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Re: General Domestic Issues

PostPosted: 16 Oct 2019, 02:46
by Constantine072
musashisamurai wrote:
Subotai45 wrote:South Australia joins Pacifica.

Turnout: 80%
Votes for union: 57%
Votes against: 40%
Blank or otherwise invalid: 3%

OOC Thanks Subs and Matt!

Pacifica welcomes the Republic of South Australia into Pacifica, and is pleased to see that Australia is once again united for the first time since the Australian Confederation of Exiled States, millenia ago. Currently, officials from both nations are discussing the final parts of the annexation agreement, and establishing the process therein. The basic framework is a transition period, wherein the RSA joins Pacifica as a self-autonomous state. Over the next decade, departments, organizations, and regulations will be aligned between the two territories before the RSA will be turned in the territory of South Australia. Northern Australia is currently a group of territories within Pacifica, and during this unification shall become its own full-fledged nation-member at the level or status of India, Oceania, or Valles Marineris (OOCly AUstralia is currently in a weird spot where its almost this level but not. Consider how we have an Army of Australia but its the Grand Army of India or Mars endOOC).

Pacifica thanks the Phoenix Corporate Group for its message, and hopes that peace and unity and self-determination will remain stable points of the worlds forever.

Forgot to say thanks for judging!

Re: General Domestic Issues

PostPosted: 16 Oct 2019, 17:11
by Subotai45
Subotai45 wrote:South Australia joins Pacifica.

Turnout: 80%
Votes for union: 57%
Votes against: 40%
Blank or otherwise invalid: 3%

Timefreeze in effect for Australia, backdated to Oct 11.

Folks who wish to intervene, if not already affected by the timefreeze, shall be ripped back through time and space to be compliant.

Re: General Domestic Issues

PostPosted: 17 Oct 2019, 18:41
by Vogelhut24
While in a royal tour around the kingdom with the King and his five children, tragedy struct. On route on main street of Grand Junction, a Ceonian android in an attempt to assassinate the crown prince, murdered the princess Mary. It is a day of morning in the Kingdom. A stature of the princess has been erected in the town square. Grand Junction has been placed in permeate lock down, with all of its residents forbidden to leave the city. Princess Amelia Vasquero and her father have been arrested for suspected treason despite Tyler’s plead. The king has had enough of the Ceonian empire, in a famous speech at Mary’s funeral, The kingdom has sided with the Rebels, and declared war on the Ceonian Empire.

Re: General Domestic Issues

PostPosted: 17 Oct 2019, 19:18
by beadsman
In his private quarters, Emperor Astor fumed. Before him stood a strange figure, almost alien in appearance. He was one of the Shadow Council. The Emperor was rarely furious like this, but this time he was angry. Spittle flew from his mouth as he yelled: "What is WRONG with you? Was I not clear enough in my orders? You were supposed to be subtle! SUBTLE!!! You were supposed to quietly remove Jack from the picture so our friend the prince would become king! Instead, you go and publicly and openly murder a little girl!"

The Emperor sat back, breathing heavily. In a calmer, more composed voice he asked his Assassin, "So, why should I spare you after this debacle?"

The agent stared, emotionless, at his ruler. "I am the best you have. You will not find anyone better. I underestimated Deseret, and as I have been preoccupied with the war of late, I only had a few agents to spare. What's more, I had nearly no time to prepare for this operation, and I didn't think I would need it. It was a grave miscalculation on my part, and I will adjust accordingly in the future. My lord, you could kill me, and I would deserve no less. However, if you kill everyone who has erred in your service, who will be left to learn from their mistakes?"

The Emperor slowly smiled. "Good. I am glad you now realize your many mistakes and will learn from them. Make a similar mistake again, and your soul will be forfeit. You are right, you are an excellent servant. Now, go. I must plan how to react to this unfortunate turn of events."

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PostPosted: 17 Oct 2019, 20:01
by Subotai45
Typical Ceona.

One fact that is often overlooked by observers of the Federation is the nation's fierce love of cheese. When a Venusian travels abroad, they're taken aback by how little cheese foreigners eat, because on Venus, cheese is the food of choice, the condiment of choice, a side dish, a main dish, dessert. When a Venusian wakes up, they'll spread a soft cheese across some bread like an off-worlder would butter, and when they're heading off to their shorter-than-average workday, they'll quickly slice off some hard cheese and a chunk of sausage to sustain them for the day.

