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PostPosted: 18 Feb 2011, 04:37
by AlphaTangoEcho
Hello all,

For those for whom this is their first time visiting this sub forum, welcome!

To join a game, go to the Pending Games subforum, and follow further instructions in the thread of the game you wish to join. The active games subforum will list active games (which are always searching for willing reserves...just contact the GM they will be happy to hear from you!). It's a great place to start.

Quick Resource Map
  • Playdip Mafia Games History Index...Review the results of past games. Links to game threads and After Action Reports.
  • Mafia Glossary...A general guide to some terms that get thrown around a lot. See something missing? Add to its thread, someone will update it ASAP.
  • The Mafia Textbook...Zoomzip is doing an excellent job editing this ongoing useful resource.
  • Thinking of GMing?...Resource for GMs of mafia games on this site.
  • Mafia Sub-Forum Policy...A current list of standard policies and procedures for how games are run on this site.
Some advice before getting started and basics on site game etiquette and general procedures:

- Be sure you have time for the game and keep the GM advised if anything about your availability changes. Before you sign up for a game, make sure you can meet the time requirement. The mafia games in this forum tend to be very involved. I'm not saying you will have to slave away at your computer 24 hours a day playing the game until the game is over, but a good rule of thumb is that you should be able to keep up with the game's forum reading beginning from at least the moment you entered the game, and have substantive participation at least once every 24 hours, sometimes more. Games tend to last 2 weeks to a month, so take note if you have any planed vacations, etc. GM's are responsible to ALL the players in their games and may decide to replace inactive players because player inactivity can have a profound impact upon the game. Try to be understanding if you are replaced and avoid putting GM's in the position where they might feel they need to make that call with respect to you.

- Consider subbing. Especially if you are looking to sign up for your first mafia game ever, but even if you have played many games before, consider subbing for games currently running. Things happen in real life to players, and they may need to step away from the game, sometimes only for a set period of time, other times for the rest of the game. Joining a game as a sub often leaves you in a position with less pressure from the get go, and is a great way to get your sea legs, so to speak. GMs are always looking for subs. To find a game to sub for, go to the Index thread, and look for games currently running, and PM the GMs about their games. The GMs will then put you on a list, and call on you when needed.

- Communicate with the GM about absences. If you find that you are in over your head, and you simply don't have the time for the game you are in, or you discover that you will find yourself in a an extended period (two days or more) with no internet, please do not just disappear. Send the GM of your game a PM saying what's going on, hopefully as soon as you know. The GM will not be "mad" at you, he will likely just be glad that you had the courtesy to contact him. If you find that you have planned vacation during the time the game will likely run, don't let that discourage you for signing up. Talk to the GM, and see if he will get you a sub, or find some other work around.

- Some people type a lot. This is not a bad thing. If you play, you will notice that while some players type a few sentences in every post, while other seem to type dissertations for each and every post. As long as both players are posting regularly, there is nothing wrong with either. Especially when you are trying to catch up with several pages of posts, these really long posts can seem frustrating, and there is a lot of temptation just to skip the posts and move on to the next one. This is a bad idea to start with, as you may miss some important information that can turn the tides of a game. However, what is definitely not acceptable is to insult or dismiss other players based on their long posts. If player has the time and talent to make long and through posts, then he is doing his best in the game. Publicly berating players for their long posts, or to rudely post "tl;dr" (an acronym for "too long; didn't read") is not acceptable. If you feel really frustrated by long posts, it is probably better to redirect your frustration towards those that aren't posting, and are not helping the game at all.

- Read the rules. This is something that may seem obvious, but isn't. The rules, often posted in the first post of the game and sign up threads, are very important. However, especially if the rules are very thorough (and they often need to be for reasons that aren't always obvious), the rules can be very long. READ THEM!! You may find your self kicked out of a game because you did something that you thought was legal, but if you had read the rules, you would have known that it wasn't. Other players and GMs will have no sympathy for you if you get kicked out of a game for something explicitly stated in the game rules. Even if you have played mafia before, the rules will also explain twists exclusive to that game, and are still important. Multiple readings are often a good idea, particularly right before the game begins, and while the game is going on. The rules often make a lot more sense once things begin happening. If you have questions or think something is unclear (it often is!), please private message the GM right away.

- Don't share your Role PM. In no game you will likely ever play will it be legal for you to share the PM containing your role with any player for any reason, including attempting to prove your role to others. This also includes directly copying and pasting parts of your role pm. This rule has a zero tolerance policy, if you break it, you will likely find yourself instantly removed from a game, and you may find yourself dealing with other consequences with other games.

- When playing in a mafia game, It is strongly recommended that all players enable the "Hide Online Status" setting. This setting can be found in the "Board Preferences" tab of the User Control Panel. This is a simple measure that can potentially prevent unwanted and unnecessary out of game factors from affecting the course of the game.

