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Kingdom of Deseret

Postby Vogelhut24 » 17 Aug 2019, 02:01

Country name: Kingdom of Deseret
First land: Utah ( ... sp=sharing)
Capital City: Salt Lake City (Taylor Castle)
Government type: Unitary Constitutional Monarchy
King holds all Foreign policy power
Parliament has House of Nobility and House of Citizens (Elected by Provences)
Citizens appoint local governors for provences
Constitution: ... sp=sharing
Population: 200 million
size of Military: 40 million
Starting technologies: Modern Day
Some advantages your civ holds: Defensive, Militia, high unity and stability.
Some disadvantages your civ must deal with: Zealous, Nepotism
Anything else:
Defensive - Your nation is a fortress. You start with a dense network of defenses in your initial land.
Militia - Your entire nation trains in its defense. You begin with 20% of your population as trained militia, able to be used in defensive wars on your territory.
Histories: The Taylor dynasty allegedly has its roots in the founder of Mormonism Joseph Smith through the matrilineal line. The nation formed to protect the Mormon people from outsiders and to keep the ideology of the nation pure. Deseret sees itself as the protector of the Mormon faith and people, doing everything in its power to protect itself.
Military organization: Deseret has a proud military chosen by god to serve the Taylor dynasty. There is nothing more holy then to die in the service of one’s king. From a young age 1 out of every 5 children is chosen to serve in the Deseret Militia to protect the holy land from those who would oppose us. The kingdom has modern technology, and modern division templates. Officers are chosen personally by the king based on loyalty, piety, and family name.

The kingdom of Deseret has sixteen army divisions, with each division having around 25,000 men.
#1 Infantry division: Royals
#2 Infantry division: Pious Potatoes
#3 Infantry division: Gold swords
#4 Infantry division: Fighting Forth
#5 Infantry division: Bluejays
#6 Infantry division: Sandy Shores
#7 Infantry division: Blackcross
#8 Infantry division: King Williams eighth
#9 Infantry division: Old Oak
#10 Cavalry (Tank) division: Whitehorse
#11 Cavalry (Tank) division: Ellipse
#12 Armored division: Iron Eagles
#13 Armored division: Thundercats
#14 Mountain division: Winter Respites
#15 Airborne division: Screaming Unicorns
#16 Artillery division: Joseph’s Tears

Based on U.S. first division, 82nd airborne, 101st air assault, and 10th mountain

National Anthem: Joseph Smith American Moses

The kingdom of Deseret is currently an absolute feudal monarchy where the people serve the king chosen by god. All property of the kingdom is directly owned by the king and is distributed and revoked to dukes and counts at whim. The kingdom of Deseret has been isolationist for hundreds of years, xenophobic to outside influence and prone to self-sufficiency. The kingdom for the longest time has been a religious ethnostate ruled by the Taylors with the average citizen living the life of a serf sworn both politically and religiously to the king. The kingdom does not have freedom of the press and freedom of speech, with all lines of outside communication banned except state sponsored media. Any knowledge of extraterrestrial life and spaceflight were not known, and believed to be heretical in nature. Times are changing for the kingdom however. In the year 4863 a space shuttle from the planet of Venus crashed on the outskirts of Salt Lake City. The ship was that of the Shah empire escaping the current communist regime. Out of the ship stepped 99 Venusians, the emperor’s grand-niece Catherine Shah and a previously unknown man who claims to be emperor. The kingdom’s first contract with extraterrestrial and civilized life. The brother of king Bryan, prince Marcus saw the ship and its genetically modified crew as demons and ordered the militia to slaughter them all. The prince and heir to the throne prince Jack stopped the order however after seeing the Venusian Pirate Queen for the first time, and falling in love. After a few weeks the prince asked his father the king, for permission to marry her. The king loving his son accepted and began a new area in the kingdom. Opening its gates for the first time to outsiders and outside influence. All is not well however, for Prince Marcus and a good chunk of the militia see this act as an abomination against everything the kingdom stands for. The Venusian Pirate Queen has already made her presence at court known, teaching the court about the outside world and of the benefits of new ideas. Citizens and the nobility are choosing sides, with the stability falling every day. Do the people follow the old way of the church and of isolation, or of the new way, only time will tell.
King Bryan accepts the offer of the Phoenix Corporate Group, and accepts Master Teller with open arms. The King also accepts the NVC and the offer to join the League of Cairo, sending Prince Tyler, second to the throne of Deseret as it representative. While all this is going on however Prince Marcus and his followers are openly resistant and hostile to the new influence and new people in the kingdom. Riots outside the palace increase every day and attacks on foreigners in the kingdom are not uncommon.
Royal Family

