The Cooperative (Also known as Domuia)

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The Cooperative (Also known as Domuia)

Postby Constantine072 » 06 Jun 2018, 02:23

The Cooperative the nation rebuilt from the faltering ashes of old Sybus, embraces the Competitive Ideal that competition breeds greatness. It is made of four parts, Domuia Company, the Kuiato Group, Syb-México Incorperated and Terrestial Affiliates, including Neo-Vietnam. While each portion is independent and manages itself the whole themselves beholden to the Board of the Cooperative and annual assessment to prove themselves competitive. And within these spheres and territories are focuses and regional rivalries. As each segment is responsible for its own governance and control as well factoring in personal focus.

The only unifying tie between these great companies and organizations beside the belief in competition breeds strength is the Corps. Divided between the Commander Corps, Engineer Division and Ranger Force, all four parts breed their own competition and put forth recruits of which only a few of these become a member of the fabled Corps. However it is the strength of the Corps in upholding the ideal of competition that binds these areas together in one.

Domuia- is the primary power of the company be it one of the lesser in population and raw cash flow, most of the Corps hail from here. And as such being the closest thing the company has to a unified government outside the boardroom often functions as their primary negotiator internationally. It also has fully embraced the path of cyber with the entirely territory being almost covered in factories and metal.
Kuiato- Has the largest population of the company and is only of the big three to embrace Path of Man. It is still has the the taint of Liberation infested the original colonist. Scattered throughout the Kuipler Belt. The Kuiato are hardy and tough folk who mostly call Pluto and it’s Planet-Moon there home.
Mexico- Officially called the Mexico Foundation, it’s often referred to Sybi Mexico due to how rooted traditions are. It’s the economic or banking powerhouse of the Cooperative. Securing loans and insuring the currency of the company. It is also one most focused on making sure the company stays in the green. Being a member of the big three and path of cyber, as well as being the actual legacy and inheritors of Old Sybus, grants it considerable authority.
Terrestrials*- Atlantian Islands, Neo Vietnam, and Manus Iberia (manmade islands off Iberia). Officially various retail stores and Incorperated distribution centers also belong under Terrestial Banner. The Terrestials are a mix of path of man and path of cyber with some fence sitters like Neo Vietnam. While Manus Iberia embraces Path of Man, Atlantian Islands save the smallest one in the South have become cyberized


*Each terrestrials is governed individually and sends their own representatives to the board, but are referred to collectively as the Terrestials due to otherwise small stature
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Re: The Cooperative (Also known as Domuia)

Postby Constantine072 » 06 Jun 2018, 02:27

Military and Population
Cooperative Army Realligment
The Cooperative Gaian Armies
-Foundation & Domuia Legion (6trilish each)
7,840,000 ‘Combat’ Droid (900bil Total)
-Ouroboso-Gaius, 40,000 (25mil)
-Wyvern-Solar, 800,000 (5mil each)
-Draco-Lunas, 7,000,000 (500,000 each)
103,500 Robotech (2.5tril)
-Angelos-Solar Air Surperiority Robotech, 2,500 (500milish each)
-Diablos-Diana Mass Drone Class Robotech 100,000 (10milish each)
-Humananis-Gaia Gunship-Transport Class Robotech, 1000 (300 mil each) (Transport)
5 Commanders (550bil total each)
-1 Annihilation Class Commander (150bil)
-2 Battle Class Commander (75bil)
-2 Karyu-Filia or 2 Gotengo (125bil)
1,250 Engineers (300bil)
-250 Solar Class Engineer (500mil)
-1000 Lunar Class Engineer (175mil)
Dreadnought Class Mecha - 700bil
-Gaia Defense Arachni Class Artillery: 160
•20 Arachnid Defensive Helios Class (10bil each)
•140 Arachnid Defensive Diana Classs (80mil each)
-Gaia Assault Aries Class Artillery: 360
•60 Aries Sol Class Artillery (2 Bil each)
•300 Aries Lunar Class Artillery (75mil each)
Squadron Class Mecha- 550bil
-Squadron Class Gemini Interceptor - 30 Teams (90 Mecha)
•10 Gemini Luminis Interceptor Class (6bil at team, 3bil a Mecha
•20 Gemini Umbra Interceptor Class (3bil as team, 1.5bil a Mecha)
-Squadron Class Pisces Class Siege - 55 Teams (450 Mecha)
•15 Pisces Altair Siege Class (9bil a team, 4.5bill a mecha)
•40 Pisces Vega Siege Class (4bil a team, 1bil a mecha Mecha)

‘Additional’ Commander Units 1.1tril
1 Annihilation Class Commander (150bil)
2 Rodan-Astro Annihilation Class Commander (175bil)
2 Gotengo Class Commander (125bil)
2 Karyu-Goji Commander (125)

Cooperative Dual Fleet
Each fleet worth 3.6tril
1 Sunspot (500bil)
1 Veritas-Dues Dreadnought (250bil)
4 Demi-Dues Battleship (150bil)
6 Yokai-Spiritus Cruiser (50bil)
10 Yokai-Titanicus Destroyers (75bil)
2 Rodan Astro Annihilation Class Commander (175bil)
8 Engineer-Orbital Support Cruiser 25bil
Dreadnought Class Mecha 250bil
-Ouranos Spider Defensive Class Mecha: 45
•5 Spider Apollo Class Mecha (12.5bil)
•40 Spider Diana Class Mecha (1bil)
-Ouranos Mars Assault Class Mecha (120)
•20 Mars Apollo Class Mecha (4bil)
•100 Mars Diana Class Mecha (1.5bil)
Squadron Class Mecha - 400bil
-Ouronos Aquari Squadron Interceptor Class Mecha: 15 (45 Mecha
•5 Aquari Lux Squadron Apollo Class Mecha: 20bil (7bil a Mecha)
•10 Aquari Nox Squadron Diana Class Mecha: 12bil (4bil a Mecha)
-Ouronos Hunter Squadron Siege Class Mecha: 30 (100 Mecha)
•10 Hunter Pax Squadron Class Mecha: 12bil (6bil a Mecha)
•20 Hunter Armis Squadron Class Mecha: 6bil (1.5bil a mecha)
Combat Droid: 65,000 (1.25bil)
-5,000 Wyvern Solar Ouronos Droids (30mil each)(1.25bil)
-60,000 Draco Diana Ouronos Droids (600,000 each) (450bil Total)
Robotech Fighters: 60,500 Units (360bil)
-500 Angelos Apollo’s Ouronos Robotech (600mil each)
-60,000 Diabolos Diana Ouronos Robotech (12.5mil each) (300bil Total)

The Corps
The Corps is a three Faced Organization, the Mind, Eyes, and Feet of the Domuian Military

Mind - the Commander Corps, are the Military Leadership and most prominent of Domuian Military. There are 99 members at any given time, 54 Active Members. However the rest of the leadership while not offacially not active (sense they are not piloting a Commander) help Domuia in other ways. These include being bodygaurds for Domuian Leadership, training and administrating tests for new members. A Corps is always a Corps, few ever truly adjust to Civilian life and become an unnamed soldier among the masses. Others said unwilling to accept the idea of no longer being able pilot Commanders, voluntary become a drone in the armies for Domuia or melted into scraps to be rebuilt as a soldier for there beloved Commanders.