This is made possible through the truly immense ranchlands of western Venus, where cows and other milk-producing animals vastly outnumber the sentient population of the region. These semi-nomadic pastoralists produce enough cheese to feed the entire galaxy at normal rates of consumption, but barely suffices to take care of the domestic market of cheese-crazed Venus.

They do not, however, have the same knack for wine. While it's not an exceptionally common beverage on Venus, it's highly valued for special occasions, and typically imported from Baun, forming a significant part of the Venusian trade deficit.

Re: General Domestic Issues

PostPosted: 19 Oct 2019, 01:43
by Subotai45
“Damn punk Pacificans,” Ian MacArnold, leader of the pro-independence Homeland Party grumbles. A son of the so-called “original stock,” MacArnold is part of the white population that has seen their demographic dominance eroded by successive waves of Asian and Oceanic immigration.

MacArnold, referendum worries aside, lives a comfortable life in his ancestral home, a good-sized house on a small but lush piece of land. He keeps a few sheep out of historical sentimentality and not through any need for the extra income, and his wine cellar is well-stocked with expensive alcohol.

He is quickly depleting his stock of red wine as he watches the referendum results roll in, district by district going pro-Pacifican blue. Melbourne, of course, is a bastion of pro-independence yellow, including his own district, but it’s not going to be enough, he clearly sees, draining the rest of his glass.

In dramatic renderings of the event made in later historical dramas, the events to come would be foreshadowed by the sound of breaking glass, or perhaps a shadowy figure flitting across the window that MacArnold, focused on the holographic news programme, entirely fails to notice. Unfortunately, this is a historical inaccuracy, as the man involved in this action was far too much of a professional to let such a mistake occur.

No, the first MacArnold knew of the intrusion was the faint smell of smoke. He waits a moment – he paid extravagantly for fire-protection systems as part of the insurance package for his wine cellar – but the smell doesn’t dissipate and is growing stronger (country already going down the drain!). Momentarily alarmed, he goes for the near-obsolete handheld fire-fighting device he keeps as a backup (in the dramas, this will not be a fire-fighting device, but a laser pistol or massive coilgun according to the whims of the director, but this is not historically accurate).

He puts out a small fire in the kitchen (a reasonable place for a fire) but the smell doesn’t end, there appears to be another fire in the laundry room. He knew these Pacifican imports were bad news (should have relied on good Australian craftsmanship!) but he let his wife persuade him that the fancy functionality was worth it. How ‘bout the functionality of not catching on fire, darling! he intends to ask his wife when he sees her next.

In the laundry room, he sees not only a fire, but also a man in a thin, dark armor suit standing over a small device. “TU Kai” the man mutters in Hawaiian as he kicks the radioactive device on the floor with the toe of his boot. “You weren’t supposed to be here.”

As MacArnold stares in shock, a dark radioactive stream pours out of it, a radioactive liquid, or radioactive thousands upon radioactive thousands of tiny insects. Without concern for the laws of gravity, they radioactively stream towards the fire, towards him, and the man in black watches dispassionately as they radioactively devour MacArnold, head to toe.

He makes a swift and silent exit, sliding out the back door, running across the yard under cover of a ditch, until he gets into the idling getaway car. They ride down the highway for a half hour only slightly above the speed limit before faking a car crash and jetting off into the woods, where some all-terrain vehicles were stationed. Dodging and weaving between the trees, the man in black is unable to get out of the way when his comrade in front of him suddenly swerves sideways with a blown tire, and the primary culprit vaults over both vehicles.

These men are of a tougher sort, and immediately ready themselves for combat. After several hours, they knew that the Pacifican surveillance systems were likely to catch them, and their attempt to change vehicles was clearly insufficient to catch them off guard.

The second man has a swarm of his own - redundancy, the key to success in any endeavor as hazardous as theirs - and he sets it free. The swarm swirls throughout the forest, hunting for prey, and it identifies both the Pacifican commandos who were called in by the South Australian government after the attack on Homeland Headquarters and the Special Group of the South Australian National Police, the cream of the crop of the nation’s counterterrorism experts. They are, assuredly, distracted - the unidentified swarm is truly potent - but these men are, after all, professionals and continue to fire upon the arsonists.

The Special Group tries to fight, but they’re simply unprepared. Well-trained, and well-equipped by the standards of their cash-strapped government, they’re used for hostage rescues usually and not for tasks that require CBRN capabilities. They succumb to the swarm, only getting a bare handful of shots off.