Kingdom of Deseret Royal Family

Postby Vogelhut24 » 17 Aug 2019, 02:22
The Kingdom of Deseret is looking for potential royal marriages for its sons and daughters.
Children of King Bryan Taylor(38)
Prince Jack Taylor(16)- married to Venusean pirate queen Catherine Shah
Prince Tyler Taylor(14)- At the League of Cairo
Prince William Taylor (12)
Princess Mary Taylor (10)
Princess Alexandria Taylor(8)
Prince Jamie Taylor(4)
Children of Prince Robert Taylor(34)
Princess August Taylor(13)- At the PCG with the Sohl family
Prince Hershel Taylor(11)
Prince Benjamin Taylor(3)
Children of Prince Marcus Taylor(30) DEAD
Prince Carlos Taylor (5) DEAD

The Hand of the King: Prince Jack Taylor
The Lord Commander of the Kingsguard: leader of the kings personal guard and of Salt Lake City Guard: Bernard Ironside
The Master of War: head of the Militia: Prince Robert Taylor
The master of coin: head of the treasury and finances of the kingdom: Lord Benjamin Holt
The master of laws: overseer of the law and justice for the kingdom: Duke Patrick of Boise
The master of whisperers: the spymaster and the head of intelligence: Duke Oliver Grey
The master of ships: overseer of the royal navy: Lord Roger Royce
The master of Technology: overseer of development: Maximus Sohl
Leader of the House of Nobles: Elijah Holt
Leader of the House of Citizens: Pate
Maximus Sohl-PGC
Count Antonio Villanueva Astor- Cenoa
The kings party - for social liberation of peasants, pro immigration and foreigner rights.
. The Holt Family- For economic conservationism and privatization. pro immigration and foreigner rights.
The Grey Family- for Social liberation of peasants, anti immigration and foreigner rights
. The of Boise Family- For absolute monarchical power, pro immigration and foreigner rights.
Provence member in house of nobles: 100
Provence member in house of citizens: 270
Arizona: 14
Baja California: 10
Cascadia: 14
Chihuahua: 6
Colorado: 20
Idaho: 20
Montana: 10
Nevada: 14
New Mexico: 12
North California: 14
Oregon: 16
Sonora: 14
South California: 20
Taylor: 29
Texas: 4
Utah: 16
Washington: 16
Wyoming: 10
Taylor Family Sigil-Flag.PNG
Taylor Family Sigil-Flag.PNG (26.58 KiB) Viewed 1584 times
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Re: New Player: Kingdom of Deseret

Postby beadsman » 17 Aug 2019, 02:36

Greetings from the Latin Empire of Ceona! Years ago, we sent an expedition to Utah to investigate the remains of the ancient civilization there, Zion. Now, our nation hosts the largest Latter-Day Saint population outside of Utah in one of our cities, New Zionica.