Eye - the Ranger Corps, are the spies and silent defenders of Domuia.
They are unique in that they are 'organic' beings who were selectively chosen from the Corps Facalities based on ability to break the rules without being caught.
They are the smallest of the three Corps at 27 Active Members. A Ranger to appear anywhere is almost always a dire situation has occured. For three failure is not an option for a entire squad nine, Domuia entire fate hangs in the balance. All 27 to show means that the Terrorists of Yore have returned and Domuia will waste no effort destroying them. They are among the most combatants, in the Corps, with advanced hacking and other espionage training.

Feet - Engineer Corps, are the Corps who Pilot Engineers, while not as prestigious as a Commander Pilot or as legendary as a Ranger, they are just as necessary. They are largest Corp Organization, at 50,000 active members, and tend to most commonly found. Commanders often joke that Engineers need to beware their feet, but they know, even the mighty Commander would be nothing without a dozen Engineers to support them. A single mind cannot be everywhere even with something like a Neural Network, it is said even Rangers praise the bravery of an Engineer. They go into battle with a single Nanolathe, a single anti-infantry gun, two rockets compared to the mammoth Commander, or stealth tech of Rangers.

NB when somthing is called Mecha, Droid, or Robotech they refer to latest models. Commanders are likewise there are 10 (official) Generations but older ones as decommissioned newer ones sometimes sharing the same name are remade. There are 32 Commanders, in Active Service, 16 Reserve Commanders, 2 Corps Commanders, and 3 Royal Commanders

The Cooperative Army
There are several types of Cooperative variants and subvariants on a basic type has two broad variations are this, the Helios vs Luna and the Gaia vs Ouronos category.

Helios vs Luna:
Helios: The ‘quality’ unit, rarely made by a commander that is below Annihilation-tier. Helios Category Units come with additional armaments, defense and otherwise not seen on the Luna Class. Some examples of these include, significantly higher quality cloaking and stealth, more robust plasma shielding. The Helio Mecha category have additional missiles and ballistic defenses. Dreadnought class Helios Units also come with their own neural networks and nanolathes.

Dreadnought Class Helios are not automated like Luna class and piloted by Corps members, to serve as additional anchors for the neural network. Squadron Class Mecha Helios are piloted by Rangers and Ranger trainees, whom do their role as scouting and flanking during engagements.

Luna: The mass produced or ‘cheap’ units made in mass by commanders without the fancies equipment for easier construction. And form the bulk of a Cooperative Military. The Cooperative industry entering full tilt production can produced around 50,000 of the Luna Droids and 1,500 Luna Class Robotech a week in there prime territories. They also are the main units produced by commanders. The commander teirs can produce the following of each class a week/6 month period

Production Rates
Core Regions*: 50,000/600,000 Droids and 1,500/10,000 Robotech
Annihilation Class*: 7,500/70,000 Droids and 300/2,500 Robotech
Rodan Class*: 30,000/160,000 Droids and 1,250/5,000 Robotech
Dues Class*: 20,000/100,000 Droid and 900/3,000 Robotech
Sunspots*: 10,000/250,000 Droid and 500/7,500 Robotech
Dreadnought Helios: 1,000/12,500 Droid and 50/150 Robotech
Gotengo Class: 6,000/50,000 Droids and 75/300 Robotech
Karyu Class: 750/6,000 Droids and 200/2,000 Robotech
Battle Class: 3,500/30,000 Droids and 100/1,500 Robotech
Engineer: 100/- Droids and 5/- Robotech

*Helios Variant count as 3 for Production and Humanis Gaia Robotech count as 2. Core Regions are Kuiato (Pluto), Foundation And Domuia (Laos/Vietnam]

-Gaia vs Ouronos:
The Gaia v Ouronos divide, simply notes units designed for Terrestial vs Orbital warfare. Modifying the basic designs or even implicitly changing aspects outright. Engineers were redesigned to be a whole new category of units, called Orbital-Engineering despite several similarities with Gaia, Ouranos category of units are wholly designed for orbital warfare. And even get new unit classifications. That are synonyms to the original (Hunter vs Jeager).

Cooperative units are divided into 9 categories; Droids, Mecha Squadrons, Dreadnought Mecha, Commanders, Engineers, Yokai, Dues, Station Class and Robotech.
-War Droid Class: The Boys on the Ground
War Droids are the basic unit within the Cooperative military representing the ground trooper and more. And often deployed in squads do 7 and units of 35 squads. Armed with miniaturize D-Cannon Tech, lighting shielding, the more expensive variant is notable for having full access to auto rebuild tech but cheaper variant has limited version. Both variants fold up for ease of transport.
•Ouroboros: Special Operation Units, deployed in smaller detail. Represent a unit between line infantry and mecha. Usable as chassis for Ranger and Engineers operatives. Come equipped with nanolathes, also the traditional chassis for Corps members
•Draco: Top of the line Droid, full plasma shielding, one RPG, Cloaking capability, and for the space version jump pack. These units are meant to be able to fight other super powers line infantry and win. Most notably they are made to avoid the struggle of earlier conflicts where the cooperative forces couldn’t make a scorch mark.
•Wyvern: Cheap, meant to rush out only a light plasma shielding and lower powered d-cannon. This unit primary job is attack enemy in drones. Buildable by Commanders in mass. Notably at full tilt they can run as faster as Olympic athlete for days to quick reposition.

