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Re: General Domestic Issues

PostPosted: 01 Apr 2020, 10:55
by RedSun
The death toll in Asteria mounts with the Janisist community tearing themselves apart while the Communists also begin to splinter. In China a new communist group emerges saying that they don’t like the vision of Gansukh Khulan.

Seeing, the escalation of violence mounting out of control Ichiji Seijin Kurosawa opens dialogue with the Kyōsantō hoping to create a coalition in order to restore order.

Meanwhile, Emperor Saitō has massacre thousands of rebels within his territory and launched devastatingly air raids against the Kyōsantō.

The Kyōsantō however, with new arms manages to take the capital of Mongolia: Kunaan.

Gansukh Khulan has agreed to meet with the Ichiji Seijin Kurosawa to see if there is a deal they can strike. However, he promises his Islamist and Buddhist allies that he will not compromise on their rights.

Re: M O O N P A C T

PostPosted: 01 Apr 2020, 23:12
by Zander
Subotai45 wrote:In the rocky environment of Harmony, the moon of Venus, delegations from Mobius and the Federation have been working for months on a comprehensive agreement. Originally just a refinement of the original long-standing Moon Accords, the Moon Pact is a different beast entirely. When two nations come to one place, riders are attached, the goals are expanded and cut down again, and the resulting document rarely resembles the first draft. Here is the final agreement for your viewing pleasure.

Broadly the Moon Pact has three goals.
    1. Avoid war between the signatories
    2. Make the war, should it come, more humane
    3. Incentivize other powers to follow these rules

"While the Revolution will come to Mobius, and we will continue to be the foremost supporters the Revolution wherever it goes, we shall not forget the dictates of common humanity that bind all peoples of Sol," says Foreign Minister Fred "Federation" Despareax. "Although this agreement does not completely eliminate the possibility of war - in fact, most of its clauses assume that we will come to blows with the Mobian government once again - it is a new framework for relations between our nations. When we come bearing arms to liberate the Mobian people, we shall not forget our pact-bound duty to protect them from harm. Together, we stand against rogue elements who seek to use weapons of mass destruction and ethnic cleansing as a tool of military policy, in the goal of ending the use of these weapons for all time."

We, too, agree that this treaty will ensure that if we do come to blows again it will be in a more humane and equitable conflict.

Seriously, though, this is a landmark agreement between the Venusians and Mobius. We are pleased with the agreement made on our side, and hope it fosters a continuing camaraderie between our two nations.

Let the lunacy continue!

Re: General Domestic Issues

PostPosted: 14 Apr 2020, 13:36
by RedSun
And the communist Kyōsantō has successfully captured the earthen territories of Asteria.

The Ichiji Seijin and the Shingikai along with many supporters fled to Trojkat where they established a new capital at Naitaj. While the all non-Earth territories still fall under the control of the Holy State. The communist Kyōsantō have established the new Democratic People’s Republic of Asteria.

Supreme Leader Gansukh Khulan has declared a new era of progress in the history of Asteria.
Discussions for the new Constitution are underway under the newly liberated lands of Asteria.

Re: General Domestic Issues

PostPosted: 14 Apr 2020, 19:35
by kingpie3
jonisilk wrote:Like the Presidency, the role of Honoured Council was more that of a cultural figurehead. They were a visual representation of the stability the corporation provided, working in unison, one pillar represents the physical and material needs of the people, the other represent the spiritual, or mental well-being of the people.

They are symbols of stability, helping provide the people with all of their needs in both mind and body. The actual stability though, was provided by the Managing Director, arguably the foundation upon which those two pillars stood. His was the practical power.

It had typically been the Managing Director who stepped into the role of Temporary Custodian in the absence of a serving President, but Darius ap SaZi was the first Honoured Council to do so.

It wasn’t his first choice, in fact he’d not been to keen on become Honoured Council in the first place, as he wasn’t a Grand Master at the time and would be the first Teller to hold the position without being so (and also the first half-Baunari to rise to such a prominent position in the PCG).

He’d been up to the task though and continued to study alongside his duties to the Corporations governing body, become a Grand Master of the Craft within the following decade.

Rising tensions with our formerly Asterian allies, the Holy State, had blighted Meurig’s presidency. In his century in office, he never managed to restore the exiled democratic factions, he struggled even to unify them (though they were now a full generation removed from the events and the differences between the two major Asterian groups were still visible, but far less antagonistic toward each other and now more unified instead, in opposition of the Holy State).

Darius didn’t always see eye to eye with his counterpart Meurig (hfpe - especially when he discovered that he’d let Atbash off his leash to cause problems for the Holy State, following the attempt on Meurig’s life, doubled with the fact that Atbash - or at least the body he was using at the time - had also been killed in that attempt and he was out for pure, simple revenge), but more often than not he did and the two had worked well together “holding up the sky”, as his mother ZIZI used to say.

