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Re: General Domestic Issues

PostPosted: 25 Sep 2019, 04:12
by beadsman
Arthur Jvstinivs Alba, the rightful heir is the Justinian dynasty and, by extension, the rightful heir if the old Cyon Imperium has been featured on another broadcast from rebel sympathizers. This time, however, he is clearly in a fortified and hidden rebel stronghold.

"Citizens of Ceona. I am Arthur Justinius Alba. I know that this people has long served nobles, Imperators, and tyrants. Many centuries ago, the Imperator grew corrupt, and the senate and people united to stop the tyranny and begin a new era un our history. The war was not easy, and things have only grown harder now. I speak as a descendent of that line of Imperators. My family was once sworn to protect the people of Ceona. We were the guardians of this land, and we helped build this nation into what it is today.

However, times have changed. I am no longer nobility, and I am no longer Imperator. I am a citizen, but I believe that that burden has not left my shoulders. Indeed, the burden to protect the rights and freedoms of this people rests with the all the people, not some privileged few who bully their way into power. Imperator Valois, the second Imperator of the Imperium, instituted changes to his government to protect the rights of the people. If you would be free, I urge you to fight the tyranny that now lords over us.

The Immortal Emperor is no god. He is a man, and he can bleed like the rest of us. He is powerful, yes, but my family was also powerful once. That did not stop the people. He may have armies, Legions, and weapons, yes. My family used to have those things, and it didn't stop the people. It is time we all gave up giving power to a few. Emperor Astor thinks he can rule through fear and the slaughter of innocents. He is wrong. It is time the people rose up on their own and seized the power for themselves. It is time to overthrow the tyrants and rule ourselves for a change. You must all seize the moment. Carpe diem, comrades. I may be Justinian, but my blood is not blue. It is crimson like yours, and I am willing to die for the people who my forebears swore to protect. I am Justinian, but more importantly, I am Ceonian. For the revolution!"

The broadcast was somehow distributed across the whole Empire, and even made it into other nations before it was shut down. The damage was irreparable. The rebellion was beginning to take form.

Re: General Domestic Issues

PostPosted: 27 Sep 2019, 05:01
by RedSun
Elections took place in Asteria for both the President and the Kokkai’s delegation.
All regions voted in the Presidential Race but Sinoria, Korea, Rusha, Mongolia and Trojkat also voted for their delegates.

313 delegates currently are held by the Kaiyu.
168 delegates currently are held by the Shukotai.

236 delegates of the Kaiyu are vulnerable.
5 delegates of the Shukotai are vulnerable.

Shukotai - 9.9 million votes
Kaiyu - 9.5 million votes

Sinoria: +83 delegates, -83 delegates
Shukotai - 6.1 million votes
Kaiyu - 6 million votes

Shukotai - 1.9 million votes
Kaiyu - 1.8 million votes

Shukotai - 1.2 million votes
Kaiyu - 1.1 million votes

Korea: +68 delegates, -68 delegates
Shukotai - 4.6 million votes
Kaiyu - 4.2 million votes

Rusha: 52 delegates
Kaiyu - 3.1 million votes
Shukotai - 2.9 million votes

Kaiyu - 0.9 million votes
Shukotai - 0.8 million votes

Mongolia: 33 delegates
Kaiyu - 1.7 million votes
Shukotai - 1.6 million votes

Kaiyu - 0.8 million votes
Shukotai - 0.7 million votes

Kaiyu - 0.7 million votes
Shukotai - 0.6 million votes

Trojkat: +5 delegates, -5 delegates
Kaiyu - 0.6 million votes
Shukotai - 0.5 million votes

Shukotai - 30.8 million votes
Kaiyu - 30.4 million votes

President Akiko Yamasaki of the Shukotai is elected President.
The Shukotai have 314 delegates.
The Kaiyu have 167 delegates.

The Shukotai have 29 seats. (+13)
The Kaiyu have 16 seats. (-13)

Re: The Fall of Porrima (judging action)

PostPosted: 30 Sep 2019, 04:16
by kingpie3
The Havana Tribune
By: Elian Medero

According to recent reports, the isolated star system Gamma Virginis was attacked by a force of pirates several days ago. Led by self-styled Prinz Albricht von Mattia, the pirates engaged in a high stakes space battle over the capital planet of the system, Porrima, where it is understood an orbital bombardment took place.

Prinz Albricht claims to be a descendant of both the Matts and Drens, two royals lines that have since lost power in Mattibean society. Upon an overwhelming victory over the Porrimian defenders, he declared himself the "True Matt of Mattopia and Emperor of the Caribbean" in exile. It is believed that he currently maintains de facto control over the system. Details are scant for the most part as to the precise timeline of events, but here is what we know:

- A half dozen light cruisers and a heavily armed battlercruiser descended on the industrial world of Porrima.