-Squadron Class: The Misfit Mecha
Mass produced mecha fill a role between tank and artillery in Cooperative army generally serving as the anvil and hard hitting elements of a cooperative assault force. Notably flexible with speed and long range engagement capabilities and more. Generally more purpose is assault and destroy enemy installation either in advance of main engagement or act as a batterying ram for main engagement.
•Assault Class Gemini and Aquari Units. They were work in combat by synchronized assaults the fastest units in Cooperative. Work as outriders and guerilla (for as guerilla as giant mecha can be). Equipped with a Long Last D-Cannon more akin to a Beam that can swipe across the landscape. Each team has several of these units themselves composed of “Robotech-lite” vehicles which allow them to attack on multiple angles recombine to use their shared reactors for long shot. Traditionally piloted by moments of Ranger Force.
•Siege Class Hunter and Pisces. Often referred to as Jeagers these units take a role as more Cooperative Light Artillery And Force Leadership. Piloted by Engineers they Command subsection of the army. Have lighter weaponry than dedicated artillery units. Their design to more for fast paced barrage. They use a special missile design to carry droids into battle. With point defenses and dedicated anti-air, alongside Dark Missiles (Anti-Missile tech using gravities to cause collision) they represent a defense points in the Cooperative force

-Dreadnought Class: The Big Gun
Are larger mecha more akin to mobile artillery installation or defensive hardpoints. They come equipped with Nueral Network Nodes, Plasma Shielding stretch a couple miles wide. And Carry couple thousand robotech and droid models as well up to one to mecha squadron. These are hardest hitting ground based Cooperative Units.
•Defensive Artillery: Spider and Arachnid All Terrain traverse multiple environments had two layers of shielding. Equipped with two banks of highly destructive missiles, nuclear but can switch to other variations. Piloted by Commander Pilots they represent another back up for network load. Primary Ground to Space, but can replace payload and weaponry for ground to ground. It has limited space for transport because it has deployable point defense banks.
•Assault Class: Spider is Defense, Assault Class Mars and Ares are the offense. Deploy supporting Commanders from afar back with several banks of missile, and troop carrying capacity, small interior factory these units cement Cooperative control of a range. Is designed withstand high for amphibious assaults. At one long range plasma shield, row of point defenses, a network load. Alongside two long D-Cannons this unit is hardest hitting Cooperative unit beside Commanders.

-Commander: The Icon of Cooperative
•The Commander class has several variations and versions, with Battle Class, Auxillary Class, Annihilation And then the Astro class. These are among other things the, symbol of the Cooperative and how the army demonstrates both its controls and more in a region. The most common is the Battle and Support Class Commanders. Commanders beside Annihilation Class are deployed in pods, one handling the construction or ‘economic’ and one handling the actual war half. Additionally providing another set of strategic eyes and more to keep an eye on enemy movements in case their partners get hyper focused or goes down.
1) Annihilation Class: The Annihilation Class includes the Corps and Astro Class Commanders. These are considered the mightiest Mecha in the Cooperative Arsenal. With several long range nuclear warheads equipped (4 on Corps and 12 on Astro), a Nano Fall, and two layers of Plasma Shielding. Additionally they come equipped with standard neural networks, several two shoulder and two knee mounted point defenses, with the Astro Class having 8 scattered throughout its wall. They each have D-Cannon armaments (Astro’s have four while Corps have 2).
•One of the most notable design differences for that Corps vs Battle Class is that Corps Class had 4 arms, instead of two. The two upper arms on Corps class host the D-Cannons and can switch to firing interception missile weaponry with built in nanolathes to build additional counter missiles. The two lower arms host its nanolathe arms, can be combined for an orbital category DCannon. Annihilation Class Corps also can be retrofitted for orbital warfare. Astro Class has 6 Nanolathes arms with similar functionality, and half it’s DCannon also can switch to counter missiles
2) Battle Class: The standard commander, has two long range nuclear weaponry, a nanolathes and DCannon Arm. It’s shoulders have point defenses, and it’s head has a several volleys of counter missiles. It’s back hosts it NanoWall Generator while torso hosts its plasma shield generator. It has standard DCannon Arm and a Nanolathe arm. It is the most common commander and is a favorite of Corps members for its reliably and easily being modified for the user preferences. One of the most common is expanded jump jets for faster movement.
3) Kaiju Support Class: The Kaiju Support Class has two different categories, Gotengo and Karyu. Which unlike the Annihilation Class are very different to each other in function and role. And will be discussed separately for each of them. But in general they provide support to a commander pod or Annihilation class with their more unique method of deployment type. And unlike the Corps and Battle class but like the Astro class these units are not Mecha.
•Gotengo: is a modified terrasub design and is more of a transport than traditional commander unit. It has three layers of plasma shielding, and for the Terrestial base commanders has highest nuclear count at 6 and is larger than even the Annihilation Corps class. With two layers of NanoWall shielding, the unit is designed to take a massive beating. And it can emit pulses and has more dedicated electronic warfare than other commander units. It can store around 10,000 Droid and 1,000 Robotechs. Has two broadside mounted DCannon Batteries, and has neural networks. Finally the most unique feature of the unit is that, all it’s Nanolathes are on the inside
•Karyu: Is one of the basic used commanders variants, has 4 nuclear missiles, a layer of NanoWall defenses, 5,000 Droids, and 1000 Robotech. Has broadside of DCannons, two inner nanolathes and one outer nanolathes.

-Robotech: Cooperative Angels And Demons
One of the most iconic Cooperative Unit with their ability to go bipedal or be fighter aircraft represent an incredible flexibility both in engagement and more. The unit however has been divided between a more traditional tank and Surperiority fighter variation over last few conflicts.
•Angelos: Is a remastered version of prior Robotech designs. A focus on “dogfighting” it has limited mecha and transformation. It’s transformation is primary for storage. Carries up to 24 missiles, one D-Cannon, alongside elaborate stealth and cloaking measures is one of the deadliest planes in the Sky by far. Able to deploy and take down the enemy with contemptuous ease it controls any air confrontation. Defended by a point defenses and a plasma shielding, and connection to nueral network alongside advanced automated ai gives it a flexibility not seen in other Cooperative units.
•Diabolos: Is well cheap, mass producible by Commanders. It uses the flexibility of robotech design to engage at multiple fronts and theater. With a two d-cannons, and only six missiles. It’s lack the firepower and defense of the Angelos. While able to dogfight, mostly lining up missile fire, it’s primary battlefield role is as ground support. Helping mecha teams and droid on the frontlines.

