City States: Spring 1913 Results

11 player game on Regular map. Devised and GMd by diplomat42 and attitudes. 3-way draw between Iberia (Zadaron), Lombards (Peanut), Saracens (Pedros)

City States: Spring 1913 Results

Postby attitudes » 05 Dec 2013, 21:28

Spring 1913 results are posted.

The final Zombie is extinguished.

One retreat needed by the Lombards (MUN).

Spring 1913 retreat deadline is Friday, December 6th at 11:59 pm GMT (7:00 pm Eastern; 4:00 pm Pacific).

CityStates_Spring13.gif (83.31 KiB) Viewed 768 times

blue: asudevil
eliminated Winter 1907

Lombards (brown): Zadaron
Apulia -> Venice ... resolved
Tyrrhenian -> Rome ... resolved
Tunisia SUPPORT Ionian -> Tyrrhenian ... resolved
Naples SUPPORT Ionian -> Tyrrhenian ... resolved

Benelux (gray): Shibabalo
eliminated Winter 1904

Father Russia (green dark): Xildur
eliminated Winter 1911

Iberia (green light): Peanut
F(Bar) s A(Stp) ... resolved
A(Nwy) s A(Stp) ... resolved
A(Stp) Hold ... resolved
F(Fin)-GoB ... resolved
F(BAL)-Ber ... resolved
A(Ber)-Mun ... resolved
A(Kie) s A(Ber)-Mun ... resolved
A(Ruh) s A(Ber)-Mun ... resolved
A(Pic) s A(Par)-Bur ... resolved
A(Par)-Bur ... resolved
A(Gas)-Pie ... resolved
F(Bre)-ENG ... resolved
F(MAO) c A(Gas)-Pie ... resolved
F(Spa)sc s F(WMS) ... resolved
F(GoL) c A(Gas)-Pie ... resolved
F(WMS) c A(Gas)-Pie ... resolved

orange: bluecuillin
eliminated Winter 1903

Saracens (pink): Pedros
A Moscow support A Livonia ... resolved
A Prussia hold ... resolved
A Livonia support A Prussia ... resolved
A Warsaw support A Prussia ... resolved
A Silesia support A Munich ... resolved
A Rumania - Serbia ... resolved
A Vienna - Tyrolia ... resolved
F Adriatic support F Apulia - Venice ... resolved
F Ionian - Tyrrhenian ... resolved
F Aegean - Ionian ... resolved
F Black Sea - Constantinople ... resolved

purple: lecrae
eliminated Winter 1904

Knights of the Round Table (red): marsman57
eliminated Winter 1912

yellow: Pharoah of Nerds
eliminated Winter 1908

zombie Venice - Apulia ... bounce ... DISLODGED ... AUTO DESTROY
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Re: City States: Spring 1913 Results

Postby Zadaron » 05 Dec 2013, 21:39

Munich -> Bohemia
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Re: City States: Spring 1913 Results

Postby Gooderian » 05 Dec 2013, 22:09

This must have been (one of) the shortest season(s) ever!
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