- Eschewing the hit-and-run tactics pirates are famed for, the small fleet honed in on capturing the 3 orbital defense platforms that form the basis of the planet's planetary defense. These platforms are ancient models going back to the colonial period, but they did manage to do the most damage to the invaders. 2 light cruisers and 1 repurposed merchant ship were also deployed.

- Despite losing 2 cruisers, Albricht's forces used their superior firepower to blast through the defense platforms' shielding and take 2 of them over. Around this time, the rest of the defending fleet dwindled to one ship.

- For several hours, a precise orbital bombardment began using the planet's own orbital defenses in conjunction with the pirate fleet. Multiple strikes occurred in the industrial quarters where laborers work in the labyrinthine factories that fuel the system's economy. The capital city was hit the heaviest. Prinz Albricht has called the few thousand civilian casualties in these areas "limited and accidental".

- The chief executive of the system, Lukas Preis, offers an unconditional surrender to the pirates after the lose of the last orbital defense platform.

Re: General Domestic Issues

PostPosted: 05 Oct 2019, 00:45
by Subotai45
In the Republic of Australia, located on the southern portion of the continent of the same name, a referendum is underway on whether or not they wish to unite with their large northern neighbor. The continent has been a Pacifican focus for some time now, and since the collapse of The Republic, Pacifica has taken on a peaceful leadership role in the region, deepening ties between the two states.

However, nativist sentiment remains strong, and pickets against Pacifican domination are commonplace in the small republic. In only a few short months, history may be made.

Re: General Domestic Issues

PostPosted: 08 Oct 2019, 14:10
by Subotai45
Preliminary polling indicates that South Australia will join Pacifica in the upcoming referendum.

Re: General Domestic Issues

PostPosted: 11 Oct 2019, 19:05
by Subotai45
South Australia joins Pacifica.

Turnout: 80%
Votes for union: 57%
Votes against: 40%
Blank or otherwise invalid: 3%

Re: General Domestic Issues

PostPosted: 12 Oct 2019, 20:46
by jonisilk
The Corporation sends it's heartiest congratulations to Pacifica on this historic reunification of the Australian continent.

We look forward to many more years of continued peace and prosperity in the region, under Pacifica's care.

In peace and plenty, for all.

The PCG.

Re: General Domestic Issues

PostPosted: 13 Oct 2019, 11:03
by RedSun
Asterian Elections:
The Shukotai implemented a ban on the consumption of meat and fish resulting in public anger from the population. However, the devolution of powers in Korea and new economic growth in Nirvan and increased voter registration (100.8 million registered voters) lead to some more support for the Shukotai.
73.6 million people turned out to vote.

50.3% Kaiyu
49.7% Shukotai

Otgonbayer Gaanbatar of the Kaiyu is elected President. (Former Kaicho 4875-4880 and Minority Leader of the Kokkai 4881-4890)

332 delegates go for the Shukotai (Shanghai flipped)
147 delegates go for the Kaiyu.

31 seats go to the Shukotai and 14 seats go to the Kaiyu.
The Shukotai have a super majority in the Kokkai despite the Kaiyu controlling the Presidential Office.

Re: General Domestic Issues

PostPosted: 14 Oct 2019, 00:35
by musashisamurai
Subotai45 wrote:South Australia joins Pacifica.

Turnout: 80%
Votes for union: 57%
Votes against: 40%
Blank or otherwise invalid: 3%

OOC Thanks Subs and Matt!

Pacifica welcomes the Republic of South Australia into Pacifica, and is pleased to see that Australia is once again united for the first time since the Australian Confederation of Exiled States, millenia ago. Currently, officials from both nations are discussing the final parts of the annexation agreement, and establishing the process therein. The basic framework is a transition period, wherein the RSA joins Pacifica as a self-autonomous state. Over the next decade, departments, organizations, and regulations will be aligned between the two territories before the RSA will be turned in the territory of South Australia. Northern Australia is currently a group of territories within Pacifica, and during this unification shall become its own full-fledged nation-member at the level or status of India, Oceania, or Valles Marineris (OOCly AUstralia is currently in a weird spot where its almost this level but not. Consider how we have an Army of Australia but its the Grand Army of India or Mars endOOC).

Pacifica thanks the Phoenix Corporate Group for its message, and hopes that peace and unity and self-determination will remain stable points of the worlds forever.

Re: General Domestic Issues

PostPosted: 14 Oct 2019, 01:20
by beadsman
The Emperor came out of his recent relative reclusion to state the following:

"While Ceona is largely ambivalent to events so far from our direct interests, it is good to see a greater centralized authority and increased order in the world, whether it be at the hands of the Latin Empire or another state. I send the people of Australia my congratulations for such a wide decision."