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Re: General Domestic Issues

PostPosted: 26 Oct 2019, 06:19
by musashisamurai
The North Australian Sector Praetor Temple is a rather imposing building on the outskirts of Darwin. Resembling a squat pyramid at the base, before plateauing and then another sharper structure jutting out, it is the most significant Pacifican military fortress in northern Australia. Over four thousand Praetors and Stormtroopers inside oversee and command the militias, navy, and royal army within this sector. On any given day, there is a bustle of activity surrounding it as ships and aircraft come and go, deploying to missions all over he sector or world. During the night, there is less activity but still activity, for the Praetorian Order works with many who prefer the shadows to light and the secrecy that darkness provides. Much like the bridge of a ship, A pagoda like tower in one of the corners of the top structure housed some the most important command staff, conference rooms, and offices-an area where life-or-death decisions are made, where the officials at the highest levels of discretion or power meet and are briefed amidst a commanding view of Darwin.

Tonight however, these key officials were all located in the secondary Command Information Center, housed deep within the fortress and built to withstand nuclear detonations. The main hall was a large room, with large screens on each wall that functioned as artificial windows; they could show the outside to these poor souls' locked away from the sun, or give the officers views of any locale around the world, from the Arctic tundra to the Amazonian rainforests. Like a bridge of a cruiser, the deck had sublevels of sunken pits where analysts, junior officers, and technical staff operated, walkways across them, and some raised platforms with holotables for briefings. As aides and officers continued contacting and coordinating with officials throughout Mobius, Mentat analysts pored over every piece of information, and Praetor Prefects watched the firefight in Bendigo unfold on a holotable linked to orbital satellites, the Temple's Consul stood in conversation with other senior Praetors, discussing the strategy and long-term ramifications of what was either a resurgence of the terrorist group known as FInal Liberation or a simple assassination, now mirroring the firefight in Bendigo from a high altitude. Some panic unfurled in a pit on the left-the analysts tracking the rest of Australia-and suddenly one of the right windows shifted locales, now depicting the catastrophe in Melbourne, live with the livestreams of major news media superimposed.

The Consul turned, stared at the screen while the rest of the room halted, an abrupt silence in the air. Facing the rest of the room again, Consul Renik ordered "ARE WE BLIND? DEPLOY THE GARRISONS". This command would be a pivotal moment in this a major chapter in Australian history.

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PostPosted: 01 Nov 2019, 18:51
by RedSun
Ichiji Seijin Imai has died after serving his country as Ichiji Seijin for 56 years and before that as Seijin for 9 years.
His life was dedicated in service of this country.

Nagisa Hirano has replaced him as Ichiji Seijin of the Holy State.

Meanwhile elections had Kaoru Karosawa of the Kaiyu win election as President with 50.3% of the vote.

However, once again the Shukotai maintain 31 seats in the Kokkai.

Spectators fear that another partisan gridlock that engulfed the last administration will occur again.

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PostPosted: 02 Nov 2019, 20:14
by jonisilk
The PCG offers it's sympathies to the Holy Nation on the passing of Seijin Imai.

Our hope is that the new Ichiji Seijin will be more open to restoring true democracy to the Asterian people in the coming years, than the previous administration was willing to implement, and we will offer our support to him toward this end.

President Meurig Halloran wishes to invite both the President and the Ichiji Seijin to Mars, to discuss the long-term future of the Phoenician-Asterian relationship.

We hope you will be able to attend*.

In Peace and Plenty, For All

The PCG.

(* - Not actually looking for an RP-thing here, just a PM about a couple of questions I've got, semi OOC)

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PostPosted: 19 Nov 2019, 03:50
by musashisamurai
The Daily Tides - Special Edition wrote:

Today, the Republic of Australia and Pacifica can rest easy as the individual responsible for the brutal assassination of Ian MacArnold, the arson of his property, and a mastermind behind the terror strike at the Homeland HQ, has been apprehended. The individual was captured after the results of a 2 day manhunt across the entirety of Bendigo province, involving thousands of South Australian police, Praetorian troopers, and militias. The swift decision to lock down the region and isolate it seems to have caught the individual by surprise, and his training did not seemingly include long-term covert operations; he was first reported after trying to hitchhike on the highway, by concerned citizens on the lookout for such events.