He’d been thrust into a position he didn’t feel ready for once before, he didn’t expect it to happen again, but happen it did.

Darius had been on the shortlist for President, and the public loved it, so much that it seemed a forgone conclusion when the voting started.

He’d grown up in the public eye as the youngest child of Martian Power-Couple, (media mogul) Daniel Sacian and (Baunari cultural leader and recording artist) Zendoline Zwecklin (known as ZiZi, to her fans). He’d lived in the limelight, not always out of choice and yet again, unparalleled attention was being focused on him.

In truth, he didn’t want the position. He was already getting old and even if he remained in peak health he probably only had another 50 years left anyway, years he could otherwise spend completing his final works within the Craft.

As the votes came in it soon became clear that the Managing Director (who was the other main candidate and again, in truth, did not want the job. He felt he was of more value in his current position, but had been Meurig’s “golden boy” and popular with the public that was ready to turn out for him).

It became clear that the two candidates were going to run each other close. The fact that neither one of them really wanted to be President wasn’t lost on either of them.

About halfway through the process the two disappeared from the Chambers and went up onto the garden rooftop of the building. They spent the next few hours talking about friends, family, hopes dreams, memories. Everything but the election going on around them.

Darius could see why Meurig had been such a fan of this young man. He was still a little rough around the edges, but he’d be a good fit with the presidency and a worthy successor to Meurig. It would just be a shame that they’d have to find someone else to take over as Managing Director if he got kicked into the top job.

Behind them someone approached and coughed. It was Cai, the Presidents right hand man (and head of intelligence). The two looked around and waited expectantly for him to say something.

“Grand Master Durius, I’m afraid your services as Honoured Council to the governing body, will no longer be required”

It seemed an odd thing to say and Darius hesitated for a second as he took the words in. The Managing Director though, understood straight away.

“Let me be the first to congratulate you”, he said, turning to Darius and holding his hand out.

“You mean?” Darius started, but trailed off into silence.

Cai smiled and nodded.

“Yes, mister President”

OOC: I know this is ridiculously late but I felt the need to say something :P

IC: The Consortium's Entinates are proud to see a man of Baunairi descent rise to such a prominent position within the Phoenix Corporation. This is a poignant moment of trans-Martian unity that will stand the test of time as he works for the benefit of the Phoenician people and surely the people of Mars. His mother, the impeccable Zuyendine, has already planned festivities among the great merchant clans of Baun, staunchly believing that he is uniquely qualified to lead the planet into a new (and profitable!) era.

Re: General Domestic Issues

PostPosted: 16 May 2020, 19:01
by kingpie3
The Consortium's Adored One has announced that Exeveign Jabin will finally be married in the coming months to his longtime love, Princess Ezi'one. The noblewoman is a talented geneticist from the House of Bulajiere, the royal clan of Orindore. Her father's side of the family came to power roughly a century ago after being named the trustees for the southwestern ultracity by municipal Guildmasters. Her mother is the daughter of a Lestari chieftain from the Tarigan tribe, who entered an alliance with the Bulajieres decades ago. They are also distant relatives to the House of Orinza, the ruling family of the Szalchian diaspora as well as the Luminaire Clan of the Warrior Guild who personally advise the Jan'isi.

Ezi'one herself has been an extremely active figure in the Laborer Guild, where she has overseen Vitae production sites in Neoresia for new fungi and xenowood to use in the housing market. When not beast-riding among her Lestari cousins or attending Orindore's noble court, she carved out a long-lasting romance with the House of Zempra's Exeveign which has ensued for over 20 years. Still young by Baunairi standards, they promise their marriage will be a fruitful and powerful one. They've already confirmed plans to make an extensive tour in Neoresia so they can visit Jabin's cousin King Elde-Asuka of the Kurusu Royal Company. They also plan to visit the Aresian Empire to see Jabin's older sister, Empress Arima-Sa'avi Koharu di Nampor. The goal of these trips is discuss ways to support the growth of Janisism among the good people of western Mars and beyond.

The Adored One also signaled that she will be stepping down in the next few years, leading way for a new spiritual leader in the Cult of Janisis. Jan'isi Haatene is notable for vastly expanding the reach of the Primadic faith owing to her prior missionary work in the western reaches of the Consortium. While one could call her predecessor Kraash Taundra a reformer, she is best understood as a promoter. She financed proselytism efforts throughout Mars and Venus, solidified the post-war Atlantic Imperium, and began the nation's first steps towards a renewed space presence. Under this Adored One, the Consortium's economy boomed while its noble class was brought into harmony with its theocratic and corporate elements. Jan'isi Haatene expanded the military capabilities of the nation with new technologies and overseas bases which now form the backbone of trans-Martian defense.

She leaves behind an outstanding legacy of spiritual and political success felt throughout Sol. The Synod of Monte-shorre will begin preparations for selecting a new Jan'isi in roughly 3 years.