-Dues: God of the Sky
Are the Capitol Ships of the Cooperative, utilizing multiple redundant layers of defenses including extensive shielding and armor. Alongside their usage of nanolathe technology to repair damages part. They have weaker primary armament compared to similar classes but still consisting of long range DCannons and several nuclear payloads. They make up for this extensive point defenses to help Robotech get to battle.
•Dreadnought: The Twin of the fleet Sunspot. Has multiple rows of armament, point defenses and several layers of plasma shielding. It notable of only of the Cooperative Capitol Ships to not have constructive Nanolathe only defensive and offensive ones. It’s also for its size one of the fastest vessels of its class. It has four of the black hole warheads. To deploy against the enemy. Has rotatable thrusters.
•Battleship: A battleship, it’s armaments while weaker than others of its class. Boasts one of the finest defenses of any flagship. As elsewhere multiple redundant layers of armor and plasma shields combined with Nanolathes to rebuild and repair during battle. It can also build a large number of robotechs during a confrontation. Has one black hole warhead.

-Yokai: Spirits of the Night
Smaller classes of ships meant to support the Dues class. Generally a single nanolathe for these vessels mostly for self repair purposes. They run interference and act as launch points for larger mecha squadrons in orbital warfare. The most common usage is they work as police vessels. And carry some number of droids.
•Cruiser - These are the larger of the two support vessels. Primary in orbital fights act as first range scout units carrying the larger mecha and robotech squadrons into battle. With rudundant shield layers, several nuclear payload and among other defenses represent the first into the fray.
•Destroyer - The destroyer slightly smaller than the Cruiser is notably faster with hard hitting battle ship level D-Cannons and twice the nuclear payload. They are the fleets first line of attack blasting with payloads and D-Cannons before they fall back and focus on repairing other Cooperative vessels. Riddle with points defenses they mince enemy fighters. They hit hard.

-Engineer: Soul of Cooperative
If Commanders are the face, Engineers are what the army work. Coming in several variation depending on environment deployed too. They also are are piloted by easily the most numerous branch of the Corps.
•Engineer (Ground): More a traditional tank, with a nanolathe, missile interception system, nueral node, and Gatling gun. Generally with personal plasma shielding this Units represents a squad or unit commander.
•Orbital Engineer: Akin to a Commander or Battleship than ground engineers. These are large with several banks of D-Cannons and layers of plasma shielding, both defensive and constructive nanolathes to use in conflict alongside, several nuclear weapons.

-Station: Pride of Cooperative
•Citadels or Sunspots. The Flagships of the Cooperative, arguebaly the size of a small moon. Both of the Cooperative Sunspots about the Size and Mass of Charon. Each is able to host or carry two or three Commanders. Multiple redundant layers of Plasma Shielding, several nuclear payloads in its arms. Being akin to a space stations (Bespin or PR: Lost Galaxy Ship thing) has four spinning arms each detachable. Each arm has firepower equivalent to a Cruiser. And several times the durability. With multiple banks of point defenses creating 360 coverage. Defensive Nanolathe, and Constructive Nanolathes, the longer a fight goes the more these units will build. The Sea variation works under same principle save it floats but significantly smaller.

Tech List
Continue update on older Mecha

Outdated Tech Projects
Sybian Grand Warmachine Update
30 Years General Tech Update Improvements
———— (All concurrent with extra time being spent refining and some techs further refined)
—8 On Nanolathe. Three components or sections
•••Digilathe improves rotational speed for increased construction and faster deconstruction. Incorporates more Universally Nanolathe D-Cannon Deconstructive Properties.
••••20 Years Post Grand Warmachine Range increased double size and properties
—8 On Stealth/Cloaking
••••During last 10 of full rollout of GrandWarmachine, additions will be added to older infrastructure. Focusing on Darts and Commander General Updates.
—8 On Nueral Network. Three parts of General Update Associated
••••Miniaturization and changing Code Algorithm again. Also increasing the complexity sent and received messages by and within a Nueral Network
••••20 Years Post Update Finish, Research into full Network Awareness
—8 On Plasma Shielding
••••During Stealth updating on Structure, Plasma Shielding will be added with Deconstructive NanoWall properties and thickness increased. Additionally 20 Years will be spent after Grand Update and conclusion of Draco finalization on additonal expansion.
—8 On Supra Armis
••••Improvement focus on further Nanolathe miniaturization and incorporate a Puesdo Network

20 on Reconstructing 6 Chassis of Units
————(Cocurrent with certain noted techs being given additional)
—Neo Draco Chassis - 5 Years for Initial as Part of Grand Update. 15 Years afterwards for focused improvement
••••Neo Draco Chassis will incorporate General Stealth and miniature Nueral in Production Variants (built by Commander). One attached Micro Radiation Depleted Missile. And a Slug/Phaser Rifle Mode. A selected Plasma Shieldin, on key portions of the Chassis. Battle Variants will have full shielding and complete stealth/Cloaking.
••••A True or Complete Steath/Cloaked cannot make use of Rader as it has nothing for Rader to reflect back too. The same issue will apply for LoS and eyesight of these units. Battle Variants will also third alternate mode of D-Cannon and full Plasma Shielding. 700,000,000 will come completed to replace older and outdated Draco. 200,000,000 of these will be Battle Variant. And of these 50,000,000 will begin further updated 10 Years After Rollout
—Seraphim Class Veritech - 2 Year Base Tech Improvement and 3 Year on Blueprint
••••Additional 10 Years Post Grand Update will be done. To further refine and expand ideas. Concurrently 20 Years will be done concurrently on further complete Stealth and Cloaking Updating. An additional hellfire rack of 20 Long Range Missile of Uranium Depleted. And collective megaton is half Hiroshima. These missiles will use further refinement of Nuclear Energy. It will come with a Neural Uplink.
••••Older Gun Weaponry replaced with a D-Cannon Variant of range about about 400 Miles. On Seraphim Class. However Seraphim Class only have Stealth and Plasma Shielding. With Regular Commander Production lacking both. Then it’s intended to be 250,000,000 produce and replacing older Veritech Designs. With 30,000,000 designated for special testing and other capacities.
—Avarice Class Robotech - 2 Years of Base Tech Improvement and 3 Years on new Designs
••••They are replacing Wrath Class Robotech Units and more. The Design is meant to further push the speed and improve the rocketry design to continue match dogfighting. Each one comes with the equivalent one depleted uranium missile and using knowledge from Paction to try and reduce chance of interception. The regular Weaponry replaces with 2 D-Cannon Design.
••••The Design will incorperate Plasma and NanoWall research. And use full Stealth and Cloaking additonal anti-ballistic System Research 10 Years will be done. NanoWalls focus on countering Rakuiri style missiles will be enhanced and further supported. Construction intends to be 10,000,000 with another 2,000,000 designed for other purposes. A Nueral Link will be added
—Nova Diana Class Jeager: 1 Year on Base Design Update. 4 Year on New Blueprint.
••••Jeager Teams reduced to 5 Mecha Drops. Standing 5 Stories. They are equipped with Uplinks and Plasma Shielding. Each equipped with three Nuclear Long Range Warheads. And two D-Cannons. Their chest knees and shoulders have Anti-Infantry Phaser Weaponry meant to avoid Armor by electrocuting the inhabitants inside the defense. Jeager Designs will also look on pioneering new anti-EMP Shielding. To be applied during following 20 year rollout.
••••Stored in hangers on the frontlines and below ocean they will raise up to battle. The development of this will focus on nullification of Strange Earth Tremors. This tech will be later applied to Gotengo ACU Class Units. 4000 Land Based Jeager Teams will be developed. 2000 Orbital and low Space. 600 Speciality Jeagers will go under development

