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Re: General Domestic Issues

PostPosted: 05 Sep 2018, 13:51
by kingpie3
OOC: Limited war huh :P

The Consortium’s Entinates would first like to express its displeasure with the international community over yet another war on Earth affecting the lives of millions. Bloodshed should be a last and solemn option in the course of world affairs and it’s disheartening to see not all nations have come to fully understand this. Unfortunately, in Sol’s polarized political landscape, we fear this will increasingly become the case until we reach such a point where all sentients will suffer in these massive conflicts. Cooler heads must prevail and nations should be more proactive in the way they approach others who don’t share their political, economic, and social values. We are all citizens of Sol and must conduct ourselves accordingly.

In light of the recent nuclear attacks, The Adored One has called for a small uptick in crop production to alleviate whatever hunger issues arise in the French Entinate. Recent agricultural projects on Mars have solidified domestic production of tropical crop packages in the northern regions, and grains in the southern Free Cities of the south. The French Entinate is the most bountiful region of the corporation not to mention a hub of biotech knowledge so the effects of radiation may not be felt too deeply on land. Customary procedures are being conducted to check food coming in from Asia and Latin America, while we open our doors to all those wishing to feel their wartorn nations.

Current debate in the Synod is occurring as to whether or not new refugees should be made to convert, with the Jan’isi making clear in recent statements indicating he prefers people maintain whatever faith they desire. The Board of Directors is having a simultaneous discussion about how these refugees will be sorted into the 6 Guilds outlined in the Consortium’s Divine Charter.

The ultracity of Mari-Morgannes, centered around the old capital Marseille, is in slightly more dire straits given its millions of people living underwater near zones that have been poisoned by radiation. Filtration apparatuses and shields of various compositions are being raised to remove harmful agents from surrounding water while certain upper levels of the city are being cleared of people and brought up to land. Sections of the undersea paradise, normally inundated with water and as free flowing as its coral arches, are being drained and such to make sure contaminated water doesn’t infuse itself into certain systems. Citizens throughout this area will receive gene mods free of charge by the government to be slightly more resistant to radiation levels. Unlike their Martian counterparts, who are bombarded with several times more radiation on a day to day basis, the French Entinate is not best suited for bouts with harmful rays.

Meanwhile, efforts are being made by the Adored One and his Luminaires to decrease Baujantecois reliance on foreign sources of meat. With recent political flares up with Venus and the decreasing reliability of Asteria (both of which have elevated meat prices as of late), this latest event further reveals continued food insecurities that can’t be overcome by localized terraforming or imported Aresian technologies. They’re latest solution, with the backing and technical support of the Board, is the earlier than planned rollout of new agricultural reforms that shift current dietary patterns among citizens.
It also happens to be a powerful show of theo-corporate collaboration given it’s fiscal utility and spiritual worth.

Insects were a common food back in the days after the fall of the Old Order. Food was scarce and bugs like ants and spiders were perfectly acceptable forms of protein among other important nutrients. As new nations were born and societies became large enough to support industrial agriculture, the practice of consuming bugs fell out of favor as it was replaced with more traditional alternatives. The early iterations of the Janisist faith attached special meaning to the consumption of bugs, viewing it as a form of fealty to the Life-Death Entity. One did not want to “consume more souls” than had been provided when Janisis gave all things life. Likewise, eating bugs was seen as an act of love, bringing lesser life forms into a more holy union with the universe.

So several distinct culinary styles developed in Technische back when the Cult first rose in southern France. These styles were expanded upon after the move to Mars, where due to reduced gravity, bugs grew much larger. Preparation techniques became more experimental and elaborate, shifting from “poor people food” to “high class” (especially as gene mods entered society). New sauces and breeds were developed as an insect diet proved both healthy and delicious. Eating insects became less a show of fealty, and more a matter of pride. It was not only humble to eat the lowest, least spiritually endowed animals, but an assertion of one’s own divinity to make something worthwhile out of it. To eat well prepared insects meant one was holy and could “form beauty from the void”. As the Martian theocracy grew decadent these styles were lost and could only be found in traditional sections of old towns among the new warring city states.

Lucky enough for the Consortium, the Adored One comes from one of those towns. He’s instructed the Science Guild to sift through the archives of old Martisian societies to discover more recipes and breeds that have been forgotten. The Administrative Guild is commissioning that schools and post-secondary institutions start integrating smaller insects such as spiders, ants, and caterpillars into menus. Efforts are being made to increase domestic production through a mixture of industrial-scale investments, small farms, and urban development. Most Baujantecois cities are brimming with bioengineered forests and gardens to begin with, so given the smaller scale nature of raising insects, efforts will be made by leaders in the 6 Seraphic Domains and the Luminescent to make it so families can produce their own insects.

Over the next 15-25 years, the hope is that The Baujantec Consortium’s citizens will have at least half their protein come from insects. This will have effects throughout the rest of the agricultural industry, of course. The Entinates will be less reliant on foreign food, and agricultural land usage will decrease.