President Wilson, of the R.S.A, made an address following the capture. "Today, begins the process of delivering justice for all the souls harmed over the last few days. As we said earlier, we will not let terrorists dictate our actions nor will we cower in fear but rather we will unite even stronger with our fellows for the sake of peace and prosperity. I wish to thank all those who aided in the search efforts here or in Melbourne, and to all the EMS workers and citizens who immediately jumped to the rescue"

The Praetorian Order was contacted earlier, and has yet to provide an official statement although sources indicate they will be on the nets later for their own announcements. The North Australia Sector has stated that the perpetrator will face justice in the Republic of South Australia, where the likely punishment will be permanent death.

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PostPosted: 19 Nov 2019, 04:20
by musashisamurai
In the years since the event, the political situation within Pacifica has changed substantially. The failure of the central executive branch-now stronger than almost any time since the Third Kingdom-to respond to the crises has sparked significant criticism. Many now view Arjun's philosophy as nothing more than mere power-grabbing and opportunism at its finest, while even those who believe in the supremacy of a strong executive. In a new chapter of the long fight between those who favor a stronger, decentralized Pacifica led by a national legislature and those who favor a centralized executive has entered a new phase following what some refer to as "the Great Pacifican Compromise."

In a startling move, the royalists (mainly representatives led by or patronized by the old Great Houses), the more radical Rasmians who favored the legislature, and even the New Houses patronized by the old government formed a national unity coalition. It had two actions-the first was removing Arjun, the second was calling for a Consitutional Convention.

To describe them chronologically, Arjun was impeached and removed from his office and a majority of his appointees in the executive branch were removed with him. For a temporary situation, the responsibility of enforcing and executing of Forum laws was given to the Praetorian Order, themselves responsible for protecting the Forum and quelling any chances of an internal civil war.

As Arjun never was a hive mind before taking office and then creating his network of clones to maintain control across Pacifica, it sparked a serious legal debate on what to do. Per the law and the ruling of the Supreme Court, Arjun has no further right nor need for his clones, nor any privilege that grants him the privilege of an artificial hive mind. However, the erasure of the additional bodies or the termination of the hive mind sparks other serious ethical problems and raises the question of which body is the main body? In an agreement with Arjun, the matter has been raised to the Supreme Court of Reykjavik and for the time being, all clones except one chosen by Arjun were placed on ice. Some legal analysts have recommended compiling the memories of the clones and loading them all into the main body while others believe the hive mind should simply be terminated and each clone now granted freedom and autonomy as his own self.

Reflecting the urgency of the matter, the Pacifican representative to the Reykjavik Council has raised the urgency of the situation and expedited the process in the Imperial courts. It is expected that under the new expedited timeline, the Supreme Court will have a decision within the century.

The second and even more impactful event was the calling of a Constitutional Convention, the first in millenia. During the convention, the Coalition immediately fell apart as the various representatives and delegates formed opposing factions based on their ideologies. There were some delegates, mostly from the worker's agro-communes in Mars or India and the asteroid habitats, who called for a full-on communist regime. Other delegates wanted a powerful executive branch, led by an elected president with the roles and privileges with those of the kings and queens of the Third Kingdom, a prosperous time for our nation. The flashbacks of the Third Kingdom led some to state support for bringing back the crown, sparking a bitter debate with those opposing it.

The Compromise, as put forward by a minor delegate from Luna, established several of these points at once, and after some great debate from factions who still believed they could afford a better situation for themselves, agreed and passed the bill unanimously. The new government would be at its heart a constitutional monarchy; the monarchy would have little actual power, and would be more of a figurehead with only minor powers or responsibilities as head of state. The Praetorian Order would form the bulk of the executive branch; they would not only protect the Forum and the Crown, they would enforce its laws and legislation. Although the leaders of the Order would be internally selected, the democratically-elected Forum would confirm Prefect appointments and the selection of Consuls, while the Crown would knight its members.

