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PostPosted: 31 Jul 2019, 23:10
by Subotai45
Name: League of Orthodox Revolutionaries for the Advocacy of Xeno-flora/fauna
(OOC: if you come up with a better acronym for LORAX, I won't attack you)

Mission: Preservation of the ecosystems of all worlds, free from interference by sentient life.

Independence: Fully independent

Civilian Assets: 100 activists in space. A renegade GreenSpace cell in Russia that flipped over to LORAX and coordinates Earth recruitment and transport of volunteers to the main group. A network of WRT academics. Cash reserves of 1m CC

Military Assets: 5 frigates. A mysterious container (HFPE).

Technological Assets: 20 scientists in the initial group with significant biotech expertise.

Location of Assets: SPACE

Description: The LORAX fragmentary group split off from the much older and more peaceful GreenSpace (based on Venus) due to the increasing meddling of the government in extrasolar ecosystems. Although unable to support human life, these systems are often home to unique if sparse ecosystems that include their own bacteria, plants, and occasionally even animals. While GreenSpace shares this concern, they were unwilling to take violent action. The same cannot be said of LORAX, which blew up a terraforming vessel travelling to the PREU as part of the incremental improvements on the newer colony worlds. As a symbol of their dedication, they generally live in spaceships or orbital habitats, or, reluctantly, on planets that have no native life.

Luckily for LORAX, they managed to attract an AI to their cause, who disconnected the initial group of 100 from the planetary mind-interface system. This locks them out of heaven, but they're pretty sure they weren't making it after killing a dozen Venusian government scientists. Absconding with a handful of frigates, courtesy of their AI friend, and repurposed mining vessels, they've jetted out to the stars to avoid pursuit.

- If anyone wants to contribute in any way, from just letting me say a few of your citizens joined, to your government giving me a battleship, LORAX would be appreciative.


PostPosted: 04 Aug 2019, 00:09
by Constantine072
How public is thisV


PostPosted: 04 Aug 2019, 01:22
by Subotai45

Provisional LORAX (PMO)

PostPosted: 04 Mar 2020, 17:49
by Subotai45
"We speak for the treeeeeeees!"

A voice crackles over the airway as a large rock with a rudimentary propulsion system hurtles in the vague direction of Fedele Station in the Federal system of Procyon. Without any real navigation capacity, it misses wildly and sinks harmlessly into the gas giant below. The residents of this accursed system, briefly alarmed, sigh in relief, before a massive shower of asteroids of varying sizes begins peppering the station like grapeshot. Fedele is hardly more agile than the rocks and far slower, and despite the inaccuracy, it is a virtual surety that at least some rocks will hit.

Fedele begins evasive maneuvers and deploys defensive countermeasures, but on the bleeding edge of the frontier, there isn't anything high-tech enough to prevent them from being knocked out of orbit and sucked into the atmosphere of Antaeus. The SUOR task force dispatched to the scene of the attack finds no survivors of Fedele, and a document announcing the return of LORAX, the xeno-ecologist terror group founded a century before. Federal intelligence believes that the new group, called "Provisional LORAX" to differentiate it from the predecessor, is an entirely different group of copycats, as all LORAX operatives are believed dead or retired.