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PostPosted: 05 Sep 2018, 14:03
by narwhalwarlord
The Provisional Extrasolar Revolutionary Union officially deplores the mass slaughter and wanton ecological destruction caused by the so-called Collective. This brutality and genocidal slaughter is unforgivable, and a clear sign of the decadence of the old world. Even though the IWA powers represent a deviation from the strict revolutionary line upheld by the PREU, many elements - specifically the Communist Party - are still friendly to Mattibea and society as a whole recognizes that Mattibea is clearly the righteous party. As such, a Solidarity Fund has been established to collect donations for the Mattibean war effort. Collective assets within the PREU's boundaries will be seized without compensation, and although capital will be handed over to the workers spare financial assets will be added to the Fund as well. Mass emergency food aid has also been offered to the Mattibeans. This serves two purposes - firstly, it will clearly relieve hunger and prevent a famine, and secondly, it will temporarily resolve the economic problems of Santa Rosa and the Sirius Republic and begin reorienting their economies away from the former homeworld. There have been mutterings about forming a volunteer division of Communists to bolster the Mattibean forces, but so far this has not been endorsed as a path of action. Still, many hope that these first steps will strengthen the worker's movement and convince the Mattibean people of the need for a permanent and multi-tendency revolution.

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PostPosted: 05 Sep 2018, 14:22
by mat.gopack
(The issue being revised is that I was told OOCly, and cons believed that, his nukes were pure fusion, which have (to the best of my understanding) basically no long-term radiation/fallout. That's why I ok'ed the use of the nukes on his side, because they'd basically just be big explosives.

Because I'd been told OOCly that they were clean, I didn't double check with the judges about it. And apparently cons was mistaken in considering his nukes to be clean - but ICly, it wouldn't have been something I'd allow. Even in the post detailing the conditions, I specified *fusion* nukes, not just all low-yield nukes - because those should be clean, long term)

Re: General Domestic Issues

PostPosted: 06 Sep 2018, 01:26
by jonisilk
mat.gopack wrote:What does it mean to be alive?

That is the question that a Mattibean philosopher, Georg Chua, has recently explored in an influential new text. He starts with the simple question, of what does it mean to be human, and answers it with being alive, as one half the answer.

So then, what does it mean to be alive? Georg argues that to be alive requires death, requires change. And, in the most controversial section of his book, looks at the known galaxy to detail some civilizations he sees as possibly on the road to no longer, truly, being alive.

The two he talks about are the Cooperative, and Mobius. Two extremes, in their focus on mechanical bodies and biological control and design. But the paths will lead to the same end, he argues - a lack of life.

The Cooperative, in its AI, cybernetic bodies, creates 'new' life by smashing together fragments of previous ones. Yet this is not the evolution, the change, the true death and birth that Georg sees as an essential component of life. Over the decades, the centuries, the Cooperative will begin to recycle previous personalities, previous lives - even if just by luck. This will lead to a stalling of progress, and death.

The same is true with Mobius, and its cycle of reincarnation. The memories burried under multiple lifetimes cannot help but surface, time after time. People who've never met in this life, suddenly getting flashes of their previous interactions - love, hate, indifference. It is a dance, with the steps explored, performed, over and over again. As long as the cycle sets in, it will eventually drown the life of the Mobians.

So, then, Georg argues against seeking immortality, in whatever form. Though being able to call upon the greatest minds of the past (how many would wish to hear what Marx would have to say in this day and age?) is tempting, it is illusory, stagnant. For to be human is to be alive, and to be alive requires death and change.

Not all in the Union agree with this new idea, but the debate is becoming important in not just academia, but everyday discussion.

(This is years after the war/timefreeze, btw)

The work of the Mattibean philospher, Georg Chua, has gone over well in the PCG, cited by many academics and compared to some of the higher-texts of the Craft, with many philisophical similarities on the nature of the human condition/experience.

Becoming something of a cult-celebrity here, the Corporation would like to blow some smoke up-his-ass, because he's telling us what we want to hear invite him to speak publicly at institutes of higher learning, along with a spot as a (semi-regular) guest panelist on a political talk-show.

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PostPosted: 06 Sep 2018, 17:49
by Subotai45
Self-appointed Ambassador Wilkins of the Radical-Egalitarian Great Western Horde, Venusian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, Universal People's Federation, is wearing what you're sure is his best attempt at a solar-system typical business suit. The pants are relatively conventional slacks, of a blue-grey color, and he has a bright red shirt and a blue tie with the Red Stars of Union. His leather jacket, which he did make himself out of an animal he bred, raised, and killed, is quite nice, if rather unconventional. He has a sword that looks a little too rough and scary to be entirely ceremonial, along with nice laser pistol with his initials.