The arsonists are astonished that the commandos continue to fight - their testing has indicated that any normal man would succumb nearly immediately - but no matter, they have weapons of their own, and try to fight back despite the suppressive fire. The commandos slowly advance but feel themselves growing weaker all the while as the swarm gnaws through their armor and their genetically modified radiation existence is worn down. The swarm multiplies, feasting off the resources it eats, but The Mission Comes First and they are within grenade range, blasting apart the terrorists with well-thrown explosives.

The swarm does not dissipate, and the Pacifican attempts to flee are unsuccessful, meaning that they don’t notice one of the “dead” slowly rise, look around the scene, and hobble away into the nearby river. Clinging desperately onto a dead log, he floats down the river for miles to relative safety, where he can get out and hitchhike to one of the established safe zones. His journey would make quite a nice story, but not one we aim to tell here.

Eventually, the swarm deteriorates and self-destructions, allowing rad-suited crime scene investigators to comb the scene for clues as to the perpetrators’ identities.

Re: General Domestic Issues

PostPosted: 19 Oct 2019, 02:14
by Subotai45
Simultaneously with the events taking place at Poor Old MacArnold’s house, a man - let’s call him Jeremy, it’s awfully boring when a character has no names and the writer is forced to use the same two or three common nouns and pronouns to refer to their main character - rides the bus into Melbourne.

The reason you ride the bus, Jeremy would tell you, is that bus drivers aren’t paid enough to give two shakes of a lamb’s tail. You can literally take a weapon of mass destruction onto this rusty tin can. Jeremy would know. Jeremy has a device in his backpack that could probably render the city uninhabitable for some time, along with a nice romance novel, which he pretends to read while keeping careful eye on the other passengers. The key is to look sensitive, he’d tell you.

Hopping off the bus, he strolls down the street, walking through some election-night celebrations. A rowdy crowd wearing cricket shirts and holding up gloriously large mugs of beer gives their best attempt at the Pacifican national anthem, and Jeremy tries his very hardest to suppress a sneer of discuss. Throwing away their sovereignty like that, little better than serfs.

Calm, cool, and collected - the three Cs of terrorist work, he says - Jeremy strolls down the block, meandering in the vague direction of the Homeland Party’s HQ, around which the entire pro-independence movement had coalesced. Shame, he thinks, that he’s gonna have to do it to ‘em, but someone’s gotta galvanize the liberatory movement and this sorry excuse for a political party failed to do it.


How hard can it be to convince an entire gosh-darn country to stay independent?

Jeremy is full of sour thoughts but does not allow it to affect his affect. He, after all, is a professional (although this is his first time, of course, terrorism isn’t something you get to do live-fire practice on). His first time though, is damn special, none of that weak “oh I got a gun and a grudge” nonsense. This hard-iron warrior’s got some radiation in his cargo pocket, hey-oh.

He sees some guards at the Homeland HQ. Damn. Wasn’t hoping for this. But maybe if he just acts real confident - that’s what the movies say right? - he can just sorta walk past. Really has to - the other team’s about to set theirs off and after one person drenches a place in lethal radiation he ain’t exactly getting away with it.

The guards seem bored, but competent. The worst sort. Lady policeman on the left is pretty cute though, maybe a little flirtin - oh, nevermind. Ring. Would, for sure, backfire. Maybe the dude. He’s not bad-looking either, but Jeremy’s been told not to try the seduction technique on dudes because sometimes they’ll just start blasting.

While he’s running through this exchange in his mind and puzzling out the best way to while his way through - pizza delivery man? no time to go run and get a pizza - the female police officer notices him getting a little closer than she’d prefer and hails out a greeting in typical Australian fashion.

“Ow ya goin mate, whatcha meanin’ ta do ‘round these parts?” she calls out.

Jeremy stammers out a response - hot damn this was easier in training, keep it together there’s no reason to panic she doesn’t know anything for the love of God stop sweating! - and she grows rapidly suspicious. “I’m going to need you to stop right there,” she says, reaching to her gun.

Jeremy arms the device, still hoping he’ll get through but prepared for the very real possibility he won’t. She draws her gun, Jeremy hits the floor, trips the device, and feels the slug rip through his chest.

He will not see the swarm deploy, but it most assuredly does, flooding out in a caustic dark swarm, spitting vile radiation at all bystanders. But they are not its goal, it flies straight at the headquarters. It eats any living being on its route, multiplying from the food of their flesh, growing in amount and strength.