We are located in roughly the southern half of South America, by the way. I'm sure we will have plenty of opportunities for cooperation in the future!
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Re: New Player: Kingdom of Deseret

Postby Subotai45 » 17 Aug 2019, 06:32

The Universal People's Federation is a socialist federation between the Venusian Soviet Federal Socialist Republic on the planet Venus and the People's Revolutionary Extrasolar Union, made up of twelve other systems. The UPF is a strong supporter of the international revolution, born on Earth in Mattibea and West Africa. The secular state practices a doctrine of equality for all, but the population is overwhelmingly ethnic Venusian, a genetically modified race, with smaller minorities of AI citizens and baseline human.

The Universal People's Federation sees your claim to existence, and as such, begrudgingly extends diplomatic recognition. The current policy of the Federation is to open channels with all regimes, no matter how loathsome, to avoid another situation where the Federation is forced to fight all the undesirables at once. This is not to imply, of course, that the Federation condones the totalitarianism of the Taylor dynasty, or supports the kingdom as a legitimate government. The Federation is simply agreeing that no matter how unfortunate, the kingdom currently exists and it would be of benefit to the international proletariat for a line of communication to be opened.

Similarly, the Federation must inform the government that the UPF is a member of the NAMP. If Deseret wishes to export goods to the Federation, UMC, WSUT, or smaller allied nations, it would need to ensure that companies within its borders have unionized workforces, a living wage, fair pay distribution, and do not have particularly exploitive/dangerous working conditions. However, the people of Desert are welcome to import as much as they wish from the Federation and support worker-owned enterprises. If the kingdom wishes to import modern weaponry, the Federation has historically been the foremost arms dealer and will sell arms to anyone.

Unlike the despicable Empire of Ceona, the Federation finds it doubtful that there will be plenty of opportunities for cooperation. However, the tide of socialism is inevitable, and our ancestors will surely work with yours once the Revolution comes to Deseret as it did to Venus those many years ago.
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Re: New Player: Kingdom of Deseret

Postby jonisilk » 17 Aug 2019, 12:25

Greetings from the Phoenix Corporate Group (PCG). We're the yellow territories on Mars and in South America.

A creative and artistic people, we're a pacifistic Corporate Conglomerate, known for our neutrality in international conflicts and also our humanitarian work, that manufactures everything but military hardware.

The main driver of our economy has always been our mining operations, though in recent years we have shifted this focus out of Sol and now draw most of our raw materials from our extra-solar colonies in other star systems (Trappist-1, Teegarden, etc). Along with Mining, Construction, and Leisure & Tourism are among our largest economic contributors.

While a capitalist entity, execution of our domestic policies are closer to socialism, with our Universal Healthcare system being free to all at point of contact (even to tourists).

As you'll get to know us, you'll notice a few things that differ from other nations, like our family unit (a communal set-up that tops out at around 30 individuals, from infants to elderly - a holdover from our terraforming days, designed to mitigate the loss of any one parental figure by having others to fill their role in the unit).

This also effects our naming conventions (your name at birth probably isn't the one you'll use as an adult, as you'd have the option to take your own name once you reach adulthood, and are free to use your genetic parents surname, or the family units name, or declare yourself as 'ap', meaning 'child of' - eg - Darius ap SaZi, a Grand Master Teller and our current Honoured Council to the governing body - the governing body being our Board of Directors)

Another thing of note is the Craft. We call it a school of philosophical thought, though some might refer to it as a religion without a god. It serves many of the societal functions that religion does in other nations and produces the wise men of our culture, the Tellers (and all practitioners of the Craft are bound by an oath 'to do no harm').

Master Tellers will often be deployed to foreign nations to serve as our Ambassadors there. We'd like to dispatch a Master Teller to you if you'd be willing, and to open embassies for you in Colombia and on Mars. He'll arrive with copies of our notable texts and cultural artwork for your national archives.

Finally, we'd like to draw your attention to the Samaritan Fund, which you are eligible for as a newly emerging nation.

