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The Red Vanguard - PMO (CYOC)

Postby mat.gopack » 19 Dec 2019, 16:39

Name: The Red Vanguard

Mission: Spreading the Revolution/Socialism/Communism - through assisting and supporting revolutionary groups across the world/solar system/universe

Civilian Assets: The Red Vanguard tries to keep a low profile. Thus, although general support for its goals would be fairly high in the Union, its actual civilian assets are not too extensive. Their main civilian assets are concentrated in the Martian and Turkestani Communes (Mattibean Mars being the most revolutionary/leftist of the UMC, and in Turkestan the Red Vanguard had a strong hand in its liberation), with secondary assets found in a handful of the IWA's space members (also liberated by the Red Vanguard) and scattered across the UMC on earth. In total, it comes down to ~100,000 supporters who are at least generally aware of its existence and passing along information/support/resources. They also have a few small shipping organizations to use as fronts to transport members across the planet/system/galaxy.

Military Assets: The Red Vanguard itself is a small organization - with only ~10,000 members, and of that only half trained for any type of warfare. In their personal equipment, it comes down to ~2,500 of their advanced personnel suits, 50 stealth planes (armed), 200 stealth transports, and enough small arms to outfit their entire organization. They also have access to a small set of more advanced Mattibean equipment, smuggled out by agents within the military. However, the bulk of their military assets consist of stockpiles of weapons to arm local revolutionaries/allies. Currently that stockpile is enough to outfit ~50,000 troops in powered armor, and a further 200,000 with unpowered armor and infantry weapons. These have been obtained almost entirely through C-T, using base IWA designs and siphoning them off from equipment that was to be disposed of.

Technological Assets: Technological assets stem from the initial cadre of the Red Vanguard, which included a number of Mattibean scientists/military members. Using some UMC technology as a base, they've developed their own hybrid stealth/combat suit of fairly advanced design. The Red Vanguard has a few small underground research facilities that work on improving that design and adding new capabilities - but the bulk of their available technology is what they can procure from their supporters in Turkestan and the Martian communes.

Location of Assets: Widespread. The Red Vanguard operates on a contingency basis by not keeping everything in one area - and so they have a number of small caches and hideouts. Primarily these are located in Turkestan, Mattibean Mars, and a handful of small outer systems.

Description: The Red Vanguard is a revolutionary cadre/organization that looks to spread socialist/communist revolution. They work in the shadows - with a small membership, and even smaller military membership, they would not be able to win in a real war as the only actors. Instead, they locate and support local allies - working to unite, organize, train, and outfit their allies before the fighting begins, and then taking a spec-ops and counter-spec ops role once the revolution gets kicked off. The political wing of the Red Vanguard is just as important, thus, as the military one - as it's from its theories, writers, and politicians that can help to forge united resistance groups out of disparate, weak political organizations.

Currently, the Red Vanguard has successfully caused revolutions in Turkestan (200-400 Red Vanguard members involved), Turkey (1000 Red Vanguard Members involved), Gliese 687 (50), and Ellie (10). Possibly in Freedom/Sulara as well, in the 2M1540 system (200-400)
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