The Forum would, for its first time, become a bilateral body with two Houses. The Upper House, or the Senate, would be tasked with overseeing the executive branch. Its committees would have veto power on certain types of acts from the Lower House, would oversee and select appointments, and its committees could deliver orders-in-council approved by the Crown and enforced by the Praetorian Order. Members of the Senate would serve decade-long terms, and there would be a select number of lifelong appointments granted as privileges to the Great Houses OR as awards to high-achieving citizens to better advise the government; these citizens could include the most talented of doctors, scientists, military leaders, and peaceful activists, who could serve in limited capacity in the Senate. There will be 256 Senators to start, between elected positions, nobility, and a handful of pre-determined citizens.

The Lower House, or the House of Representatives, would be democratically elected every 4 years. Unlike before, the national elections would be administered the same throughout Pacifica. As the most democratic body, the House would have the ability to confirm appointees to the judicial branch, have the sole power of changing taxation or the budget, have the sole power of changing the roles of the legislature and or change the electoral process. The size of the House has been set quite high, and it seems the first 'class' of representatives will number near about 2 thousand. The House also has the power to remove Senators or members of the Praetorian Order.

Reflecting the changes to the order, the Praetorian Order has introduced a new rank called Praetorian Judge. A Praetorian Judge is an individual who not only has the combat training and enhancements of a regular Praetorian, but additional training and experience deciding disputes and arbitrating conflicts. A formalization of an earlier role, Judges have significant legal authority over matters on which they preside and are either attached to regional police departments or sent to arbitrate major criminal cases or court actions. A Praetorian Judge, once empowered by the Crown, can act as its own judge, jury, and executioner.

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PostPosted: 22 Nov 2019, 08:17
by RedSun
Following two administrations of political deadlock Ichiji Seijin Nagisa Hirano had had enough. Democracy still had failed to work in this country and social reengineering would have to continue another few decades before Asteria was ready. His preceder ex-Ichiji Seijin Satoshi Imai had been too liberal, too willing to allow for democratization when the country still was too divided. Still just below 30% of Asteria was Buddhist and only 45%-50% was Janisist. And all the ethnic and regional divides still held over from the days of the Confederacy remained. Islamic terror allied with the Patriotic Front in Nirvan alongside the occasional mass demonstration proved Asteria was not ready.
So Ichiji Seijin Nagisa Hirano allied himself with Kaicho Hayato Akiyama and used his three and Akiyama’s four members on the SI to change the election rules despite protests from the Seijin on the Shingikai. It was a legal move however, that resulted in the banning of the Kaiyu political party.
In 4910 the election undoubtly resulted in Hayato Akiyama as President and 45 members of the 45 member body Kokkai (legislative body) all Shukotai party members.
Nagisa Hirano proceeded to crown Hayato Akiyama as Emperor and gave him powers to determine the Presidents who served at his discretion and the ability to remove any Daihyo (MPs).
Party members would choose which forty five members of their party would represent them but the Emperor could remove them at will.
In return Ichiji Seijin Nagisa Hirano got the power to remove and appoint Seijin at will resulting in protests from the Seijin on the Shingikai. He also got the ability to appoint Emperor’s for life and remove them if all the Seijin agreed.
Essentially all the power was concentrated in the Emperor who served at the mercy of the Ichiji Seijin.
Ichiji Seijin Hirano using his newfound powers removed four Seijin from service who disobeyed him and the four of them were told to either be quiet or leave the country.
The Emperor and Ichiji Seijin in Hikari gave a proclamation: a new era had begun in Asteria.
They declared the creation of the Holy Asterian Empire.

One by one we rise up in arms to face
Nonbelievers in a far, distant place
By Asteria’s golden teeming shore
We have never needed anything more

Yet it is our duty to face challenge
Leave the safety of our homeland’s talons
To convert barbarians and bring truth
To the evil enemy’s brainwashed youth

Long Live the Emperor Akiyama
Long Live Ichiji Seijin Hirano
Long Live the Glorious Holy Asterian Empire!

By Masaru Sasaki

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PostPosted: 22 Nov 2019, 20:11
by Subotai45
Bad Asteria, bad. Someone get me my spray bottle.

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PostPosted: 22 Nov 2019, 20:43
by MinnesotanKaiser
"How long is this one gonna last?" scoffed the WSUT Secretary General. "You think the constant cycle of crackpot dictators would do something to boil the blood of the Asterians but they still disappoint with their remarkable stoicism in face of inept political crooks." Turning around from the window that overlooked the plaza below, the Secretary General looked into the eyes of the Asterian diplomat in his office. The Asterian clearly seemed puzzled at the unexpected rudeness from the highest diplomatic authority in West Africa. Yet, it was definitely much more direct than the multitude of other insults inflicted upon him in his prior years of service in the West African capital of Conakry. Just the previous week, he had been summoned just to choose between an assortment of outfits, to which the Secretary General simply asked which would look best on him for the coming meeting with an official from the UMC. Now, after the recent Asterian regime change, the diplomat was preparing for a sound debate against his country.

After staring at the Asterian diplomat in his office for a while the Secretary General continued, "The WSUT would like to send a gift to the new shahanshah, the king of kings, lord of lords, the chosen of the gods or god - pick your preference. We hope that this gift, the brightest of bouncy red balls, will entertain your leader for ages to come for a ruler such as himself shall undoubtedly remain for ages." At this the Secretary General procured a rather average ball from a small box to show to the reddening diplomat. Then, looking at the clock as if he was late for something, the Ambassador beckoned the diplomat to the door. "Now please leave my office; I have more important matters to address." Just as the diplomat rose to leave though, the Secretary General asked one more question, "Before you leave. Should I have the Mafé or the Kedjenou for dinner?"

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PostPosted: 23 Nov 2019, 08:22
by RedSun
Akako Watanabe, Dai Yamaguchu, Hikaru Kinoshita and Gorou Hashimoto were four Seijin who protested against the recent reforms in Asteria. As such they were stripped of their title of Seijin by Ichiji Seijin Nagisa Hirano.
The four of them are seeking political asylum from the Holy Asterian Empire and would like to set up an opposition government elsewhere if any country would be willing to accept them and provide them with a government building.
In addition, some political leaders from the Kokkai prior to the banning of the Kaiyu and dismissal of members of the Shukotai who didn’t support Emperor Akiyama are planning to emigrate.

Protests following the announcement of the Empire were quickly suppressed and the National Credit System rewarded those who did not rebel against the regime. Retaliation against family members of rebels also helped do the trick.

Emperor Akiyama and Ichiji Seijin Hirano sat on a balcony of the almighty Temple of Janus. One day Asteria would be a unified nation without petty little Christian or Muslim protesters demanding their “rights” yadda yadda yadda. But that day was not today. There were too many traitors to the nation. Too many nonbelievers in the almighty Janus and his teachings. They undermined the authority of the Holy Asterian Empire, and something had to be done about these pests…

Approval Rating of the Regime: 98%
Disapproval Rating of the Regime: 2%
~Official Statistic by the The Department of Demographics and Trends Research.

For some reason citizens seem reluctant to criticize the Empire...

Meanwhile in West Africa…

“Well, Kednejou never fails to disappoint Mr. Secretary General” the diplomat responded before walking out the door.

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PostPosted: 23 Nov 2019, 19:32
by jonisilk
The Seijin's Watanabe, et all, are welcome to take exile in the PCG, along with other political opponents of the Holy Asterian Empire.

With strong opposition from the highest ranks of the Corporation, toward the present Asterian regime, you will find a sympathetic audience and much support for your cause.

Just make your way to us, or our nearest embassy.



In further news, stocks in Universal Exports have plummeted, following the news that the PCG no longer intends to renew any of it's existing supply contracts within Asteria, while the present regime remains either in power, or fails to make sufficient reforms - the latter of which appears to be further from happening now than seemingly ever before.

The sharp drop in stock price, with the company being registered as Asterian-owned and one of the most well-established and successful brand names in international export services, has had many scrambling to sell their shares, with only the companies own directors appearing to be buying-up shares in an attempt to keep the company afloat.