Winter 413

GM: Morg. Winner : Bigrob (Gothi)

Winter 413

Postby Morg » 23 Dec 2013, 04:50

Winter is posted, Spring is here.

Since no one has yet asked for a holiday delay, I will need orders by 1900PST Thursday the 16th/0500GMT Friday the 27th

There is a draw proposal for Gothi and Vandali
Gothi-No Response


Winter builds were:
Build Fleet Syr

disband sue

build fleet Rom
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Re: Winter 413

Postby Gooderian » 27 Dec 2013, 16:36

Hello all,

I will be gone from tomorrow around 10am GMT+1 until the 31st between 12am and 3pm GMT+1, probably with internet but I do not want to rely on that.

I am able to put in orders for this phase, but can any deadline where I have to put in orders falling on or before the 31st please be extended until the 1st 12:00 GMT+1?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Winter 413

Postby bluecuillin » 27 Dec 2013, 18:05

I'm happy to extend deadlines for next move to 3rd January as I am away from Sunday to Wednesday. Will have my phone but its never as easy. ;-)
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