014, 16:37
by Crunkus_old
Crap. I edited the options, and everyone's data went away.

I apologize everyone, but if you get a chance, re-vote.

Re: How Did You Find Us? Poll (revote please!)

PostPosted: 11 Mar 2014, 16:53
by Zoomzip

I came for the Diplomacy, noted these odd thread titles on the front page, and started reading the threads. Seemed bizarre, but really, really cool. So I signed up for Blade Runner, and was asked to join Gang Warfare who needed some help rounding out the numbers. That game was a hell of an introduction, but it hooked me (helped I had a cool role even if I played it and made some ridiculous mistakes).

Re: How Did You Find Us? Poll

PostPosted: 25 Mar 2014, 23:51
by Ugluk
Walks in with a cane, stroking his beard...

Joined:19 May 2009

I had started up a second Playdip account, not to play as an ally of myself, but simply to play more than 5 games of Diplomacy at a time. Turns out that's a silly idea anyway. Anyhoo .. my second account, MushroomTreatment, was in Mafia V: Hotel Mafia, June of '09. I think midway I switched over to Ugluk because my browser kept getting confused as to who I intended to log on as. The game got reset because of a fracas, and I died night 0 on the second run.

It was to foreshadow my Mafia career.

I think I have survived my two most recent games (because I am not entirely sure which they were), Immunity Idol 4 as mafia, followed by Reaper, Joker, and Darling as town. This is significant not only because they are consecutive, but they are my only survived games. I'm not counting The Prisoner, where as the eponymous character, I was far too valuable to kill. By the way, my women's roller derby referee jersey will sport the number 6.

I've hosted more than my share of games, and played in quite a few, but I am still an irregular around here. Crunkus tugs on my chain on occasion, reminding me to visit a while.

Re: How Did You Find Us? Poll

PostPosted: 26 Mar 2014, 04:47
by mat.gopack
Pagane wrote:
sjg11 wrote:I believe Pagane/Santi Mata pointed me in the direction of this particular subforum.

Best thing I ever did for the forum! I spied your talent and tested you with a grueling set of challenges to prove that you were the one, the savior of all...
Actually, I believe I was playing you in a WWII forum Dip game and needed a sub in mafia.

I was first here under my Santiago Matamoros avatar. I'd played a couple classic RL games in the past, then saw a new thread pop up on the PlayDip homepage one day that I checked out and got hooked following The Don's Villa. After I left 'temporarily' (that turned out to be indefinitely), I lost my old computers in a fire and didn't have access to my old account.

So I guess as SM I fit the second choice, but as Pagane I rose from the ashes of SM.

whoah, I missed SM's return? :O

Re: How Did You Find Us? Poll

PostPosted: 26 Mar 2014, 05:49
by Pagane
That'cha did, Mat! Good to see you again, mate.
Now down to business. Give me a glass to fill for you.

Re: How Did You Find Us? Poll

PostPosted: 26 Mar 2014, 08:54
by Vilniusisaplace
Wow, Santiago's back? For how long?


Ye, Santiago's game was the first one I joined. I was also in a Dip game with him at the time, which helped him to remind me that I had signed up for it in the first place... :oops: