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Re: General Domestic Issues

Postby RedSun » 10 Jul 2019, 16:45

Following Declaration #35 a bid for foreign construction companies who want to help assist with the Construction of 5 new cities is much appreciated. While the Holy State has the labor to accomplish it we would be delighted in receiving assistance in our rebuilding of the nation.

The Ministry of Demographics and Trends Research has released a report about the expectations for the next 20 years barring any large abnormal event.
With a margin of error of 1% for the present and 3% for the future they found the following:

Ethnic Groups stay roughly more or less the same. The birth rate in any one section of the country is not extraordinary fast or slow in any segment of the population.

In terms of religious growth:
Kakumei-teki Janisists consist of 27.9% of the population but it is expected to rise to 31.9% of the population.
Astero-Shintoists consist of 17.0% of the population but it is expected to decrease to 14.3% of the population.
Buddhists consist of 32.7% of the population but it is expected to increase to 31.7% of the population.
No other groups report movement worth reporting.

In terms of linguistics:
65.6% of respondents now speak Japanese either as a native or learned language.
71.6% are expected to speak it as a native of learned language.
Growth of 4.0% in terms of understanding Japanese.
13.6% of respondents speak Korean as a native or learned language but it is expected only 10.1% will speak it later. Every other language remains relatively close to current numbers.

Before 56.8% of people spoke Japanese as their native language, after 20 years it is expected that 57.3% will speak Japanese as their first language.
7.9% of the population speaks Korean as their native language, in 20 years it is expected that 6.8% will speak Korean as their native language.
16.6% of the population speaks Chinese as their native language, in 20 years it is expected that 11.9% of the population will speak Chinese as their native language.

Future studies are expected to be done. The Ministry reports that growth in Janisism in the country is likely to be much slower than leadership hoped. They were hoping for 4-8% growth but hit the bottom of that threshold.
Linguistic growth in terms of Native Speakers is also dismal but hope is shown for Japanese becoming a traditional second language as over 70% is expected to speak the language in 20 years.

The MDTR will be doing further research.

OOC: So I was asked via PM about %s and Demographics in my country as well as general moods. So if any others of you want to understand public sentiment in the country as well as expected changes let me know.
Right now I’m working on a private spreadsheet so I have firmer numbers on trends so I will add whatever you want to future studies. So if you want to see for example:
Approval of [insert leader here] or views on new laws on divorce I can do those if you want.

The spreadsheet has more than above in terms of changes (some growth in the learning of French while Greek, Arabic and Russian all are close to extinction. I just including the major shifts of over 10 million. So all the smaller subcategories I wouldn’t be able to predict now from a Ministry standpoint since the margin of error likely would show decline when there isn’t actually growth.

Anyways yeah, that looks like how my country will likely develop in the near future by a margin of error of 3%.
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Re: General Domestic Issues

Postby RedSun » 11 Jul 2019, 17:58

Declaration #40 issued on June 1st, 4843 has opened the position of President. While not a fully democratic system we are making steps. The Commission of Elections will start receiving applicants for the position of President.
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Re: General Domestic Issues

Postby jonisilk » 11 Jul 2019, 19:05

Presidential candidate, Lucas Tarsitan has come out in favour of Declaration 40, adding that he hopes this is the first of many steps toward a re-establishment of democracy across Asteria.

Fellow candidate, Darius ap SaZi, has said that these are important steps being taken, but still expresses some concern over previous events/actions and sincerely hopes the Holy State will continue to do more to address the concerns raised over prior declerations and their impacts, adding that he would continue to look for ways to work with the current regime.

The final candidate, Meurig Halloran, chose not to comment on the matter, only adding, "I have no time for this Un-Holy State. I do not recognise it as a legitimate regime and I will not publicly disgrace myself by joining in the plaudits being thrown their way." Clearly the abrasive governing body Member needs more convincing with regard to the new Asterian leadership.

PS - elections are still ongoing, so if you haven't voted yet, please feel free to do so by pm-ing me with your first and second choice candidates.
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Re: General Domestic Issues

Postby RedSun » 12 Jul 2019, 12:36

Approved list of Candidates by the Commission of Elections:

Nobu Kobayashi
Riku Abe
Shirou Abe
Aoi Mori
Kosuke Yamasaki
Sakiko Nakamura
Yui Fujimoto
Sakura Fukui

First Debate:

MODERATOR: One of the things that Presidents will get some input on is the handling of Foreign Affairs, while the Seijin haven’t been clear on exactly what powers the Presidents will get when it comes to it what would each of you do as President?

R. ABE: Personally, I’d make sure we’d collaborate closely with Baunair, as the only other Janisist nation in the globe I’d suggest we discuss the differences in our two sects of Janisism. We have a lot of Dentō-tekina Janisists in the country as well who adhere to their version of Janisism. Potentially, we could influence their understanding of the faith and also let them influence ours and get closer to each other’s interpretation.