- Alas, at death, you are done. When you "die" in a game, you are done. You can no longer post in the game thread, or any other thread, and can no longer discuss the game with any player who is still alive. Although it may be tempting, do not post in the game thread. Even if you think what you are posting has no relevance to the game, like a sarcastic comment on the state of the game, etc. Don't post it. You are dead. Some GMs will allow you to converse about the game with fellow dead people if you feel like you really need to talk about the game. Talk to the GM if you want to do this.

- Don't join too many games at once, especially if one of the games is your first one. If you join too many games at once, and find out that you really don't like mafia, or that you don't have the time, you dropping out could affect the entire forum if you are in too many games.

- If there is any question as to whether or not an action might be questionable to the GM running the game, ask first. As comprehensive as GM's are with their rules, that cannot say "Don't do..." everything. For instance, if you are considering tracking the specifics forum actions of players in the game with the aim of inferring from when specifically they check their private messages whether they are mafia or not...this is the type of thing that it is the player's responsibility to realize they need to discuss with the GM before doing whether or not the rules specifically forbid that action. Common sense and courtesy to the players in the game and the GM is important. If there's nothing wrong with it, the GM's will probably give you a quick thumbs up and say neat idea. If there can potentially ruin a game...even if it isn't immediately clear to you as a player why.

- Honestly play to your GM stated win condition. Win conditions vary. Read the rules and your role description carefully. Sometimes survival is necessary, sometimes it is not. Win conditions are often part of how a GM balances a game. Ignoring your win condition to help another type of win condition out unbalances the game. Most games have fairly straight forward win conditions, if you are not sure about your condition or whether a certain play is permissible, ask your GM and include why you want to make the play for context.

- Your commitment does not begin until the game begins. Before the game starts, something might come up, and you might realize that you can no longer play the game. GMs will not bear you any ill will for stepping out of a game before the game starts. If you step out before the game starts, the GM has at least twice as many options as he does if you need to drop out after the game starts.

- Check out the glossary. A glossary has been collaboratively developed by many members of the community to assist new players with some of the jargon that occasionally gets thrown around in the games and sometimes the rules.

- Check out the Mafia Textbook (under construction). Zoomzip has begun a compilation of collected musings on the game from various sources. He's done a great job, check it out.

If you have any comments, or things to add to this, post below.

-We hope you enjoy your stay,
AlphaTangoEcho, bkbkbk, connect4, Crunkus, and vindictus (the moderators here) and the rest of the Mafia Community

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Re: Mafia Etiquette (New players, look here!)

PostPosted: 18 Feb 2011, 04:52
by sinnybee
Good tips.

... :oops:

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PostPosted: 18 Feb 2011, 05:07
by DarkAngelCryo
AlphaTangoEcho wrote:tips

Thanks for those. I'll work on writing up a rulesheet for M:A&D

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PostPosted: 07 Mar 2011, 17:48
by Ugluk
It is disturbingly natural for someone to dream up their own flavor scenario while still playing their first game. Many people want to host a game immediately. You can see it in how many games are out there now, and if you find other Mafia sites, you may find more games in the queue than there will be players for them for months.

Having played many games and hosted nearly as many, you may find these tips useful:

1. Less is more. Don't try to recruit 20+ people for your game. Each new player reduces the value of each other player. Each player also grows the post count, making the game take more effort to play, which ultimately reduces the quality, as people burn out faster.
2. Keep it relatively simple. Mafia is a game of psychology, not Team Death Match.
3. Confusion favors the bad guys. If there are too many mechanics, players give up. Too many players to observe, same thing.

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PostPosted: 15 Mar 2011, 22:42
by Bob.Durf
Ugluk wrote:2. Keep it relatively simple. Mafia is a game of psychology, not Team Death Match.

Can I get an amen for that? :D

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PostPosted: 10 Apr 2011, 20:11
by AlphaTangoEcho
Today, I added "Read the Rules," "alas, at death, you are done," "and Some people type a lot..." paragraphs

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PostPosted: 06 Jun 2011, 04:37
by AlphaTangoEcho
Made a small change to "communicate with the GM about absences"

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PostPosted: 07 Jun 2011, 16:56
by Crunkus_old
1 Player Note and 3 GM notes added.

(Win Conditions(P), Win Conditions(GM), Gag orders, Numbering Protocol)

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PostPosted: 21 Jun 2011, 02:40
by AlphaTangoEcho
Crunkus and I decided that the GM section really deserved it's own thread, and I have made the appropriate changes.

The GM section will also be stickied.

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PostPosted: 21 Jun 2011, 03:15
by AlphaTangoEcho
I added a section about stepping out of a game before the game starts.