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Re: General Domestic Issues

PostPosted: 29 Aug 2018, 06:25
by narwhalwarlord
The New World Brigades, in an official press release, denounced the movement of Pacifican space units to a neutral system. While the Brigades deplore the feudal-aristocratic governance of Athmosos and its status as a third-rate feudal protectorate, they also state that true freedom from oppression cannot be found through colonialism, whether it is Venusian or Pacifican. "We deplore the so-called neutrality of this system", stated an unnamed spokesperson through several layers of encryption, "because it is the neutrality of two wolves eating the same sheep. To that end, we call for the full withdrawal of all foreign military units, the expulsion of the feudal-aristocratic clique which dominates planetary politics, and free elections followed by the liquidation of the Sol-based parasite bourgeoisie. Failure to meet these demands will be met with blood." The Brigades have, up until this point, concerned themselves solely with assassinations and street violence in the Venusian colonies. However, files suggest that they have recently acquired significant amounts of cash and have sympathizers in the dissolving security establishment willing to help them expand their reach. This small revolutionary group may seem harmless now, but with the right leadership it could truly make its mark upon the world.

Re: General Domestic Issues

PostPosted: 29 Aug 2018, 06:28
by musashisamurai
(Athmosos is not a colony but a fully independent nation btw, with its main restrictions all not targeted at oppressing it but agreements between Venus and Pacifica that prevents one ornthe other dominating it's politics. We want to keep that same neutrality, with a Pacifican protectorate rather than a protectorate of House Shah). Technically I could argue that as it's a protectorate of House Shah, nd the agreement was with your dynasty, your nation no longer has any influence there.

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PostPosted: 29 Aug 2018, 12:15
by mat.gopack
musashisamurai wrote:(Athmosos is not a colony but a fully independent nation btw, with its main restrictions all not targeted at oppressing it but agreements between Venus and Pacifica that prevents one ornthe other dominating it's politics. We want to keep that same neutrality, with a Pacifican protectorate rather than a protectorate of House Shah). Technically I could argue that as it's a protectorate of House Shah, nd the agreement was with your dynasty, your nation no longer has any influence there.

If it's a protectorate like that, it's not really an independent nation

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PostPosted: 30 Aug 2018, 15:01
by Subotai45
musashisamurai wrote:In breaking news, the Imperial Armada has indicated it plans to send a fully operation battle fleet to Athmosos later this month. There are fears that Communist Venus might try to seize control over the neutral star system, and the fleet is a sign to King Dmitri Shah that Mobius will continue its support of him and the Order of St Alsharp. Diplomats are also en route with the fleet, (HFPE so far) authorized to negotiate with Venus and Athmosos to come to an agreement respecting its neutrality between the nations. Our diplomats have been told to consider leveraging democratic reforms on Athmosos or changes to the current Neutrality Accords to ensure this. They've also been authorized that if the offer comes up, to "buy out" the rest of Athmosos and add it to Pacifica as a protectorate like Burma or Cambodia. Other diplomats have been sent to the other Dmitri Shah, as a representative of the true Venus)

The Universal People's Federation will, of course, in time include not only Athmosos, but also Pacifica as well, in a truly all-encompassing union of independent peoples. However, we are patient and intended to wait for the proletariat of both Athmosos and Pacifica to overthrow their corrupt feudal masters and join the Federation of their own free will as equal partners in the post-national state that is the UPF.

It is truly a shame that Pacifica, in these most recent actions, has shown the foolishness of its monarch (an inevitable consequence of concentration of power among an inbred lineage, genetic deformities piled on the complacency of assured power, only amplified by the oximoronically intense idleness that the Pacifican monarchy engages in). The violation of the Neutrality Accords will prove to be a mistake as the Universal People's Revolution moves forever onwards. The people of Athmosos - Argentine, Cytherian, Pallisian, Jerseyan, Pacifican, and especially the downtrodden Baunairi proletariat - will realize the Imperial boot on their heads all the sooner as the Pacifican fleet arrives to show its might. And no number of ships will spare the parasitic feudal class from the guillotines of the revolutionaries of Athmosos. Further affronts towards the people of the Federation will only hasten this happening, as the Revolutionary Armada will smash its feudal foes and bring everlasting peace and unity to the galaxy.

