Roleplay: Academy 3: Red Bugaloo

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Roleplay: Academy 3: Red Bugaloo

Postby Subotai45 » 03 Oct 2018, 22:00

OOC: The CYOC forum is a essentially a huge, long-running roleplaying game, but we occasionally have shorter and more defined RPs too! The Academy series of RPs are possibly the most beloved and successful of these, enjoying two successful runs so far. We're back for a third, and as always, we invite non-CYOCers to join our RP. In short, the Academy is a high school in space run by communists, but with a hugely diverse international student body. You don't need to know a ton about the CYOC-verse, or previous academy iterations in order to participate. Without further ado...

IC:"The school year waits for no one"

Despite high international tensions, the schools still open their doors. The children won't educate themselves, after all, despite any claims they might make to the contrary. And despite their revolutionary spirit, the people of Venus are, in many ways, deeply traditional, and exiling even recent foes goes against the ideals of the ancient Academy which floats above their heads. Who knows? Perhaps even the most burnt bridges can be repaired...

Welcome to the Universal Proletarian Academy of the Workers' Children! On this station, floating high above the planet Venus, homeland of the revolution, you will engage in your high school* years with the best and brightest young comrades of the Venusian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic and People's Revolutionary Extrasolar Union, as well as many international dignitaries (including those of high foreign birth, even if such a thing is unrecognized in the Universal Peoples' Federation). While this Academy is similar to that of its predecessor, specializing in the art of diplomacy and the science of warfare, there are several structural changes which the Commissar of Education believes will be of great benefit to the students:

1. A trip to Venus, to expose them to revolutionary ideals.
2. A variety of extracurriculars including a student-written musical.
3. A foreign trip, preceded by presentations from all students, the best of which will decide the location.
4. A practical final, where the students will showcase their knowledge of leadership, light infantry combat, and revolutionary spirit.

In between these benchmarks, the administration of the UPAotWC expects that the typical exploding missiles, strange Mobian mutant children, noble spats, unapproved excursions, and general hilarity will make this semester at the Red Academy a truly unhinged delight.

Each participant may send up to five students (hard to keep track of more) but is also welcome to send less (better to have a few strong characters than a bunch of weak ones, but having two in case one gets trapped in a slow conversation or thrown out an airlock is always good).

*edited to HS rather than previous college-age cuz y'all just kept sending 12 year olds when I asked you for adults.

Post below if you're interested, and if you have any provisional character ideas, feel free to toss them in your interest post too! Post or PM with any questions.

Running interest list:
Cons with Totally Not A Terrorist Pilot and Mr Only Here To Spy on You Better
Zander with A Suspiciously Normal Human
Beads with High School Hitler and Possible Nonhitler Characters
Subs with A Really Incompetent Narrator and other TBD characters
Матт with An Immigrant and also The Son of A Self-Proclaimed Emperor Who Just So Happens to Fight For $$$
MK with the Goody Two Shoes Gang
Musashi with That Anarchist Bastard and Dissident Boy
Kingpie with A Warrior Priestess and Mama Boy Merc.
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