—Evol Helios Class Gemini: 3 Year on Updating Base Tech alongside Robotech and Veritech. 2 Years on new Design
••••Teams increased to 4 and Aquari Unit formation reduced to two. Each part is slightly smaller than a Robotech for increased agility and speed. It will incorporate a whole host of developments listed around. One D-Cannon for each unit and Nuclear Missile for each head unit. Additonal Plasma Shielding and other sensory defenses will be added to the units itself. It has for leg unit on Gattling Cannon. The Head was a full Network Node. Leg just has a reciever Unit.
••••Design will incorporate amphibious ability and full scale NanoWall. These are more battlefield deployments to a Jeager siege or tank role. They are meant to rapidly reinforce losing fronts or take on trenches and such by acting as Bomber style Units. 6000 Gemini-Teams, and 3600 Orbital Gemini. 240 Speciaity Teams will also be produced

—Primordial Titan Class Defensive Artillery. 10 Years complete overhaul of design and technology used for Defensive Class Artillery Units.
••••The All Terrain Arcahnae and Great Krogoth will be the Designs spawned from this tech. They wield 8 and 12 large Nuclear ICBM’s. Meant for defending newly taken territory and wiping out enemy armies in their entirety. They are largest Mecha Units in the Sybian Arsenal at twice size of Jeagers. Each Wielding 8 D-Cannons with Triple Range of Regular D-Cannons. Each Arachnae and Krogoth have 2 and 4 Kronos Class Robotech which carry a single Nuclear Missile and two Long Range D-Cannons
••••These Units are focused on as implied far range bombardment and beside Total Annhihilation or Luna classed Commanders most level defenses of any Sybian Unit. With triple Plasma Shielding and unique among Mecha Designs these will be first large category Mecha that will have Corps Pilot. If has full Nueral and Cloaking passage not complete Stealth however. Their are 450 of each planned for Construction and 75 Orbital Versiond of each. 20 Speciality ones are also being designed

Project ACU-Neo Update. 5 Variants. 20 Years
—Peresphone Class Gotengo-ACU:
••••Gotengo Chassis Increased by Double and additonal of 6 Nuclear Weapons. Storage hull increased 50,000 Draco’s and 10,000 Robotech Tech Chassid
••••Will be brought up to Zeo Nova (Apollo) Levels. 6 D-Cannon Batteries and Plasma Shielding. Incorporation of NanoWall research. And point defenses. Refocus on NanoWall research against shotgun missiles and technology

—Cornelius Class Mecha-ACU:
••••Cornelius will be seperated further into Luna and Apollo in addition. Cornelius is regular or basic class of Commanders. Then Apollo become the new Zeo Nova and Luna replacing the aging Total Annihilation Chassis. Each Class was two, four or eight Nuclear Weapons depending on Variant.
••••And development includes rapid insertion Pod. Using rod of God inspired technology for rapid deployment. Each one acts a locus for a Neural Networks and two, four or six Nanolathe arms depending on the Variant and scale.
••••All come equipped with Jump Jets for faster travel, various defenses like NanoWall and Plasma Shielding. It projects rader and false images using solid vision technology to achieve multiple hits over a radius of 50 miles to confuse enemy sensor. Each come with two, three or four artillery scaled D-Cannons.

—Gojira Class Karyu-ACU:
••••Replacing Karyu Variants. It will become two Chassis, Goji-Filia Class and Gojira Class. Goji-Filia is smaller scale for more Earth or Terrestial Bound Operations. It has one Nuclear Missile and four D-Cannon Batteries alongside various shielding types. The larger Gojira Variant has three nuclear missiles and has six D-Cannon Batteries. Each one has two Nanolathes and store a production worth of Robotechs for rapid deployment.
••••These alongside Helios have the fastest production able to churn up to 200 Veritechs in a couple hours but unlike other variants has issue with resupply. Both variants can activate True Stealth and True Cloaking. In addition to above another 60 years is spent for further refinement. This will be then in the 10 Year follow roll up used on other mecha

—Helios Class Astro-ACU:
••••Replacing various Astrocommanders with newer variants. Coming equipped with 12 Nuclear Silos, 30 D Cannon Batteries, over 45 Nanolathes, including 10 Dedicated for additional Nuclear Missile Production. Over 50,000 Robotechs manned and stored within Helios-Class. It also has room for 200,000 Draco’s with Orbital Drop Capacity. It is the largest and greatest Commander Unit.
••••It can seperate between hanger, silo and platform portion so each section best utilized in the battle. It has the fastest repair modules. Able to repair a normally structural intergrity within moments. It is one of the most durable Orbital Units in the entire Solar System.