This is a one-off payment from the FUN (Federation of United Nations) of 1 trn cc (that's 1,000,000,000,000cc, with 1cc = roughly $1) which is intended to help your nation and it's people tackle it's most pressing concerns, be they social, economical or otherwise. The only restrictions on the use of this money is that it cannot be used to purchase or develop weaponry of any kind.

Let us know if there's anything we could help you with.

In Peace and Plenty, for All.

Meurig Halloran,

President of the PCG and Member of the governing body

PS - you can consider the Samaritan Fund as already being transferred into your accounts and ready for you to spend.
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Re: New Player: Kingdom of Deseret

Postby Zander » 18 Aug 2019, 04:17

Welcome from the big green giant. I hail from the NVC, the nothernly state in the mighty Mobian Empire.On behalf of Mobius, I would like to extend an offer of an embassy exchange to the Kingdom of Deseret. As a child of Earth, we would also like to invite you to the League of Cairo: an international forum for Earth-based powers.

Do not mind the offworlder's prattlings about a cold war. This is an era of unprecedented peace in the Three Worlds. Good luck to you.
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Re: New Player: Kingdom of Deseret

Postby Subotai45 » 18 Aug 2019, 06:10

Don't mind the prattling about the cold war, because it's about to turn hot, don't worry.
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Re: New Player: Kingdom of Deseret

Postby RedSun » 18 Aug 2019, 10:26

Hello we are the Holy State (or more commonly referred to as Asteria). We’re the large Red blob in Asia.

We notice your entry onto the global stage but unless you forget the false teachings of Mormonism and instead imbrace the true faith of Janisism we honestly don’t care much for you.

That being said OOC welcome to CYOC.

Also Subs wdym it’s about to turn hot?
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Re: New Player: Kingdom of Deseret

Postby Subotai45 » 18 Aug 2019, 15:04

What do I mean it's about to turn hot? I mean last night we were teetering at the edge of war for hours. It's clear that the duplicity of Cyborg knows no bounds, because that war is obviously the reason you were allowed into the alliance.

I announced very clearly that the Federation was intending to subdue the Imperial rebellion on Pallas, and in doing so, reclaim the Venusian stock in the Cooperative on behalf of the Venusian people. If you didn't know, ownership of the Cooperative is split up among different players, with the majority going to Cons so he still has absolute control. Cons did not like the Federation (me) subduing a rebellion on the asteroid or owning stock, so he made that "gears of war" post sending warships to my territory, and Mobius made it clear they would back him and Matt backed me up, so since 2v2 isn't fair they decided to double the size of their alliance.

Long story short, neither of us backed down so I solved the problem by having the Empire (me) sell the shares in the cooperative to the Federation (also me) for 1cc @new guy - a CC is a dollar. The problem is solved now.

However the war is now hot again because the NVC, Pacifica, and I have declared a coalition war against Nejaneb, for entirely unrelated reasons, which is the only reason I haven't been throwing more shade during this entire thing because I can't insult my new allies I guess.
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Re: New Player: Kingdom of Deseret

Postby musashisamurai » 18 Aug 2019, 20:39


Just to be clear, Mobius did not comment on or endorse Domuian warships sent to pallas-2. We did send humanitarian vessels of our own, after consulting with venus and with Venusian observers onboard.

We did however reaffirm that if the Cooperative was invaded and aggressed upon, we would defend them.

In a nutshell, we wouldn't say no to our ally publicly, but neither did we say we would defend him from any attacks resulting from his actions. Nor did we ever suggest we would defend Pallas-2 from Venus reclaiming territory...indeed we recognize Pallas-2 as Venusian soil.

Everything else was a coincidence that only really came together last night because most of us were online all night and could talk.
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Re: New Player: Kingdom of Deseret

Postby Zander » 19 Aug 2019, 01:06

Just to be double clear, Mobius will get involved in defensive action against the Cooperative. Including "backing him up" if Venus attacks him over stock redistribution. I just wish they wouldn't.

World peace is the main goal here. All should work together in harmony.
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