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PostPosted: 30 Aug 2018, 15:10
by Subotai45
beadsman wrote:The Cyon Imperium is very pleased to welcome the beautiful Princess Miranda as the newest member of the Justinian Dynasty. She will be welcomed at a gala party in the old Imperial Palace, the traditional estate of the Cyonian Royal Family.

It is confirmed that Princess Olivia Justinius Alba, one of the Imperator's own daughters, was also betrothed to Crown Prince George III. It is the sincere wish of the Cyonian people that the union will be a happy and long one.

OOC: Is the Princess Olivia Justinius Alba the first in line for the throne? How does succession work?

IC (Empire): The Venusian House of Shah under His Imperial Majesty Dmitri I, Emperor of Venus, Pirate-King of Libertatia, etc, etc, congratulates the Imperium on the birth of a new member of an ancient and noble lineage, and sends a small gift of a Venusian egg-guarding hound to the newlywed couple. May their union bring peace to your peoples and heirs to your kingdoms, and may they always be happy under the watchful eyes of the Gods.

IC (Federation): The UPF sees no reason to celebrate any single individual over any other due to circumstances of their birth. We do not publicly announce the birth of every shopworkers' son or sailor's daughter to the universe, no? Nor are our commissars or senators admired as gods or superiors. True freedom can only come from equality and the institution of monarchy is inherently opposed to the such. While theFalse Empire is the worst such example, Cyon is little better.

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PostPosted: 30 Aug 2018, 15:14
by Subotai45
musashisamurai wrote:Growing up, the Queen was especially close to cousin Princess and later Empress Eliza. Pen pals at a young age, and the two monarchs even visited each other to hold summits to discuss the state of international monarchy. She was quite worried to hear that a pretender had seized the throne, as we know Prince Dmitri was dead sadly, but was even more distressed when she heard the news of Eliza's death during the disgusting Communist revolt on Venus. Although it cost political capital, the Crown immediately moved to offer sanctuary to her Venusian relatives, their vassals and their retinue. Princess Livia was the de facto leader of this group of exiles, though of course her 'uncle' Dmitri remained official head-of-state of the Venusian Empire in-exile. Rather than focus on material concerns and politics, Princess Livia would dedicate the rest of her life to matters of the spirit, preaching the Church of the Great Pantheon to any who would listen. Although few were willing to join the strange foreign religion, largely staffed by these Venusian exiles, Covenanters and a small fraction of Polynesian paganists would convert and hybridize the religion into the Pacifican culture and way of life with the small handful of believers present in Burma and Cambodia.

Still a minority religion, the new Church of the Pacific is an offshoot of the Church of the Great Pantheon. Some beliefs have been changed, in some ways quite considerably-Venus is no longer the sole 'mother' but one of many; the true 'mother' is Sol-and whose leadership is independent of the Venusian state apparatus. Other gods from the Polynesian mythology were added; Maui has largely supplemented Spoad as a trickster god and champion of its believers, while the gods Tūmatauenga, Tāwhirimātea and Tāne are both protectors and testers, challenging us to become better. From India, tenets of Bhakti Hinduism have influenced the religion to become noticeably more spiritually-focused than perhaps the original faith.

This religion has had its greatest growth amongst the handful of nobility who have married exiles, for both the added prestige and to claim (though now-defunct) their titles and add them to their house.

IC (Church of the Great Pantheon (Orthodox)): The Church applauds the spread of the One True Faith to the Pacifican lands and its adoption by people seeking their own truth. The incorporation of new Gods is an important part of our shared faith. While these Pacifican heroes may not have influence on our own planet, the worship of Maui and Tumatauenga is right and good in the lands in which they have power. One must not anger the native gods while worshipping more universal ones.

OOC: The CotGP(O) has a much more tenuous relationship with the UPF than it did with the Empire. While some facets have remained (the organized marriage is now optional, if highly encouraged and extremely common), the church and state have formally separated. The UPF, as representative of all workers, cannot encourage a single faith at the expense of others.

Colonial Update

PostPosted: 31 Aug 2018, 15:49
by narwhalwarlord
The radiation-scoured world of Eta Cassiopae is home to vast shipyards which once serviced the Imperial Fleets. Times have been harder lately, and with the revolution on the homeworld the constant string of illegal strikes have magnified into a planetary general strike. Workers from across the world - almost a full quarter of the population - have downed tools, and the Cassiopae Trade Union Congress has demanded the independence of the world from the Outer Reaches. Even the planetary police, wholly owned by the big businesses, have started aggressively claiming sick days whenever they are asked to engage in political action. A functional government structure based the TUC is already in the works.

