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PostPosted: 02 Mar 2014, 20:53
by Morg
With the end comes the spot for AARs.

Here it is. GM awards are as follows.

First Victim Award: goes to Pharaoh of Nerds for while it looked like he had a plan for him and his neighbor to each get 2 SCs by the end of 401, he got stabbed right out of the gate and got stuck at 1SC because of it. Only so much one can do with that hand.

Eastern Prince Award: goes to Dcaibal because at one point he controlled nearly everything east of Italy

The Big 3 Award: goes to Mambam14, Bluecuillin, and Bigrob, because they alone survived for the last 8 years of play.

The Goliath Award: goes to Mambam14, because he was the giant in the west nearly twice anyone else's size that just couldn't be destroyed.

The Italian Machiavelli in the Middle Award: goes to Bluecuillin, because he was caught in Northern Italy the whole game and had to switch his alliances and enemies around more than anyone else due to his location.

The Nomad Award: goes to Bigrob, because he was chased out of the East, so he successfully relocated to Italy, only to be chased out of Italy and successfully relocted a second time in the East.

And of course the Victory Award goes to Bigrob for soloing.

Re: AARs

PostPosted: 04 Mar 2014, 20:02
by Pharaoh of nerds
Yeah, the award description was pretty much what happened. It was a while ago so I can't remember exactly what the plans were, but I had plans with my neighbor to the south for us to split the builds in the area, I thought it was a good plan and then he just walked into my centers. I hung on as long as I could, which was not very long.

Re: AARs

PostPosted: 05 Mar 2014, 00:00
by bluecuillin
Well thanks for the game guys, my first real variant and great fun. Bigrob and
mambam are both deceitful and never to be trusted again! morg, thanks for you excellent Gming. I look forward to futurebattles.

Re: AARs

PostPosted: 05 Mar 2014, 00:36
by bigrob
Yeah sorry about that bluecuillin, you were a great ally to me throughout the whole game, and I felt bad about turning on you to go for the solo.
This was certainly a game of ups and downs, at one point I told bluecuillin he could take all my Italian centres as I thought it was all over for me. To come back and solo from that was an amazing turn around. I'd like to think that was skill, but I have to acknowledge that luck played a greater role.
Thanks Morg for GM'ing this game over many months, it was a huge commitment from you and is much appreciated.