Re: General Domestic Issues

PostPosted: 24 Oct 2020, 18:39
by mat.gopack
Tehran, November 5078

Over the last few months, the city of Tehran has increasingly become the center of Mattibean domestic attention - as its 3 dozen constituent communes have become embroiled in an ever more bitter feud. Tehran is the only major city in the Union to be majority Janisist - but in the last three decades, the areas of the city that are Janisist have become more separate, with sharp delineations between communities.

The incident that has served as the impetus for this feud is that of the Tehran central park - a sprawling, multi-thousand acre preserve at the heart of the city. With the secular society of the Union, the park has always been open to all - but more and more, various Janisist congregations have begun to virtually occupy areas of it for their religious ceremonies, and the worship of one of their life espers. This came to a head in March - when the Janisist domminated communes voted overwhelmingly to allow the construction of multiple new temples, within the park itself. This proved controversial immediately - though it was only a few months later, once it became apparent that one of those new temples would be dedicated to the Circuit of Ruin, that the opposition organized itself.

Now, the once peaceful - and backwater, inasmuch as that is possible for a city of 30 million - Tehran is home to weekly demonstrations and counter-demonstrations, with clashes seeming inevitable...

Re: General Domestic Issues

PostPosted: 27 Oct 2020, 18:47
by Subotai45
The Federation watches the news in Mattibea with great concern. Religious strife has no place in a secular and socialist state. Although Janisism is a proselytizing religion, having spread far beyond its source in Baun, it is also (in that tradition), an inclusive and syncretic faith, as evidenced by Saidiron, who has become affiliated with several native Venusian deities and is a preferred object of worship among the Federal Janisist community. We fear that this encroachment into previously inclusive and secular spaces reflects influence from Asterian Janisism, whose perversion of the Martian-rooted faith has lead to ethnic cleansing domestically and genocidal warfare abroad. We stand in solidarity with our Mattibean brothers and sisters as we call for peace and unity between peoples.

Re: General Domestic Issues

PostPosted: 30 Oct 2020, 04:02
by kingpie3
Baun expresses disappointment that there is such opposition to the very principles upon which Janisism was founded. The Circuit of Ruin represents death, but is inextricably linked with knowledge and power through struggle. It is the pinnacle of humanity's (and indeed all species') understanding of the mortal condition, not something to shamed or frightened by.

Tehran, a longtime focal point for the Janisist community in Mattibea, has through democratic means chosen to give way to the free expression of core Jansisist beliefs and as such the demands of the people should be met accordingly. Like our friends in the Federation, the Consortium calls for unity and peace on the streets of Tehran, but fully expects that the municipal government will accede to common norms of local democracy.

Re: General Domestic Issues

PostPosted: 30 Oct 2020, 04:38
by kingpie3
In other news, it is believed that Exeveign Jabin, the great merchant-lord of the Entinates, will be taking on a second wife with the approval of the Jan'isi, a move that greatly pleases the Consortium's Board of Directors. Jabin is considered an excellent ambassador for the nation's noble class, and the potential for yet another marriage presents an opportunity to further extend the Consortium's cultural and economic influence to the whole of Mars.

OOC: I just realized I'm gonna have to do a post on the new Jan'isi, so I'll post that sometime soon. I planned for him to be a continuation of Haatene, but for the sake of fuckery I think I'll go in a different direction :P

Re: General Domestic Issues

PostPosted: 30 Oct 2020, 14:19
by Subotai45
"The mortal condition is a offworlder falsehood. In the Church of the Great Pantheon, we have shown that mortality is a choice, not an inevitability. In an enlightened society, there is no need to be ashamed or fearful of death, because it does not exist in any real sense. The boundaries between Heaven and the World are not impermeable." - Bishop Eleanorre Dawisha of Viedma.
Federal society is officially secular, but it is impossible to deny the influence of the Church of the Great Pantheon, which predates the Federation by centuries and has been a fixture of Venusian life since the unification of the planet. Although the UPF has its own Janisist minority, along with other minority religions, they form the majority in no significant national subdivision. The historic Janisist population on Venus draws primarily from Baun, and given generally friendly relations with the Entiates, there was historically little religious intolerance. However, in the wake of the Asterian Crusade, anti-Janisist sentiment swept the nation, posing a potential threat to the tolerant and secular identity of the union.

Fortunately, a government education campaign (HFPE: predominantly coordinated by the SSC) helped Venusians draw a line between "Original" Janisism as practiced in its Martian and Venusian varieties, and "Grey Book" Janisism, a more violent version preached by Asteria. This successfully solved the initial problem by deflecting the religious intolerance away from the minority populations of the union, but had the effect of further vilifying the Asterian government and Asterian Janisists in general. This division between the varieties of Janisism, more present on Venus than elsewhere, continues to the present, with Venusians asking baffled offworlders which Janisist denomination the residents of Tehran adhere to.