A similar set of strikes has caused a bigger problem for the Outer Reaches Authority. The government's most loyal subjects are the feudalists and farmers of Sirius, a vast and green world. Even its workers were once fairly faithful, as they were kept prosperous by the vast shipments of food out to the rest of the colonies. The recent fighting with Mattopia ended this, and the economic crisis has worsened things. The ORA began aggressively mustering farmers and other reactionaries to serve as troops for the suppression of the industrial worlds. However, the workers running the stardocks and the orbital lift services declared their refusal to move any troops. In the aftermath, several bloody massacres were carried out and the lift services are now directly manned by the private armies of the lords. There is a danger that if the crisis worsens, they could simply cut off food supplies and try to starve the revolutionaries out.

Luyten 726-8, one of the ORA's richest systems for both its economic development and its proximity to the homeworld, has seen a different set of problems. This system is home to a pair of habitable worlds that for the most part are extremely loyal to the Venusian racial ideal and the political union. However, this has led to a proliferation of True Citizen's Combat Front sects which are now slaughtering each other en masse. Tens of thousands of civilians have been killed in a set of assassinations, bombings, urban gunfights, and daring raids which the colonial government seems to be egging on. It's obvious that some ultranationalist group will come out ahead, but the question is whether the dissident republicans or the mainstream statists will triumph.

Re: General Domestic Issues

PostPosted: 31 Aug 2018, 21:13
by Subotai45
Thanks to MK for his work on this and for everyone involved for their speedy cooperation. Glad we can get this settled.

The referendum is underway in the Northern Territories! While many moons ago, Baun was a heretic enemy, who destroyed the most revered temple of the Janisist faith, gathering gangsters to destroy Martisian states, much has changed. The Martisian Restoration League has been the de facto government of the region for centuries, competently and ably governing the formerly lawless region. Only the history books remember a time before Baun.

The people, however, never quite considered themselves Baunairi. Frequent race-based violence harmed the chance of assimilation for the ethnically different Martisians at first, but efforts towards inclusion helped to negate that fear. But undoubtedly, the most important factor was the widespread conversion of Baun to the Janisist faith, founded in the Costan regions. The newfound religiosity of the Baunairi, the able governance of the MRL, as well as the power of Baunairi commerce and the influence of its culture over the Costas, are a powerful argument for union.

However, not all are satisfied. A "grassroots" political campaign - "Costas for Costian" - has sprung up in the more isolated and rural areas, alleging that Baun is an emissary of Mobius who seeks to unite Mars as Venus united Venus. The first ad and several slogans are given below.

“Martian for Martian. Who is Baunais? He was a country that fled Terra, and setup show on our planet. Gobbling and devouring our planet, he is an emissary of Mobius, arrogant pigs who proclaim themselves the Venus of Earth. Or perhaps Venus is the Mobius of Venus.”

The speech then showcases the various know disturbing acts of Mobius from Mind Control, the Venusian use of camps for regular humans. All under the auspicious of maintaining over their world. Have adds show Mobius is trying to make Earth Mobius. And that Venus, despite its name not Venus. Showcased in its fracturing during war and recent conflict with Libertalia. Keep Mars for Martian, do not let Mars become Palla.

“Will you be the rock, will do Mars proud? Will you be bought by gifts or will you say the nay! As a Martian, as Costian, deny the Mobian and Venusian In Martian Clothing. Fight, for your independence do not go quietly.”

“Mars not Pallas, Costas for a free Mars.”
“Deny the Mobian in Martian Clothing.”
“Deny the Venusian in Martian Clothing.”
“Costas for Costian.”

The speeches have some resonance in the rural areas of the Costas, where direct knowledge of these foreign lands is lighter and the allegations seem more plausible. But in the reasonably-well-educated (by Baun, no less) majority of the Costas, the arguments hold little weight, and aggressive campaigning by the MRL to counter the allegations blunts much of the force of the pro-independence campaign.

The following from MK:

Costa Martis
Pro-Baunair: 54%
Anti-Baunair: 46%

Contrary to the belief of some foreign observers, Costa Martis showed the strongest support of the referendum to merge with Baunair. Yet, the reasons were quite obvious. Of the three territories, Costa Martis has been most impacted by the efforts of the Baunairian government, witnessing an influx of ethnic Baunairians and their way of life. This is not to mention the gravity of the influence of Baunairi commerce and the control it has over the lives of the local populace.

