Hansa Game Thread (Spring 1200)

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Hansa Game Thread (Spring 1200)

Postby LivonianKnight » 19 Feb 2017, 01:41

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Spring 1200
All of the merchants, nobles, travelers, and adventurers throughout Europe who wished to visit the Baltic made their way to the city of Lubeck. The streets were bustling with activity as traders displayed their wares and artisans plied their trades. Bakers, smiths, and tailors were busy at work, creating necessary items for the townsfolk. Near the docks of Lubeck, however, were various settlers and others. They wished to board one of the many ships bound for the Baltic Sea. For 200 coins, a sailor could purchase a cache of supplies for a small following.

Also nearby was a small chapel. A priest communed with an armored man, possibly a knight, outside the open doors. They seemed to be investigating the activity on the docks. Perhaps one may feel generous enough to offer the Church some coin before they departed for the Baltic.

There are currently 500 Swordbrothers
There are no settlements in the Baltic
There are no trade goods on the market
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