Fall 390BC

7 player game devised by Minister X and set in ancient Greece. Standard rules (with land bridges.) Introduced and GMd by Morg. Winner Messenia (Pharaoh of Nerds)

Fall 390BC

Postby Morg » 08 Nov 2013, 08:47

Fall is posted, and I believe we have a winner.

Judging by the moves there may have been some tacit acknowledgement of that outcome.

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Fall orders were:
F Abydus move Marmora Sinus Bounced 1v2
F Halieis support Iria W Hold Support does not correspond


Messenia-Pharaoh of Nerds
Ionia - Lesbos
Rhodius Sinus - Ionia
Laconicus Sinus - Rhodius Sinus
Messeniacus Sinus - Laconicus Sinus
Iria - Argulicus Sinus Bounced 1v2
Sparia - Cyn
Tegea support Sparia - Cyn
Orch - Pellea Bounced 2v2
Kaphyae support Orch - Pellea
Maniana - Orch Bounced
Elis - Achaea
Prolitae support Elis - Achaea
Dafni - Prolitae Bounced
Prian Rhium - Sinus Corinthicus
Ithica Sinus - Prian Rhium
Nicopolicus Sinus support Ithica Sinus - Prian Rhium
Thuria - Sparia
Lycaion - Prolitae Bounced

Thebes-Mr Bump
F.Thermos sinus > Marmora sinus
F.Mare Aegea > Supports F.Thermos sinus > Marmora sinus
F.Mare Mediterranea > Argulicus Sinus
F.Saronious Sinus > Supports F.Mare Mediterranea > Argulicus Sinus
F.Marathon > Mare Mediterranea
A.Athenae > Hold
A.Megara > Hold
A.Eleusis > Hold
F.Corinth > Support Pellea
A.Mycenae > Hold
A.Epidaurus > Supports F.Halieis > Iria (west coast) Support does not correspond
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Re: Fall 390BC

Postby mr bump » 08 Nov 2013, 11:19

I wasn't even keeping track of SC numbers...Doh.

Congrats to Pharaoh of Nerds.
mr bump

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Re: Fall 390BC

Postby Phatality » 08 Nov 2013, 16:49

I didn't think he'd get one against Delphi but I wasn't counting too closely either. Congrats Pharaoh well played.
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