Fall 1850

10 player variant set in the New World, Created by Macario Reyes and GMd by Morg. Triple Draw shared by Mexico (JonS), Spain (Pedros), & Peru (ColesD)

Fall 1850

Postby Morg » 30 Aug 2015, 04:31

Fall is posted, retreats are here.

I will need retreats by 2000PST Monday the 31st/0400GMT Tuesday the 1st

I will need retreats from:
USA-2 Technically not necessary to submit

There is also a draw proposal by Spain for a triple victory shared by Mexico, Peru, & Spain
Brazil- No Response
Britain- Accepted
Colombia- No Response
Mexico- Accepted
Peru- No Response
Spain- Accepted
USA- Rejected (also eliminated)
Venezueal- Accepted

War in the Americas1841.gif
War in the Americas1841.gif (41.14 KiB) Viewed 1390 times

Fall orders were:
F SAO MOVE Mal Bounced 1v2
A Asu Hold Support Cut, Dislodged 2v3, Retreat Needed
A Pal Support Asu to HOLD


A Cali S A Crt H Support Cut, Dislodged 1v2, No Retreat Available, Autodisbanded
A Crt S A Cali H Support Cut, Dislodged 1v2, No Retreat Available, Autodisbanded
F Ecu S F Gal -> GOG
F Gal -> GOG

Army NWT move Ala
Army Ont move Tor
Army NMe move Tex
Army Chp move Gua
Fleet MPO support Fleet ChG move Gal
Fleet ChG move Gal
Fleet GoF support Fleet MPO Hold
Fleet GoG move Ecu Dislodged 1v2, Retreat Needed
Fleet GoP move Cali
Army Pan support Fleet GoP move Cali
Fleet Gjr move Crt
Fleet GoU support Fleet Gjr move Crt

F(SPO) Hold
F(BGr) s F(DRA)-Mal
A(Lor)-Caq Bounced 1v1
A(Man) s A(Ama)-Bol
A(Par) s F(DGu)-BGu
A(MGr) s A(CBo)-Asu
A(CAu) s A(CBo)-Asu

F Halifax support A New York State - Montreal
F Washington New York City
F Eastern Great Lakes support A Ontario - Toronto
F New Orleans - Gulf of Mexico
A Texas - New Orleans
F Dutch Guyana - British Guyana
F Cayenne - F Dutch Guyana
F Gulf of Venezuela support F East Caribbean Sea - Caracas
F East Caribbean Sea - Caracas
F Trinidad - Delta Bounced 1v1
F Puerto Rico - West Indies No Such Unit
F Santo Domingo - Sargasso Sea
F North Caribbean Sea - East Caribbean Sea
F Havana - North Caribbean Sea

Tor Party like it's 1842 (Hold) Successfully Partied Hardy, Party Crashed by Cops 1v2, Scatter and Flee needed
Mon sit quietly in the house with a white flag clutched tightly, prepared to wave it as soon as the invading troops arrive (Hold) Duly Surrendered 1v2, Retreat sorta needed

All units to hold
BGU dislodged 1v2, No Retreat Available, Auto-Disbanded
Venezuela hereby accepts the 3-way draw proposal between Peru, Spain and Mexico and orders its armies to stand down
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Re: Fall 1850

Postby Nanook » 30 Aug 2015, 04:42

Tor flee into the waiting embrace of their French cousins in Quebec, and successfully hide among them using attics, basements, and a dizzying array of trap doors and hidden rooms.

Mon retire to New England, moving into a smaller than they thought it would be condo in Connecticut in an area that isn't quite as nice as it first looked.

On a slightly more serious note, I would implore one of the remaining smaller powers who hasn't voted yet to turn down the draw. This is an exciting variant--lets see if someone can solo it!
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Re: Fall 1850

Postby JonS » 30 Aug 2015, 04:43

Mexico retreat: Fleet GoG retreats to GoP

Morg - from your perspective then, given the (tragic) annihilation of the Americans in the Great Canadian Massacre, is the draw proposal still valid and pending responses from the other remaining players?

I am happy to repropose the same draw now in our post-USA world, but I think since he was eliminated the same turn of the draw proposal perhaps that could be unnecessary.

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Re: Fall 1850

Postby Pedros » 30 Aug 2015, 04:52

And in response to nanook's plea - a solo isn't an option. I haven't the armies to take on either Mexico or Peru; Mexico would have a very hard job fighting his way out of that corner; and if one of the three of us looked like going for it the other two - backed (hopefully) by the other survivors, are quite strong enough to stop the one. And I know the play of the other two to know that there would be no problem at all in two of us getting together to stop a solo.

It's the classic three-power finish. Very rarely is there a hope of a solo. And sorry if it spoils your dreams nanook, but if it's any consolation it was probably the excellent defence put up by you and Britain which scuppered any chance I had of soloing. You held me up far too long.

But if I were GM I would certainly say that US rejection still counts. So now he's officially gone, I'll do it again! See new thread
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Re: Fall 1850

Postby Nanook » 30 Aug 2015, 05:09

I'm sure that's all true...I still would like to see an attempt made...but more for entertainment purposes than anything else...I'll take the sort of flattery and call it a day though ;)

Good game to everyone, especially Pedros. I saw Britain coming, I had a nagging feeling about Mexico, but you caught me by surprise. It's not surprising to me that two of the three winners came out of the Northern half of the map. It was a real murderers row (plus me) up here, and while I do believe I could have done better, I gave it what I had and came up short. Then I clawed and scratched and bit and kicked and made myself a general pain in the ass :twisted:

All in all a very fun game, and one I hope gets some traction towards joining the main site one of these days!
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