MORI: I object strongly to the idea that we should change our beliefs for the approval of another country. If we truly believe in Kakumei-teki Janisism then why would we alter it to appease another. No, I say we go further and abolish sin from our country rather than appeal to the whims of foreign nations.

S. ABE: It isn’t good for the country if we’re diplomatically isolated. Right now we still have relationships with five countries but our closest ally in the PCG has died and a potential radical is leading in the polls. If we don’t moderate then we risk losing all our allies.

FUKUI: So you’d be willing to compromise your faith at the pressure of foreign powers. You’re very faithful I see. [sarcastic]

MORI: See you guys aren’t true Janisists if your willing at the whims of foreign powers to change what you faithfully believe. You’re fake Janisists who pretend to adhere to the faith in a quest for political power but as soon as you get in power you won’t rule by faith you’ll rule like all the other politicians in our history who lead our country to ruin.

MODERATOR: Time is up. That was very interesting but unfortunately we have to go forward. Since tonight is primarily on foreign policy we’d like to ask you what is one country you admire and why.

MORI: Cyon, because despite their obvious flaws and despite them undercutting our country they stick to what they believe in and don’t give in to foreign pressure.

FUKUI: Are you kidding me? Cyon has a horrible human rights record. They have an immortal dictator and are chasing after their own citizens living abroad.

MODERATOR: Please stick to the question Ms. Fukui. What is one country you admire?

FUKUI: The PCG because they are known to be famously peaceful, still have worked with us through various administrations for centuries and manage to stay above partisan politics and are still relatively democratic.

MORI: What did you think of Mr. Holloran’s comments recently? The ungrateful fool who doesn’t recognize the gift we gave him by providing 200 years worth of a mining contract to them in our system and the special relationship our two nations have. Simply because we adhere to our faith he attacks us over the fact we don’t follow the same governing philosophy. Mr. Holloran really lacks a brain, he’s a moralistic ingrate who wants to shove his opinions down the throat of others and doesn’t have the tolerance to hear opposing viewpoints.

KOBAYASHI: So because he has a different viewpoint than you, you say he doesn’t have a brain? Sounds like you don’t have the tolerance to hear opposing viewpoints.

[Cheering and Mori trying to say: “That’s not the same thing” before the moderator cuts in]

MODERATOR: Well last question of the night guys: What is one foreign policy initiative you’d start under your administration?

S. ABE: I’d host an international conference for all foreign powers to come to Hikari and discuss methods to improve the standard of living across all nations.

R. ABE: I’d create an international Janisist conference so that top Janisists from around the globe could come together and discuss their interpretation of the faith.

FUKUI: Everyone else here is focusing on international conferences. I want focus on something more bilateral. I’d work closely with whatever new administration is in the PCG to study environmental benefits on the Planet Super Gaia and how to recover Asteria’s natural beauty.

YAMASAKI: I’d work with the Asian countries to create a new Asian Trade Initiative to increase wealth across the continent.

FUJIMOTO: I really like the idea of an international Janisist conference. I’d probably do that too but in addition to that I’d make it a conference that also talked about how to make the religion reach more people.

MODERATOR: Well that’s all for today’s debate. We’re very glad each of the candidates could join us.

Speaking Time:
Sakura Fukui 26.7%
Aoi Mori 26.7%
Riku Abe 13.3%
Shirou Abe 13.3%
Nobu Kobayashi 6.7%
Kosuke Yamasaki 6.7%
Yui Fujimoto 6.7%
Sakiko Nakamura 0%

Public Support:
Aoi Mori 29%
Sakura Fukui 25%
Shirou Abe 14%
Riku Abe 13%
Nobu Kobayashi 11%
Kosuke Yamasaki 6%
Yui Fujimoto 2%
Sakiko Nakamura 0%
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Re: General Domestic Issues

Postby kingpie3 » 12 Jul 2019, 17:30

The current Janisi Haatene (who's also rumored to be stepping down soon) states that while she will not endorse a specific candidate, she will stand with whichever politician "pleases the souls of the Asterian people". In a statement, she said:

"Our understandings of the faith may have relevant differences, but we are the Cults of Janisis. What unites us is greater than the sum of what separates us and it is the obligation of the Janisi to remind every soul of this. I stand with a President that will be willing to engage the Consortium's Entinates as an equal in every sphere of theology, politics, and economics. As the only two Janisist nations we must maintain a special relationship, one that enhances the fortunes of our peoples."
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Seijin Yamazaki Assassinated! Attempt on Seijin Morita!

Postby musashisamurai » 12 Jul 2019, 20:55

Tragey has struck the budding new Asterian Holy State.

