History of the New Age

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Re: History of the New Age

Postby mat.gopack » 28 Apr 2016, 22:28

Subotai45 wrote:I can try summarizing it all in three paragraphs.

You can probably make it roughly as long as the Paction War section there.

The history is way more out of date than I thought as well o.O. We're covered up to the Paction War and then there's only the FL section since that.
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Re: History of the New Age

Postby Subotai45 » 29 Apr 2016, 01:22

I'll try... but even though each war was shorter, we had the Jersey War, the 20-Day War, the Flamingo War, and the Final War, plus all the stuff that happened in the meantime. How's this:

Centuries ago, the Republic terraformed the once-uninhaitable Venus, allowing several new nations to spring up: Cytherea, Argentina, the Kingdom of Geenanite Rule, the Jersey Federation, and the Kingdom of Wvanderfozia. The first war on Venus erupted as a result of massive land grabs by the Jersey Federation, which were opposed by the Argentine Republic. The True Citizens of Cytherea Front, the most notorious terrorist group on Venus, intervened on the side of Jersey, forcing a negotiated peace. After the war, the Confederacy of Independent Nation-States was formed, an organization to promote Venusian unity. A couple decades later, the first pan-Venusian polity was founded. An extremely autocratic entity shrouded in secrecy, it collapsed when Cytherea believed it deserved more power in the organization, seceding with the KGR at its side to form the Unified Republic of New Hope and leaving Argentina and the remnants of the Confederacy to create Greater Argentina.

Things were initially peaceful, but the Northern Province soon found itself the victim of Wvanderfozian terrorists, an ethnic group largely based in Greater Argentina. New Hope blamed Argentina, and tensions only rose when New Hopian ambassadors were killed during talks with Mobius. The TCCF, affiliated with the New Hopian government, launched a nuke at an Argentine fleet. This prompted Argentina to launch a bioweapon at the New Hopian capitol, killing seven million, and send a massive ground invasion. At the end of twenty days, ten million had died.

Many years later, regions of the KGR and Jersey seceded to form the Republic of Pallas, allied with Mobius but shunned by the rest of Venus. Argentina blew up its own Senate, framing Pallas, and declared war alongside New Hope. The war, consisting of cotton candy missiles, flamingo invasions, and a lethal cyberattack, led to the severing of relations between Mobius and Venus. Decades later, the tables turned, as a more powerful Pallas and Argentina, overtaken by religious fervor, attacked New Hope and took three provinces. At the conclusion of the war, Pallas sold its Venusian land to Argentina, and shortly afterwards New Hope and Argentina formed the Republic of Venus, uniting the planet. Decades later, Pallas joined the union, bolstering its strength in the face of Mattopian threat. After Ragnorok, the nation fell apart, before being reunited by Carlos Mitre, the first Emperor of Venus.
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Re: History of the New Age

Postby beadsman » 30 May 2018, 20:29

Also... This really needs updating.
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Re: History of the New Age

Postby Bob.Durf » 30 Sep 2018, 16:23

I'd be happy to update it if theres a good summary provided...keep in mind the original history was posted far after those events happened--like real life, CYOC history becomes a little clearer after years pass to see what actually was major events. The paction war section was added on for example after a very good summary was posted.
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