—Muse Class Engineer-ACU:
••••Two Variant types, Zephyrs and Oceanus. Nothing more to say, one D-Cannon and 6 Intercepting Missiles. Being installed. Nueral Uplinkd et all. Adding True Stealth and True Cloaking Technology

20 Years for Rollout and complete replacement once each tier is finished
The Corps Neo Years
The Grand restructuring of the Commander Corps to 300,000 Strong then renamed to Corps, that will include Valkayrie and Spartan Derived Research. The Corps will become expanded and offered to any Sybian Automata. Including Aresia and Mexico with certain board members required to receive additional training.
—Commander Corps
••••The Commander Pilots are smallest of the Corps at only 240 members of which only 80 are considered active duty. One per a colony, 25 in Space and Mars, 45 on Earth, split between the three main territories. They act as a sense of regional governship and Command the local force. Of these only 5 are generally considered Active and Deployed at any given time. The Pilot is trained in the use of Chinese Vibro-Longsword alongside a Plasma Shield. They learn this to understand how the mighty Commanders of yore and it learn respect. Each is trained in the use of pistol and rifle weaponry.
••••The process of training a new Corps Member is nearly two sometimes three decades. They spend 6 Years in the General Corps Program and 12 in the Engineer. Also required from their to become a freshmen for two or three years in Ranger Study. The point is weed out the weak, those who cannot withstand the mental strain before coming a pilot. If they the final tests they are sent to become an Engineer Division Head.
••••The remaining candidates proven them capable, and able to empathize with their less prestigious peers begins Corps Training. First they gain a new Chassis fit for Commander Mecha. This new Chassis is several time better than current Draco’s as it is design to stop assassination attempts. A notable future is the personal Nueral Uplink to connect to their personal Commander-ACU. This Uplink is vital for proper coordination of the Pilot to Mecha Interface. The next eight years the pilot learns tactics and strategy. And how to control and utilize the Nueral Network and what it means to be a Commander Pilot. Once deployed you have the final word. The Uplink is similar to a Black Box, and is often called such but but is far greater and more advanced. Able to tap directly into a Nueral Network and assume control unless their is a second one.

—Engineer Corps
••••The largest at 250,000 Strong these men and women word on the squad level. They received similar training to the Commander Pilots until they go off for their specific training. The final test unknown to them are supposed to fail. If they pass they are given option to become actual Commander Pilots. Degree of failure determines their place and position within the organization. They also receive an new Uplink while advanced is less so than the equivalent for Commanders.
••••Engineers are the body and soul of the organization functioning as police and judges. 90,000 live on Earth, 60,000 on the Colonies, 30,000 on Aresia, and 5,000 in Kuiato. Remaining 60,000 are held as reserve and divided in the various Sybian localities. 20,000 Engineers however act as part of the Orbital Fleet. The force is small and tends to be more geared to adaptable thinkers who can see the larger picture.

—Ranger Corps
••••At 50,000 this is smaller than the Engineer Corps but far larger than the Commander. They are unique it in while standard traits are looked for Rangers. Are checked to see how they circumvent or find creative solutions. How they manage to sneak additional rations. They spend 4 Years in training to become Engineer. Before the applicants with proper attitudes are given a series of tests to find a hidden chamber. If they succeed they are inducted to become Rangers and start the Ranger Track.
••••Rangers taught in traditional Corps Fashion also given additional weapon training. With the Double Plasma Pistol being a fairly common. Their Chassis is upgraded and given a Corps Uplink. Each hand holds a miniaturized Nanolathe in it. This is for allowing flexiblity. Rangers are taught and instructed on the process of bio-transference setting their mind into an organic body and learning to blend in. Their actual Chassis is strongest droid chassis produced in Sybus and designed for scouting and support roles
••••15, 000 Rangers are deployed to the colonies, 500 to Kuiato, 10,000 to Aresia. 1000 Rangers are on Orbitals watching for Liberation.There are 7500 Rangers deployed to Domuia and Mexico. 6000 to Atlantian Islands. 1500 Rangers help manage and over see Carthage and 2 per an installation. Remaining 2,000 Float where they are needed.

Ponis De Pax Omnia
The creation of underground canel from Borneo to Malaysia, Phillipines to South Vietnam. And Vietnam to Hong Kong. Each segment will have available Engineers and Commanders constructing it. Using the remaining Gotengos to help. These will create underground tunnels in the Earth Mantle connect all of Domuia-Sybus Territories using Geothermal Heat as Power Source it will have powerful Plasma Shielding Technology for maintaince. Then it will be placed inside a large tunnel for additional security.

The purpose will be demonstration of Commander and Nanolathe usage for peaceful endeavors and more. Inside these tunnels will be constructed small towns and more to mine mineral and ores directly from Mother Earth. On a massive scale never seen before. As well as creation of tourist civilian vehicles for those who wish to explore the mantle. Option is held for any who wish for expansion and more of this soon underground highway systems for themselves

Project SALT Completed
A progression of the Carthage Technology, that deploys the gravity technology already incorporated in various Sybian designs. There will be 210 SALT Nodes Established, utilizing other tech, they form missile-nukes that incorporate true stealth and true cloaking style technology. Each node contains 35 ‘Missiles’ that are 25 missiles within them. Each contain s miniature black hole field, using graviton research. The lasts only a few minutes. Each missile has five dummy missiles with weak nuclear warheads.

Project Robotech
These are new mech units that are to phased in over older Trol Series units. The Trol Series will remain a role as part of the Domuian Sybus Forces, they will be reduced to background roles with Domuian Armored Units and Robotech Units take over the place of Trol Series, the process of replacement will take several years, and lesser Commander units (i.e. Skel and some Protos) will make use of Trol Series do to one factory fits all approach.

Ultradroid. These droids are a the primer droid combat unit. They will be use a phaser weapon on there left arm, as the primary weapon. It has a personel shield generator to use incase of battle, makes of RSA Droid Technology for its AI, and can link to a nueral network. It uses a brass tracks for EMP defenses, is equiped with invisibility. Current design are working on power source, but nuclear seems a favored option. In addition testing is being done if a rocket launhcer could be equipped on its right arm. It will be the strongest droid unit that has ever been produced. They combine research and technology from RSA, DAC, The Republic and Domuia for the strongest unit possible.