Yet, as in any referendum that ends the independence of a people, there was a resistance from those whose pride or morals restrained them. In other words, nationalism is not entirely dead. Yet, the biggest rebuke to Baunairi culture and society is the way in which corruption is allowed to continue within it. Many Costans worry that merging with Baunair would open the floodgates to the corrupt elements of Banauiri society.

Regardless of these concerns, the Costans within this region remain largely in support of merging with Baunair. In fact, while only 54% voted to merge, the approval rating of Baunair is believed to be far higher.

Costa Serpens
Pro-Baunair: 52%
Anti-Baunair: 48%

[I'm going to keep this brief because it's basically the same as Costa Martis so add a little flavor if you want it]

Costa Serpens met expectations in the referendum, with a narrow majority supporting a merger. Just as in Costa Martis, the impact of Baunair is unavoidable in a very positive way. Yet, they still have some doubt as to the advantages of being merged with Baunair. Unlike the citizens of Costa Martis, the concerns of those in Costa Serpens take a different twist. While Costa Martis displayed disapproval of the corrupt elements of Baunairi politics, Costa Serpens showed a belief in the general concept of the honeymoon effect. Would annexation make things better, or would it just introduce more responsibilities and duties such as legal duties and military service? Despite the uncertainty, the citizens of Costa Serpens agreed by majority that a merger would further prosperity.

Pro-Baunair: 49%
Anti-Baunair: 51%

In an excruciatingly close referendum, Elipsium voted against a merger with Baunair, defying the wish of Elipsium's brethren in the north. While the northern provinces agreed largely that merging would provide great benefits, Elipsium disagreed for yet a different reason. Distrust of Baunair runs deeper here than in the north. By majority, approval of Baunair is most commonplace, yet a large minority of the populace simply despises giving away independence to the Baunairians.

The general take on merging with Baunair is largely distrustful thanks to a concern of the destruction of the culture of Costans. While Costan culture has spread through Baunair thanks to friendly relations, many don't favor co-optation over maintaining cultural heritage.

In the future, the results of this referendum may be debated for its closeness and on changing opinion, but on this day the people of Elipsium voted against merging with Baunair.

Re: General Domestic Issues

PostPosted: 31 Aug 2018, 21:25
by Subotai45
URMA and Elipsium's referendum to join the PCG;

While the history between Baun and the Costas was quite turbulent, the history between the PCG and URMA has been much more placid, if less intimate. Long economic ties and a history of cross-border immigration and cultural exchange. A powerful campaign focused on the URMA lands makes the prospect of joining the PCG seem quite attractive, and turnout for the election is quite high.

In Elipsium, the outcome is predicted relatively easily. The more distant and lacklocked region hasn't had much contact with the PCG, and is happier to go it alone rather than with a distant neighbor where it wouldn't have the full soveriegnty it is used to. Additionally, relatively few campaign finances found their way to Elipsium, so no strong push materialized to change the population's opinions.

In the URMA lands, the outcome is more in doubt, but as the precincts report, it becomes increasingly clear that the URMA lands would prefer the status quo to annexation into the PCG. "While we admire the PCG's governing model, and count them as a good friend and neighbor," says King Renaldo Snow-Blood of Combined Kingdom of Elidia-Listum, the formal name of the territory, "We prefer to continue our model of cooperation with the PCG, while also maintaining close ties with other former portions of URMA and independent states."

The Prime Minister of the Combined Kingdom agrees, and suggests that while the possibility of a future merger isn't out of the question, his party, the Liberal Democrats, and many others in Elidia-Listum would prefer to see more moderate steps towards union, and a model of shared sovereignty with the Combined Kingdom retaining more powers and autonomy than the other regions of the PCG.

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PostPosted: 01 Sep 2018, 04:25
by jonisilk
Disappointed not to win, but at least I finally have a result now, so yay.

However, I still need (not want, NEED) coastline for my marine project, so, still 150 years ago (because I can't put the project on hold and the whole thing should've been done over a century ago): how much does URMA want for half of it's coastline?

Just the coastline - the bit where the water meets the dirt, nothing else. Everything has a price, I just need to know what it is.