In the early hours of today, there seems to have been a gunfight between the late Seijin Yamazaki and of all people, his loyal Okami warriors. While details are still scarce at this point, evidence also points to some other, currently unidentified, individuals in the gunfight. What is known is that as some alarms were triggered at the Seijin estate, the Okami bodyguards came to check up on the Seijin...the survivor of the battle states that he was not himself, and surrounded by by 'black clouds of death' and the 'Devil*' himself was there. As they opened fire, the Seijin himself attacked his bodyguards. In the ensuing chaos, 2 Okami and the Seijin were killed, with another Okami hospitalized; the Shinigami* fled through a window, and disappeared. In the final moments of life, Seijin was heard saying nonsense, before apologizing profusely and finally committing suicide.

On the same night, alarms were triggered at the home of Seijin Morita, however, it seems to have been a false alarm. Security experts are theorizing that some would-be assassins must have fled upon hearing of the events at the other site.

To add insult to injury, in the hours after the attack, a leaked video from Seijin Yamazaki quickly spread around the world and international media. (It also spread quickly through Asteria, but of course censorship killed it quickly. Rumors about it still abound). In it, Yamazaki criticizes his other seijin, laughs about their faith, and refers to it as 'just a useful tool for controlling their dumba** peoples." When asked by an unseen individual (out of frame) what he believes in, the Seijin laughs harder and says 'not some stupid fake religion we made up.' The video cuts abruptly, with many wondering whether the later events were retribution for the video or if there's more to the story.

*Clearly, I am translating from Japanese here, as i don't know if the Janisi have a 'Devil' figure but I am certain that at least in the common folklore or mythos, they have a Grim reaper, a Horsemen of Death, a shinigami, a yokai, etc that this Okami would use.
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Re: General Domestic Issues

Postby jonisilk » 12 Jul 2019, 23:32

A few thousand miles above the planet, a payload of missiles are launched at Mars.

They hurtle toward Selinopolis, the capital city of the PCG.

On the ground below, people mill about in the streets, celebrating the Summer Dividends festival where a street artists, singers, performers, Tellers, skilled craftsmen and many, many more come to partake in the nationwide festivities that mark the birth of the Martian New Year, and sees the re-distribution of unspent profits (from the financial period ending ten years priorly) back into the community.

Hundreds of thousands of people stood out in the open, under the clear night sky. Many with their heads already looking up, as the first of a few small objects could be seen heading toward the planet.

Meurig went up to the rooftop garden of the Chambers of the governing body, made his way along the well worn pathway, through the trees, toward the paved edge of the rooftop.

He arrived there just in time to see the one of the first missiles shot down and impact upon the city shield in a dazzling fireworks display that drew excited sounds from the people in the square down below.

Meurig was surprised by how few people sat up here, given the view provided by this vantage point.
Some of those who did, sat in isolation and enjoying the view, others deep in conversation and oblivious to the Dividends Festival light display.

Most of the people are now so familiar with the light show, that they barely register the fact anymore that it’s actually a testing of the city-wide shields and anti-missile defence systems.

Taking a seat in the east corner, he sits and waits. He doesn’t know who he’s waiting for yet, but he knows he’s supposed to meet someone.

A young woman approaches and sits opposite. He’s seen her before, but can’t place where he knows her from.

A - You waiting for someone?

H - I am.

A - I’m someone.

H - You are, but I’m not sure you’re the person I was expecting.

A - You’re the person I was expecting. Or at least, you seem to be.

H - Who are you? And don’t take offence to that. I’ve seen your face before, but I’m not good with names.

A - You know who I am.

It was something about the way she said it. He understood almost immediately who he was speaking to.

They share a few moments of uneasy silence. Behind them the fireworks continue, but their eyes are heavily fixed on each-other.

H - So you aren’t just a whisper in the dark.

A - Oh I’m definitely that.

H - And if I ever do become president, -

A - Then I will be at your service.

H - So you work for me?

A - I answer to you, but I work for the Corporation.

H - And what kind of work is it, that you do, exactly.

A - To know what it is that you need, and help you to get it.

H - How do you know what I need?

A - Because that’s my job, even - especially - when you don’t know what you need.

H - So is this where you tell me what I need?

A - No, this is just an introduction. The first of many face-to-face encounters we’ll have, if you get the position.

H - How do I know I can trust you?

A - How do you know you can ever trust anyone? I know you have a lot of hang-ups about who I am, things I may or may not have done, but I’ve served 12 presidents and every single one of them trusted me with their lives. I failed once, I never intend to fail again.

H - It’s not my personal safety I’m concerned about. How can I trust someone who has no accountability, who acts without oversight. How do I know you can be trusted?

A - I know I can be trusted, but how do I know the same about you, Director?

H - I need to prove anything to you?