Draco Battledroid - designed to replace the aging droid units in the Sybian Forces, and allow for more independent thought. Equipped with a jump jets, a phaser rifle (equivalent to an assault rifle) and an a plasma rocket, a Nueral link device and three versions of sight. Additional mods include cloaking technology, and a plasma 'shield' the unit is far more expensive than the a Ultras it is replacing but makes up for in being far superior soldier save a little less defense. Universal Replacement

HFPE: 'Wrath' Mecha - are a new Mecha unit designed to replace Robotech Fighters, the make use of new development in Mecha development with new ai interface that like the Draco make it superior to straight automated Mecha in addition to making use of several different types of vision for surperior viability and equipped standard with a point defense system, and a Nueral link device standard. One of the most notable capability of the Wrath Mecha is development and creation of true cloaking and stealth Technlogy to render it invisible to most sensor relays.

Navel Forces
-Neptune Assault Carrier
Designed to carry 400 Angel Units as the new modern Domuian Aircraft Carriers, it can also turn into a Giant Mecha, it comes with two mini-Nanolathes to build additional vessel on deck. It comes with two D-Cannon, 7 anti-missle stations, radar, and an Nueral Uplink
-Draco Escort-
Carriers 50 Angel Unit, 9 anti-missile stations, four D-Cannons, and three missile racks. They escort assault carriers into battle
-Gemini Invasion Units
Each carries up to 200,000 units plus one mecha, One D-Cannon, two anti-missile stations, and four missile racks
-Athena Shield Units
amphibious vehicles around the size of a tank, project a 500 meter radius, that disrupts a EMP pulse, but interacting with the frequency

Standard Battle Tech
In the traditional Domuian Sybus Army, there are three divisions, some say four. The Mecha (Armored Units, Gundam, Robotech Fighters etc), The Droids (Battledroids, Wardroids, Heliodroids etc), and The General (Commander Units, and related affilates), some include the Cavalry (Trol Series), but the newest Project is called the Mecha Troopers. This project is combination of numerous research, but is restreamline Domuian-Sybus Armies, from having 20 different variants down to a set 4. The Fighters, The Expendable, The Cavalry, The Angel. Planned production is have all Old Droid Units replaced, and have Blueprints on Commanders replaced with the Mecha Troopers Project. The Project has been met with distate by some members of the Corps as simplification does not neccessary mean improvement. The 4 "New Units"

The Expandable - around the size a modern day human. They are sturdier and stronger than the current Domuian Battledroid Unit, and just as inexpensive (from a relative standpoint). However unlike modern Domuian Battledroid Units, these units are quite capable combatants able to take several bullet or laser hits versus the one Battledroids take before they go down. In addition they have surperior targeting modules and standard AI interface, were it will take on an element of self persevation without requiring of a human command. They have a single Phaser Rifle. Typically squad number 35 men.

The Fighter - is a new mecha unit. Twice the size of a regular human, it has three legs, and can transform into a ball for fast transport. It has four limbs, two on its back and two on its side. Two ones on its back are Phaser Cannons and two ones on its bodies are Phaser Rifles. It is incredibly durable, and able to suffer a medium bombardment before going down. Typically they will formed as spearhead in a battle going forward, using there surperior armor and weaponry to destroy any and all forces they stand opposing them. Typical squad will numbers 7 men

The Cavalry - is a new tank-like unit. In the traditional role, the Fighter-eqsuee units function as tanks, and the Cavalry as transports which is essentially what it is. This new unit uses Domuian Hover Technology, so it can be amfibgious as well as ground based. It will have 8 Phaser Machineguns, and 4 Missiles as its many offensive tools and such things as anti-EMP Bubble, and a very long range rader, and sonar. It is heavily armored, it can 2 full squads of Expandables and a Single Fighter Squad. This makes it far larger than any previous "Cavalry" Unit in the Domuian Arsesonal. Standard 'squad' size is 3

The Angel - is the newest unit in terms of Aircraft Development, and by any standards among the finest to ever be produced. It is a combination of Robotech and Gundam Technology as well Stealth Technology. It has two primary modes, "Air" and "Earth" mode. The "Air" mode is a sterotypical air suppority fighter. It has 6 air to air rockets. It has two Phaser Blaster Cannon. Easily among the fastest vechicles ever produced, powered by a miniture nuclear reactor. In addition it can transform to "Earth" Mode in this form it is a sterotypical mecha about the size of a resdential home. In this form the rockets can be turned onto ground targets as well and the two Phaser Blaster Cannons turn into two one handed rifles. Angel Units use a combination of Brass Tracks and Battle Armor, for incredibly durability. Standard squadron size is 5.

Project Jeager

The newest in large scale Mecha Technlogy. It is designed for mass production and mass combat, coming equipped with 6 anti-missile defenses, two city level missiles, and a twin Nova Cannon attached to the shoulders. The weapons also include a razor sword, and a beam weapon for dealing with mass infantry. Final Plans include holding 3 Squadrons of 7 Robotech Fighter Units to act as air support.

For all this, the Mecha by humogenous Mecha standards is weak plates only able to take four bunker busters vs most newer models requiring 8. In addition the suit itself uses far lower grade tech unit, and lacks the adaptibity of Aquarion or Commander Units. The Mecha does boast enhanced EMP Shielding a more controlled self destruction capacity.

Project Dues Ex Machina
The Project deals with creation of one new units, they take role of VangaurdSoldier, classes for droid and mecha units respectively.

"Vangaurd" is an improvement over current Ultradroid Unit. It stands around 2 meters tall equipped with 2 triple Phaser Arms that come off its back, shielded with Plasma Shields, in addition it is equipped with powerful blade arms, these arms have retractable blade that is electrified, and can absorb/destroy lasers/conventional weaponry. The Vangaurd will be equipped with a Jump Pack, for long range travel. In side the body holds 6 mini missiles for damage against armored vechicles, and 3 more surface to air missiles stored in it Jump Pack. In addition a powerful anti-EMP Array, in addition to a combination of things like Brass Tracks and Battlesteel will make it virtually immune attacks. It will powerful by a mini nuclear reactor, that can be set for self destruction if endanger of being captured. Current plans will dictate this will be deployed in small numbers, but wherever deployed will be enough change any battle. The Head Module is also replaced with anti-air Phaser Weaponry and instead sensors are placed through body itself. In addition some early blueprints placing on the shoulders two mini phasers to deal with missiles.

Gemini - The finest in Mecha Development (to this date) it is the basic fundmental from two pillars of Domuia-Sybian Technology, transformation, mecha and Robotech Units. The Gemini Units will stand as tall as full blown Commander Unit and be made of three sections. (source material) Each section can function as a fighter individually, even transform into a mecha the size of a Robotech Fighter. However when they combine it is truly a mighty battle unit able to withstand heavy bombardment that would blow up even the strongest force. Able to stride through battle with incredible agility, and to put force a incredible amount of firepower. These units are designed to put sent into battle were a traditional Commander Strikeforce would be unable, or simply illogical to send into battle. Currently only 7 Units are designed.