"You're damn right," the newly minted ambassador shouts, waving his sword above his head in the middle of the Macachin television studio. "The Mobian way is wrong - how you gonna teach your kid how to shoot if you can't have kids when these reincarnated geezers are floatin' about. Where's the next new visionary if you've already had them all and just keep bringing the old, stale ones back? An old visionary isn't a visionary no more. He's a relic. Mobius has broken the circle of life, and the Gods will reap their due."

Putting the sword away, reluctantly, as a tech for the news service warns him that he's close to cutting some of the equipment, Wilkins continues his speech.

"And yeah, the Cooperative is an oppressive capitalist hellscape, but also, by artificially creating people, they remove the work of the Gods. You think you're a god, punk?" he asks the Cooperative, gesturing vaguely at the area he guesses Mars might be (he's a little off but does alright for a guess). "You're not gods, but at least you smell better than the Mattibeans and guarantee some sort of (admittedly fragmented, perverse, and flawed) afterlife."

"The Mattibeans - and you too Phoenixians, just being nice won't stop the Horde from calling you out - are grossly negligent at your duty of protecting souls. Relying on false gods, false doctrines, false philosophies to guarantee eternal life for your citizens is failure of the state. We of the Federation have determined how to create a just and free society not just on the mortal plane, but in the celestial one as well. Inspired by divinity, we have created a house for the dead as we make houses for the living, according to the Gods' will."

"The Baunairi are degenerates but at least they're trying to discover the path of faith. Now, they're going down a long path, but all paths lead to the Great Pantheon. However, their oppression of the workers..."

The television tech cuts of the remainder of the rant but agrees to put it on the virtual service, in which goes into a denunciation of the undemocratic and hierarchical Baunairi system, before going back to separately insult all the Terran and Martian nations for whatever Wilkins thinks is wrong with them, from the bad food of European Mattibea to Bolivia being "too pointy" and the Cooperative "having too few horses for a balanced and happy society." He also accuses the Cyonic Imperator of sleeping with his relatives, at which point his wife comes to find out where he's been, having gone overtime by about an hour. Wilkins is dragged away to dinner - even in an anti-hierarchical, anti-rule society, dinnertime must be obeyed.

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PostPosted: 06 Sep 2018, 18:34
by beadsman
Breaking news!

The Imperator announced today that over the next month, the Royal family will host a beauty pageant. Only those women of royal blood (cousins, nieces, etc.) are eligible to join. The 5 finalists will all receive the prize: the privilege of joining the harem of Venusian Emperor Dmitri of 2 Pallas. Participation is not mandatory.

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PostPosted: 06 Sep 2018, 18:42
by narwhalwarlord
The Republic of Arcadia has published documents sent by the Cyonian government requesting a specific trade deal on the basis of "shared ideals". Arcadia's Prime Minister, Lord Estren Adwhan of the Union for Democracy, issued a scathing response. "Our ideals are those of the revolution", he stated, "and our hopes are bound up with the success of our great project. I am a conservative because I believe people have responsibilities to society, and a socialist because society has obligations to them. I stand on the side of the people's culture against both the state and the market. And my party knows that the fate of its great project is entirely bound up with the fate of the PREU. I will make no deals with the bourgeois nations separately from my comrades, who I fought against the ORA and capitalism with. Take your requests up with those inbreds on Pallas, because between decadent free-market swine who pretend to culture and the people of Arcadia there is nothing at all in common."

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PostPosted: 06 Sep 2018, 18:52
by beadsman
In response to the hostile actions of Arcadia, the Cyonian Senate has voted to moderately raise tariffs on goods being shipped to or from the planet and its system.

In the interests of diplomacy, future relations, and goodwill, no further action will be taken at this time.

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PostPosted: 06 Sep 2018, 19:00
by Subotai45
The Federal Soviet of the Venusian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic declares itself in solidarity of the people of Arcadia and the PREU as a whole, and is imposing its own tariffs on any Cyonic goods made by a company that does not have a unionized labor force. Declaring mere words to be hostile actions is truly laughable, and shows the depths of fear that even the most moderate members of the universal popular front against fascism and capitalism inspire in the adherents of those two philosophies. The VSFSR, however, shows yet more restraint than the capitalist-fascists of Cyon by targeting its sanctions in such a way that they hurt the capitalists and not the workers.

Re: General Domestic Issues

PostPosted: 06 Sep 2018, 19:13
by beadsman
(Just for the record, Unions are extremely widespread in Cyon, as they are protected by law as one of the checks against the abuse of a capitalist system. Your tariffs went actually have much of an effect. Also, the tariffs we imposed are really very moderate, and shouldn't hurt the economy of Arcadia much. It's more of just making clear that there is no free trade between us and Arcadia, and an expression of displeasure at their response. If they had simply and politely refused my offer, there would have been no raised tariffs.)

The 1st Consul has no comment at this time other than that Arcadia will be held in contempt for their hostility, verbal or otherwise.