A - I’m not the one being interviewed.

The comment catches Meurig off-guard. Something not easily done.

H - Is that what this is, some kind of vetting process?

A - You doubt me, you’re suspicious, I understand. If I knew the same things about me, as you do, I’d have my reservations too, but you should probably only believe about half of what you hear.

H - So you had nothing to do with ————?

A - I didn’t say that, but the way it’s remembered isn’t exactly the way it went down. Time changes things, memories, -

H - But not facts

A - Even facts, and the fact is, I was here long before you and I’ll be here long after. You’ll need to deal with that, and me, if you’re ever going to become president. Believe it or not, I’m on your side, but you’re rocking the boat and you need to stop that.

H - Because….?

A - Because you risk doing far more harm than good to the long-term future of the Corporation.

H - Asteria?

A - The Holy State, yes. There are still those who want to work with us and if we’re allowed to continue doing so, then perhaps we can bring about the change you seek from the inside

H - You’re saying I should abandon my principles?

A - No, not at all. What I’m saying is, this is business, don’t make it personal. Plenty of others out there are willing to do that, we don’t have to.

H - What do you mean?

A - I mean that there’s a bigger picture here and the part you should be playing right now, is not the dashing hero on a moral crusade. Even as we speak, it’s likely that an attempt is about to be made on the life of at least one Seijin.

H - ….. You?

A - Is my reputation so low in your standing that you think I’d sanction a hit on another head of state? No, it’s nothing to do with us.

H - Then who? How do you know this?

A - It doesn’t matter. What matters, is how we choose to respond to it, or rather, how you chose to respond to it.

H - It seems you already know everything about me, so how would you respond, if you were in my position?

A - I can’t tell you what to do, I can only offer advice, but I can tell you this. My pride once blinded me to the crimes that tore a bright future away from our people. We lost a founding family name and the legacy that dynasty deserved. The hardest thing I ever had to do, was turn on my best friend, then watch him rot away the rest of his life in Gehenna. There’s no question where my loyalties are and always have been from that day on.

H - I think I know who you are. Or at least, who you used to be.

A - It only matters who I am now, and what I can do for you, if you’ll let me.

In an official statement, Meurig Halloran has stated that "Those who live by the sword, will die by it, but if the Holy State wishes to choose a different tool to the one they used to gain power, then different results might ensue", he went on to say that "It is the people of Asteria, rather than the Holy State, for whom I would be willing to make the concession of working with the Holy State, so long as reforms are willing to be made by them."
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Re: General Domestic Issues

Postby beadsman » 13 Jul 2019, 00:29

Such events taking place in the Holy State are deeply disturbing, and speak to a greater deficiency in both their security and the loyalties of their leaders. Perhaps the Holy State is simply not equipped to effectively run a nation?
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Re: General Domestic Issues

Postby RedSun » 13 Jul 2019, 16:08

Ichiji Seijin Akihiro Kato wipes the sweat off his brow before the camera feed of Triple N (National News Network) turns on live as he addresses his country.

“People of the Holy State, I address you as I speak about a great tragedy that has befallen our peopleb
Seijin Yamazaki was killed today alongside two of our fierce Ōkami who gave up their lives protecting him.
Another attempt on the life of Seijin Morita occurred as well but the assassin failed to get to him.

Before his death Yamazaki recorded a video where he was made to criticize his fellow Seijin and people of faith. I knew him closely and very personally. He had a strong personality but was devoted to this country, its people, his faith and its mission and therefore I know he was coerced to say these things. An alarm went off in his residence before he attacked our Ōkami and recorded this message before he was forced by his attackers to commit suicide.

Right now an investigation is on its way and rest assured that we will leave no stone unturned to find the attackers on our country, we currently have our suspicions but until the investigation is closed we will not point fingers.

The video will be played later tonight on Triple N as I do believe in transparency despite the obvious signs behind an external power coercing his speech as well as a discussion of what has been released to the public by our anchors. The Presidential Election will still go on as planned and discussions for Seijin Yamazaki’s replacement will commence. We will miss him and will be naming the planet found in the Apep System, Yamazaki, in his memory.

May peace be with you.”

The tape ends.
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Re: General Domestic Issues

Postby mat.gopack » 13 Jul 2019, 21:44

The casual murder of a head of state, as terrible as they may be personally, is always a shock. However, we hope that the next Ichiji Senjin will undergo reforms through his nation that will assist the people - and the release of that video appears to be going along the right lines there, whatever the actual truthfulness of that recording.

The Iranian Church of Janis has released a comment that the recently deceased Ichiji Senjin was 'criminally wrong on a variety of doctrinal points' and extends its hopes that the new Ichiji Senjin will be 'able to restore the wayward path of his nation and live in harmony with those of differing faiths."
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