Commander Related Tech (HFPE)

Project Total Annihilation
This project has roots dating back to Project ACU but this Project will put Commanders to shame. These units will be around 50% larger than the standard Commander, but there offensive, defensive, and building abilities are increased 1000 fold. There scale will be large, but each unit will nigh undestructable to all but the heaviest weaponry, and only than only in exetreme amounts. However unlike Commander who are while mobile not too dexterious, these units will be extremely dexterious. More akin to suits from the Anime Gundam than there predecessors. There jump jets can carry them quickly in battle, able to stride across the Miditerrean Sea, the suit itself will be equipped with 6 nuclear armamnets one on each side, and 8 Phasers on its back. It also will come equipped with triple barrelled D-Cannon, and able to hold 100 Robotech or Gundam Fighter Units. In addition this unit will be equipped with Stealth Technology, and improved nueral network. There will be 2 nanolathe arms on the hip array for construction and building purproses. These units will be when deployed, Total Annihilation.

Zeo Nova Commanders

Folks, we all heard of have those mythological magical majestic mysterious magnificent marvelous Domuian-Sybian Commanders, yet who has seen those Magic Commanders? Until today no one, but today we of Domuia-Sybus are unraveling the latest in Commander Technology, the Magical Commander. Faster, leaner, stronger than any seen before, offacially called the Zeo Nova Commanders, but they are the Magic Commanders.

Utilizing tech from Project Aquarion, these faster and more agile can evade attacks with ease, in addition to powerful plasma shielding technology, and magnetic repulsion systems, the unit can defend against a range of assaults. Of course we also installed the latest in anti-missile technology. The being itself is made of three component and in a rare departure will have three pilots. These pilots each will be taught be perfectly mentally in sync allowing the Magic Commander to control three times the army, build it three times as fast and dish out three times the firepower. These units are 3x if not 10x the superior than your grandpa Commander.

Using public schematics release by Mobius, a new generation of Commanders are being made. These Commanders lack some of the fancier tech that the Commander Tech has developed in return for a back to basic approach. These Commamders are outfitted with a basic neural network, tri-Nanolath, and a D-Cannon, rader, EMP Shielding, and anti-missile capabilities. However true purpose of these units are to spread Sybian Dominace to the Stars.

After all when sending a single Mecha is the same as sending a massive battlefleet while waste resources? The Intrepid Schemactics are being redesigned to carry three of these 'Vogayer' Commander and a limited supply of Robotech Units. Itself will come with twin Nanolath to help build up orbital platforms for Conquest, and comes equipped with the equivalent payload of a Battleship. The units AI are also designed and modified to function for long distance from any Sybian Planet. As well the Sybian Tech, to create new personalities.
(Note actually two projects in one. The Voyager Commander, and the 'Enterprise' Cruiser')

As a cover Astrocommander Fleet is being given an update to help mask production

Gotengo, is another advancement in Domuia-Sybus Mecha, Transformation and Commander technology. It uses research notes from the orginal Terrasubs that Domuian scientists have gathered by observation. It can transform placing its drill on the chest and bring up two Phaser Rifles (apporiately size), and can open up cargo bays in the lower legs to release droid units. They stand at around size of a standard Commander Unit, and on the back is a single Nanolath to help build up armies. On the phaser arms can appear four machineguns to deal with infantry. It powered by two nuclear reactors

Commander - one man armies, PM for further explanation
Karyu = Commanders in Air
Aquacommanders = I wonder

Nanolathes - retrieve materials from a source but wastes 15-20% on retrieve, also can build blueprints copied/imprints on it if has enough resources
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Re: The Cooperative (Also known as Domuia)

Postby Constantine072 » 06 Jun 2018, 02:27

The Regions- Vietnam, Philippines, Borneo, Sulawesi, Laos
Parts and portions of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Cambodia
Capitol - Domere
Population 450,000,000 (100cc)

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Re: The Cooperative (Also known as Domuia)

Postby Constantine072 » 06 Jun 2018, 02:27

Kuiato Group
Regions: Pluto and it’s Moons. Additionally has towns and outposts in the Asteriod and Kuipler Belt
Capitol: Hades Grave
Population 650,000,000 (20cc, and 35% Tax)
The Kuiato Groups Organization And History
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Re: The Cooperative (Also known as Domuia)

Postby Constantine072 » 06 Jun 2018, 02:28

The Foundation
Population: 600,000,000 (roughly) (50cc and 50% Tax rate)
Capitol: Foundation Urbis
Regions: Domuia Mexico, Yucatán Peninsula and Taiwan
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Re: The Cooperative (Also known as Domuia)

Postby Constantine072 » 06 Jun 2018, 02:41

Population 50,000,000 (75cc and 66% effective tax rate)
-Path of Cyber: Spratly, Paracel, Atlantian Islands
-Path of Man: Manus Iberia, and smallest Atlantian Islands

History of Terrestials

The Commonwealth States
Population: TBD
Imperial Commonwealth: China March Province and Cooperative Russia
Neo-Vietnam Commonwealth:

History of Commonwealth
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Re: The Cooperative (Also known as Domuia)

Postby narwhalwarlord » 06 Jun 2018, 17:02

if competition breeds strength, why is it the cooperative? checkmate atheists

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Re: The Cooperative (Also known as Domuia)

Postby mat.gopack » 06 Jun 2018, 17:21

narwhalwarlord wrote:if competition breeds strength, why is it the cooperative? checkmate atheists

Because they are trying to co-opt the language used by those among them who are trying to free the people of Domuia from their tyrannical regime.
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Re: The Cooperative (Also known as Domuia)

Postby mat.gopack » 08 Jun 2018, 17:42

I'm just wondering - wasn't most of the industry of Sybus in the Mexican parts you don't control now, in this post? If so, how's Domuia still able to afford the 675 million plus battledroids you have there, when Sybus as a whole had roughly that number?
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Re: The Cooperative (Also known as Domuia)

Postby Constantine072 » 08 Jun 2018, 20:21

Matt the vast majority of the military budget and maintaince was almost solely paid for by Domuia.
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