The people inside the headquarters have no idea what’s happening outside, but the governments of Pacifica and the RSA are tracking the massive levels of radiation pouring out of downtown Melbourne. The Homeland Party and other pro-indie supporters don’t know what’s happening until a black ooze crawls through the doorways and windows, identifying any human warmth and diving at it like an osprey who sees the glimmer of fish scales. Before long, there is nothing left of the pro-independence HQ except dangerously high levels of radiation throughout the downtown quarter of the city.

Re: General Domestic Issues

PostPosted: 19 Oct 2019, 03:52
by Subotai45
The Federal government is continuing to foster close ties with the independent peoples of Venus. Already, these nations have been given access to the Venusian public education and transportation systems -and most importantly, Heaven. They have also long under the protection of the Venusian military, which enabled these states to exist worry-free except in such radical cases as when Mobian fire was splashing off the impenitrable planetary shield. Similarly, Venusian news programs and cultural products like television, books, and movies are commonly sent to these smaller states.

Now, the government is focusing on economic investment into these regions with the intent of further integrating the planetary economy. Believing that green space has a salutary effect on the soul, the Venusian government has been offering economic incentives to create and maintain these green spaces, so that the physical appearance of these southern states would grow closer to that of Venus.

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PostPosted: 19 Oct 2019, 05:11
by musashisamurai
At this point, President Wilson of the Republic of South Australia has addressed his nation. The following is the leader of Pacifica addressing both nations.

Prime Minister Singh wrote:
Good evening, nation. It is with great sadness that I inform you that tonight our fellow brethren and future countrymen in South Australia came under threat in a series of violent and deadly strikes. The victims were in offices and in streets, in apartments and in homes; they were mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, friends and neighbors. Hundreds were killed in evil, despicable attacks using weapons of mass destruction. Still thousands more are in hospitals now, fighting for their lives as Australian and Pacifican medics work around the clock to save lives.

The images we have all seen today, of clouds of nuclear terror and swarms of nanobots have caused disbelief, anger, and sadness. Our enemies believed that these images would weaken us and frighten us into abandoning our way of life, our truths, and our goal of a united world; Our enemies could not be more wrong. They have failed, and our great nations are strong. We were targeted because Pacifica and the Republic of South Australia show the world that there exists a third way, a path to peace and solidarity amongst peoples. We were targeted because evil and terror cannot stand the sight of hope and justice-and Mobius is the biggest bringer of hope on our planet. Today, we all saw evil and I am proud to say that we saw even greater hope as we responded with the best of of Mobius-with the courage of rescue crews and our military, the generosity and compassion of strangers and neighbors who became heroes in their nations' greatest need.

Today, in conjunction with President Wilson of South Australia, I activated our nations' emergency protocols. Squads of soldiers from the Praetorian Order and the South Australia National Police engaged terrorists in Bendigo while rescue workers from Melbourne, the surrounding cities, and Pacifica worked to fight the nuclear fires in Melbourne's downtown district. Our emergency teams are continuing to coordinate with the Republic of South Australia as we help with local rescue efforts, with treating the wounded, and with tracking down those responsible for this heinous crime.

Our first priority is to get aid to those who need it and to protect the citizens of both our nations' at home and all over the systems. Upon speaking with President Wilson, the functions of government will continue as normal, and will be open. Our countries' will continue to support each other, to follow the guidelines of self-determination, and work together for a better future.

The search for those who committed these acts is underway. We have identified possible suspect organizations, including the terrorist group fought in the past that calls themselves "Liberation," rogue Norse-Siberian splinter groups, and the enigmatic Faceless Men. We are continuing all possible avenues of investigation, and I have directed our investigative and intelligence branches to commit themselves fully to this endeavor. There will be no distinction between the terrorists who committed these acts and those who harbor and support them.

I appreciate the leaders in the Forum and the South Australian Congress who have already denounced these attacks and committed their full support to continue along our present path. Together, we will help lead our nations' into the future and we will not be spurned nor frightened by the terrorism. Pacifica and our allies stand together with all those who want peace, security, and prosperity in the worlds, and we will stand united against those who do not.

This is a day when Pacificans and Australians from every walk of life should stand together, united in our resolve. And as Prime Minister and a citizen of Pacifica, I am proud to see that our peoples have done just that. This day will never be forgotten, as we go forward to strive that days like these should never return.

Thank you and good night.

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PostPosted: 19 Oct 2019, 16:33
by Subotai45
The Federation is deeply saddened by the horrors wrought in South Australia. We wish the government of the RSA and Pacifica the best as they seek to bring the perpetrators to justice.